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Shrouded Rumble

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#1 Jennifer Enigma

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Posted 14 November 2019 - 01:23 AM

Roleplay Deadline: Monday December 8th 3am Est  12am PST and 8am BST



Main Event: Shrouded Rumble Winner Receives Atrocity Heavyweight Championship. also Winner will become the Bloodlust Champion, Other Titles on the line  3rd Place will get Transylvanian Championship and Fourth Will get Floridian  State along with with other title opportunites on the line as well.40 Man/Women Over The Top Rope Traditional Battle Royal.


RP Limit  2 per person


Participant List.

Adian Airbourne

Cletus The Bum 

Delilah The Bumtress

Blaze Havoc

Lexi Havoc

Erin Stone

Valerie Day


Charlie Feigel

Dutch Desire

Leon Dread

Jensen Robertson

Paul Blair

Necra Octavien Kane


Eddie Williams

Heather Haze

:Lana Enigma

Justin Justice

Deaven Bennett

Dream Maker 





Mike Dimter 

Mike Blade

Red Dragon

Michael Maddox

Summer Rae

Lacey Evans

Xander Thunderbird


Tyler Cross

Diamond Rose

Tyler Jayceon Marshall

Thea Maddox

Lexie Maddox

Cobra Cobretti

Siren of Dread


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Scotish Rose


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Posted 17 November 2019 - 04:55 AM

Yes we are in Scotish Highlands at Blackthorne Castle.There have been a meeting were all four contenders for Rumble were choosen.

No wimen no jeremy or masked anti-hero who ? will find out the first two who are walking outside.


Both wear a beanie and warm coat are Dream maker and Shameless who were picked.

No whisper DM adviceur,friend see it like want. Later we return why are in open air? Let,s walk along and hear what had to say?


Dreammaker.Yes we are totally differt. In height and weight special differt styles.

Do it make it lot easier maybe ? We has face many opponents believe 16 females. So we need have each other back !


Shameless.You are talking about a Rumble on a cruiseship. I,m new here don,t know a lot of people.

But I ain,t new in the biz have tagt with my brother around globe. Yes we are in the Rumble has trust each other but grab also chance to win.


We go back a hour in libary was the goodbye of Jeremy and foursome got there ticket to Rumble.

After meeting dream maker and shameless aka mjc  are alone listen.


Dream maker.My mate Whisper ain,t here so was tough for me didn,t understood all what was said.

Yes I,m a american  did took language school was too hard for me,didn,t learned the right words sorry.

But being with you in Rumble don,t need be boring at all. We need beat shit out many people  some I respect.


Shameless.Ok my mother talk and talk forget her american and start talking galic what  she is saying no clue at all ?


Ok we were here for all kind of things like finding out Who is in the Rumble we two.

Yes our host Lord Blackthorne is in it with his freaky son DD,talking about freaky.  Let,s go outside this room give me the creeps.


Yes  we been outside with dream maker and shameless so bye .End

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Posted 19 November 2019 - 04:06 PM

Winning in this time and age


Jensen is in the gym working out and finishing up his heavy workout day. He walks over to the table to grab a towel to wipe off the sweat on his head and he notices that his cell phone has a few messages on it. He picks it up and sees that the numbers are from different people. Looking at one he sees 2 from Tessa and 1 from a number that he has not seen in quite a few years, his sister Roxanne. Listening to the message from Roxanne he wonders what she could want after not talking to him or his new wife Tessa ever since they began to get into the wrestling business.


Jensen listens carefully to the message {Jensen this is Roxanne, Umm I know I haven’t kept in touch with you lately and I’m sorry. But I need to talk to you … about dad. He’s going into the hospital for major surgery and I was talking to mom about having you come be there with us. Please get a hold of me as soon as you can at this number. Later hon …} Jensen listens as the cell phone says {If you’d like to save this message please press 1 if you’d like to delete press 7} Jensen presses 7 and goes to the next message and hears it from Tessa who is his long time gf {Hey babe your sister called the house and she was saying your father is going in for major surgery and your family would like you there to support them …. Please call me back and we can talk about this…. Cell phone message: If you’d like to save this message please press 1 to delete press 7} Jensen gets ready to press 7, but he stops and thinks for a minute and presses 1 to save the message. He then goes to the shower to clean up and get ready to head home.



Jensen Roberts is driving home and is thinking about the messages he has received from both his sister and his current gf Tessa and begins to think about the reason’s why he should even bother to go to the hospital to support a man who was never much of a father to him when he was growing up. His father was always too busy with his friends to even be there for his son when he needed to have someone show him how to throw a ball or to do math homework. His answer was always go look it up, or just learn it yourself. Jensen was never the best student, but when it came to athletics that is were he would excel. He would have his mom there giving him the support he would need. She was the one that always showed up, while his father would be off drinking with his buddies from the current base that they would be stationed at. Jensen pulls up into the driveway and heads toward the door and Tessa comes outside and hugs him as he walks up.


Tessa Smith: Hi baby … we need to talk.


Jensen Roberts: Yeah OK let’s get inside and talk, plus I need to give you a little background about me and my family.


Tessa Smith: OK hon … {walking inside next to Jensen they enter the house and shut the door}


{Jensen walks into his study walks over and grabs a photo album and sits down in his lounge chair and begins to thumb through it. Tessa brings him a beer and asks if there’s anything else he wants}


Jensen Roberts: Yeah … maybe a shot of Jack hon … you know me and my hard alcohol {smiling}


Tessa Smith: Yeah hon {walking over to the fully stocked liquor cabinet she grabs a high ball glass and pours Devin a glass of his favorite whiskey} Here you go honey {handing him the glass she sits down next to him and begins to ask him some questions about his family} So tell me what’s going on with this thing with your father and family Jensen?


Jensen Roberts: Well {talking a sip of the whiskey} I’m not sure I’ve told you that much about my family hon … have I?


Tessa Smith: No you haven’t, but hey it’s always good to be open to each other … right?


Jensen Roberts: Yes it is, {stopping at a picture in the album} so this man here is my real father his name is Thomas Fredricks.


Tessa Smith: Well he does look like you hon, quite handsome too


Jensen Roberts: Yeah well he was always good about putting on airs’ to those outside the family, but behind closed doors he was the biggest asshole in the world. He was a drunk when I was young, never really showed me how to do anything when I was growing up.


Tessa Smith: So you had to learn everything by yourself?


Jensen Roberts: Yeah pretty much I did, but I also had my mom there to give me pointers since she was the one who raised me. She always worked hard to make sure my sister and I had food on the table, but he would always make sure he had booze to drink {looking at his glass of JD}


Tessa Smith: Well honey you’ve made a success of yourself so far, so what’s the problem?


Jensen Roberts: Well my sister called me on my cell and I’m sure she called you here.


Tessa Smith: Yeah she did, so what was it all about?


Jensen Roberts: Well I guess my wonderful father …. Mr. Father of The Fucking Year is going in for major surgery and my mom and sister want me to be there for him.


Tessa Smith: Hon …. It is your family you know that {leaning up against Jensen’s shoulder}


Jensen Roberts: Yeah …. I know I should, but with all the pain I’ve been through with him I really don’t know. I mean he was never happy about the idea that I became a pro-wrestler and it pissed him off to the point that all he does is listen to his pathetic talk radio shows …. Like that idiot Mark Levine and his screaming about the current jackass in office and then he likes to listen to that fatass Rush Limbaugh.


Tessa Smith: I thought you liked Rush Limbaugh?


Jensen Roberts: Truthfully I can’t stand him … he has an ego even bigger than me or my opponent this week.


Tessa Smith: Yeah I know, you’re in some Super-Card Battle Royal with the possibility to become World Champion.


Jensen Roberts: Yeah well what I’m going to do is to focus on the few and think it’s the man I used to call father and make him pay for all the pain he’s caused me.


Tessa Smith: So you’re going to be there when he goes in for surgery?


Jensen Roberts: I’m not really sure if I am… I mean I’m tired of having to play his fucking mindgames and this is just another way of him playing his games.


Tessa Smith: You do know hon you can be there for your mom and sister and not just him.


Jensen Roberts: Yeah I know I could, but the thing is do I really want to be there. Do I want to have him open some old wounds of the past again when he wakes up from his surgery? NO I DON’T, I’M SICK AND TIRED OF HIM AND HIS SHIT …. HIS ALWAYS MAKING ME SEEM LIKE I WAS NOTHING {slinging the high ball glass against the fireplace as it shatters into a million pieces all over the floor}


Tessa Smith: FUCK … Damn it Jensen you need to control your fucking temper, Jesus H. Christ … that’s another glass broken this week.


Jensen Roberts: What do you mean babe?


Tessa Smith: Well you came home from last weeks show and you poured yourself some whiskey and did the same damn thing with that glass … so stop it.


Jensen Roberts: Yeah hon I’m sorry … I’ll do better, but you know me I just get so mad sometimes and it’s better than taking it out on someone I love, so I just throw the glass.


Tessa Smith: Well I understand that, but you remember you have a match this week and then another next week and you have to concentrate on certain things and now with your father going into the hospital you should really be there for him as well since he is family.


Jensen Roberts: Like I said …. If I do go I’ll be there for my mom and sister only. I mean her current husband is another jackass and he thinks that what I do is a waste of time and thinks I’d do better at something like he does.


Tessa Smith: What does he do for a living?


Jensen Roberts: He’s worked in a factory that makes corrugated boxes for the past 20 years. Thank God I never got that job …. That would be mind numbing to do something like that for 20 years and not be able to live in a house this beautiful and have a wife as hot as you.


Tessa Smith: Yeah I understand honey … so what are you going to do?


Jensen Roberts: What I’m going to do honey is go into Tuesday Temptation against so many wrestlers and I am going to show them all just how damn good I am. I am going to show him who was the one who made The Apocalypse as great as they where. Oh btw you never knew that Hunter and I were a tag team in another fed did you?


Tessa Smith: No I didn’t, did you two win tag team gold?


Jensen Roberts: Yeah, but it was me carrying him all the time, I was the leader and the one who made that team great, he was just along for the ride.


Tessa Smith: So then everything that’s being said about you will soon be squashed


Jensen Roberts: Is nothing but a joke, he did lose to my mentor Devin Stone when they were in a match for the championship in another fed, but he never pinned Hunter. He pinned his lame ass excuse for a brother.


Tessa Smith: Wow… hey didn’t he also beat Hunter’s ex gf Kendra Lee?


Jensen Roberts: Yes he did and like I said this week I’ll become yet another member of The Roberts family to go on and become World Champion or something since they’ve decided to give everyone a participation trophy so to speak


Tessa Smith: That’s the spirit hon …. So let’s get ready to go to bed


Jensen Roberts: Yeah … I think we have an old episode of Conan O’Brien upstairs. Let’s go watch that and try to get a laugh and so I can cheer up.


{Jensen and Tessa both head upstairs to their room}

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Posted 19 November 2019 - 04:07 PM

After The Dust Settles


This all seemed to be nothing but a dream, but was it just that? Let’s discuss this and see if it was.

You see I think of my life as one of minutes and seconds, but now we’ll see how it all works out with this next upcoming series of events. This Super-card Battle Royal and me winning something big after the dust settles and all is done.


The last streaks of daylight splash across the sky as we enter the room, each from a different part of the house, from a different part of our lives. The basic pleasantries pass between us as we begin to remove our clothes for the end of the day. Loosening my tie, I turn to speak, and find myself staring, entranced as your dress slips from your shoulders, exposing your soft, alabaster skin. My tongue falters as I follow its slow descent lower, and the curve of your back comes into view, aching to be caressed. A quick shuffle of feet, and a puddle of satin gleams on the carpet.



Flustered now, the conversation continues. As I sit to remove my shoes, you glide across the room, kneeling beside me in just your skin. With a gentle touch to my chest, you lay me down and engulf my lips with your own. I can taste your tongue as it slips into my mouth, grappling with mine. Withdrawing, your lips meet the flesh of my neck, biting and sucking, moving slowly lower toward my chest. As you unbutton and lift my shirt from my body, I sigh as your mouth encircles my nipples, tongue flicking and teeth nipping at me. First one, then the other, as your hands grope for my belt. Rising slightly to help you, my pants fall to the floor and join your discarded dress. Your warm, forceful hands slide along my body as your mouth traces paths of lingering kisses lower and lower. Reaching their destination, the enticing fingers grip me tightly as your lips and tongue begin to kiss. I feel your hair brush against my stomach as you glide further down on me, swallowing me deeply into your throat, and the muscles tighten around me as I arch into you.


Our conversation long since forgotten, your fingers roam back across my chest, kneading my skin and searching out the spots you know will arouse me. Each touch is like a fire set in my flesh, burning higher and hotter until I am consumed. Your lips grope to engulf every inch of me as moans of desire creep from my throat. My hands find your hair and tangle themselves in it, pulling you down onto me until I feel your face pressed against my waist. Closing my eyes, I surrender to the intense pleasures your lips and tongue create in me.


All words fail now, as only the moans and sighs of our desires can be heard. Pushing you from my body, I lift you onto the bed. Easing your legs apart, I kneel between your thighs and cover your body in kisses, from your lips and throat to your toes and back again. Coming back down to your hips, I find your moist flower beckoning to me. Placing my lips firmly around it, I suck and lick, sensing your body responding. Your skin flushes warmth around me, and your flower opens wider for my tongue to enter. Plunging deeper into you, tasting your sweet nectar, I hear a long, low moan of pleasure seep from your lips. Floating up from your thighs, I place my body above you. Gently feeling my way into you, I slip in deeply, reaching further than ever before. Your arms wrap around my shoulders and your legs gather around my waist and you pull me in even deeper. Your heart pounding against my chest, I gather you in my arms and thrust into your body as a man possessed. The scent of your skin is intoxicating and perspiration dampens my face and hair as I breathe you into me. Knowing your loves, your desires, your wants and needs, my fingers again find themselves entwined in your luxurious hair, pulling gently. Your neck comes into view and between baited breaths, I kiss your throat and taste your pulse against my tongue.


Your ardor ignites my deepest passions, and I clutch you against me as I suffocate your mouth with a kiss. Holding you closely, we tumble into a new position, bodies and souls entwined in love. Your fingers dig deeply into my back and shoulders as your body pulses against mine. The scent of sheared copper rises in the room, and I know you've scratched me deeply. The shriek of pain comes to me from miles away and fades just as quickly into a slow throb. It stimulates me in ways I've never imagined and I roll us onto my back to caress your entire body as you writhe above me.


Your coral-pink nipples glisten in the pale light from the rising moon outside. Still deeply inside you, I lift my body to kiss and taste them. Sweet like strawberries and hard like diamonds, they melt against my tongue as your body begins to tense against me. Sensing the impending eruption, I bite your breast and hear your breath come in short gasps. With your fingers held tightly on the back of my head and neck, you pull my face tightly against your breasts while your body convulses in orgasm. The waves of pleasure radiate from your body as you clench and unclench around me. Through your heated flesh I can hear your screams of unadulterated passion, and I smile into the center of your heart. Your arms are holding me so tightly, I feel as if I'm a part of you. Your pleasure is my pleasure, your bliss is my bliss. And as this thought crosses my mind, I feel my own orgasm build to the point of no return. With a final sigh from your throat, my own passion erupts deeply inside you. Once again, I feel you tense around me as we come together.


Sated, we lie back together on the sheets and hold one another closely. I place sweet kisses on your eyelids as you slowly drift to sleep. I lie awake for a moment, breathing deeply and being grateful for having you in my arms. I want to tell you something, to whisper it to you as you sleep next to me. I want to tell you, but now, our sighs and moans of contentment take the place of our long-forgotten conversation.

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Posted 23 November 2019 - 04:17 PM

"Do you know what it's like when everyone forget about you? When you're dis-guarded, and left to your own thoughts? It seems that no one cares, or had just written me off ...the world moves on, and I'm here wondering what had happened. I guess, I'm just a figment of the wrestling world's imagination ...or maybe, I never existed at all. Just maybe, I should just go on without any of you? You're just another name in the locker room, until ... someone important says your name, like as if we talked just yesterday ...Why would Blades talk about Mystic?! What have you done, for my Homeless Hero Ass after all these years, Blades?? Do I owe you something, or just feeling sorry for me?? Oh, I see ...get the homeless guy a few bucks, my saying my name on TV??"


*We open scene, as Mystic leaves the TPI Homeless Shelter, following his return to professional wrestling. He's just come back after a year off, and has entered the Shrouded Rumble. He’s been cleared to wrestle, and his headed to the Cruise Ship. But as always, he’s cut off by a reporter*


Reporter: Mystic! Any thoughts on the Shrouded Rumble?


Mystic: Thoughts? Dude, I'm number f*cking one …right now! What do I need to add to that? I said 2019 would be the year, I returned and made a statement …I’ll hold, Network to ransom!


Reporter: What does this mean for you and The Pinnacle?


Mystic: I told you. Dem Boys, and I have fought time and again. Its business and on TNT, I came out on top. They gets that, they know that they have to earn their way back in. In the meantime, we are going to go after Championships …as the cohesive unit that we are!


*Mystic barges through the Reporter, before he gets chance to ask any more questions. He heads back to his own room, locking the door behind him. Mystic slumps down onto the couch in the side of the room. It's here, that he would normally be shooting the shyte with Dem Boys, going over where the plan succeeded and where it could have been improved. Understandably though, tonight they decided to take separate rooms. Mystic is alone, as usual. He finally looks down into his right hand. Looking back up at him, is the title Brian Blades had used to represent the promotion of Shrouded Enigma Wrestling. One Razor Blade marking the center plate, and some amazing decorations adorning the side plates. The heritage of this title. The journey it's been on and the miles it's traveled are all visible in the wear. And tear that are seen on closer inspection across both the strap and the plates*


Mystic: This won't do! This won't do at a …




Mystic: Who the Hades Damnation, is that?!?


*Mystic gets up, a curious look on his face, approaching the door. Dem Boys, knew where the meet point was after the show. He wouldn't come back to the bar. Emotion is just too raw, right now. Mystic checks through the peephole, and sees a middle aged man in a Black suit. This can't be good. Normally any time someone like this knocks on Mystic's door, he's in a world of shyte for whatever may have happened that night. Bobby tentatively opens the door*


Mystic: Um, Yeah?


Associate: Mr. Whilhelm. I'm here on behalf of the SEE Network. First of all, congratulations on your return. Now you've achieved the top honor in the entire Enigma Wrestling Network.


Mystic: You thought, I wouldn't?


Associate: Secondly, I want to run through what the title requires. Being a holder of any of the Championships, I don't need to talk about the Thirty day deadline on defenses. What I may need to tell you about though, is the vault ....


Mystic: The vault? ...Oh shyte, yeah!


Associate: The holder of the World Heavyweight Championship is given exclusive access to a vault at SEE Headquarters. For the duration of your reign, you're allowed to do whatever you like with the place. Think of it as another base of operations. On your first visit, you'll find that it's been cleared of any of the previous holder’s personal effects. Awaiting you, will be the entire collection of Championship belts.


Mystic: Now that's going to be, a sight to behold.


Associate: You can choose any of them to represent your reign. You can use the history that each Championship represents, in any way you like to make your reign relevant as you like. The only condition is, that when the day comes that you are to hand over the keys ...That each title is in a condition, that it can be restored. In other words, you can't melt them down …but you can use the plates for things.


Mystic: Sounds fair. Melting them down is too laborious anyway ...


Associate: With that, once again …I wish you the best. The codes will all be reset for the vault, once the clearing has taken place. You'll be needing these.


*The Associate hands Mystic a bunch of keys. Three keys make up the bunch, which will get him from the front door of the SEE Headquarters right into his own personal space. Mystic shakes the hand of the Associate before he departs. The door closes, and the scene fades on Mystic. Who’s looking down at the collection of Championship belt and a bunch of keys*


~Current Day: Portland, Oregon~


*We come back and Mystic sits alone in his cardboard box shelter. Frost gathers on the windows, as the heat from the propane heater through the make shift shelter. Mystic is sat back, a glass of 30 year old single malt in his hand. He nurses the glass, as he watches the dark liquid lap against the sides as he makes circular motions with it. The motion is almost hypnotic*


Mystic: Well, well, well. What can I say? I said, I'd do it. I said, I was going to leave uXwA, I said, I was going to take titles with me. I even told you, it was going to be the North American Championship. Did you believe me? Or did you think, I was going to play second fiddle to anyone again? Make no mistake, Dem Boys and I are solid ....Great, in fact! They’re doing their thing, and I'm here as well … preparing for one of the toughest nights of my life at the Shrouded Rumble. Two decades of matches behind me, and I'm fighting for my life ….once again. A shot at the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line, as half the roster shows up, or whoever shows up ...They finally called their shot, and they want it on the big stage. Fair is fair, but I'll get to that more another time? This little chat is all about the main event. A Everyone For Their Selves, battle royal match, in which I'll be taking on …Well, everyone. Each guy and gal, wanting a shot at Brian Blades. Nothing new there ...What's new, is that for the first time in a long time, The Homeless Hero has Returned! That means, that no one wants me to come out on top. Normally, you'd have fans of The Pinnacle cheering of Tyler, or Roberts ...Now? Only the true fans, only the non-bandwagon fans …will want the Champion to retain. Why? Simple! As long as that title isn't locked to one wrestler …then I can show up anywhere, at any time! Tuning into an episode of Anonymous TV? Up pops yours truly ...Maybe I go wipe out half their roster of ASW? Well, I've already been there within the last few weeks …And they haven’t booking me, either. Nope! Not heading back to that place, if you paid me!


*Mystic sits up, putting his glass down next to the Welfare phone SEE provided him. He's had it professionally cleaned over the holiday period, but it still shows the wear and tear of a cheap government phone*


Mystic: You know, of all the Championships that have been inducted into SEE promotion …this title seems to be the one, that gets chosen most by Champions to represent the Championship. For some reason, they choose to ignore the lineage and the heritage of the past promotions …and each individual title that makes it up in the name of having one big, bold f*cking letter on a name plate. Sure, it looks impactful but what about the originals? I need to get to the vault, have a good rifle around those belts and see if anything takes my fancy. Sure, I've seen them hanging in the 5 Star General for so long, but I've never really LOOKED at them. I've never draped one over my shoulder, and looked into the mirror, seeing what felt best …what looked best and what could possibly define my reign. Pure and simple, because I wasn't the Champion back then. Some other dumbass was. It was his moment, and it would be disrespectful of me to be lifting his stuff. But now? Now it's MY time in the spotlight! It's MY turn to be seen as point guy. Blades, I love you man …but now it's time to step aside. Time for you to just sit back, and enjoy being the Champion ….For now, and time to let The Homeless Hero have HIS moment. Remember, you'll wrestler for a Paycheck ...I Fight To Survive!!


*The scene fades out, as Mystic stares deep into the camera with a heavy sign*


You Wrestle For A Paycheck


I Fight To Survive!!

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Posted 25 November 2019 - 11:20 AM




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Posted 25 November 2019 - 06:13 PM

No we ain,t in Scotisch  Highlands at Blackthorne Castle any more. We are in a house of Blackthorne clan.

His Lordship is there with a pale Dutch Desire. No DD has a cold was too cold for the laddie !


His human grandmother would he visit. But she don,t remember him and travelling alone can,t.

We know DD is a drama queen. Let,s hear what dad&son had to say ?


Blackthorne(talk to DD) You only enter the Rumble with one goal. Revenge on the people who hurt your feelings.

You know is on cruiseship and you get see sick. But you wanna compete. You better face the girls soft and tasty !


DD(suprised)Ok dad you think are strong enough beat any girl. When they wanna face me most don,t see me.

So I say girls here I am. I like my men clean and ready. Not these guys here wanna crab your ass.


Do DD really think any girl wanna face him ? Yes possibly fling him over top rope nothing more. Dad has last word so listen.


Blackthorne.DD remember us Blackthornes are warriors behave you as one. Why big boss wanted you in rumble she knows it.

Yes I am there but got my own battles. So DD learn how real man fight. Except when face a real woman.

I will battle the real men when can find them. Seen a few who are in the rumble who wanna face.!


We got hungry and bullshit Blackthorne was saying mated us sleepy. We can visit a fish&chips shop so many here in England.

Yes Temptation 23 on cruiseship were next time?

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Posted 28 November 2019 - 03:39 PM

Thanksgiving Day

11:52 AM

On this glorious day we celebrate well giving thanks to whatever has gotten through this past year when you consider the year is just almost coming to an end, 2019 is coming to a close and you start think about your plans for 2020. Yes December is around corner and so is that other holiday called Christmas, but so like yours truly think again and wonder what gifts could the new year bring or maybe what might go wrong in this upcoming new year. 2019 has been a huge disappointment but for me, so I must dig down deep and find the guy that I once was and can be again.

It is very cloudy day on this Thansgiving day it is rather spooky a scene from out of any horror movie that you might have watched. A flock of birds are flying all over as if they are trying to fly away from something or maybe someone. The sheets are empty, people are probably inside getting the food prepare for the feast that is about to be bestowed upon them. The males of the household are probably sitting down getting ready to catch that afternoon football game where the Lions play every year on this day. The aroma of that Turkey is in the air. However there is one particular house at the end of this neighborhood that is boarded up, it c eetainly sticks out like a sore thumb. The boards on the front porch are popping up everywhere. The two front windows are completely blown out, as we stick out head inside we can smell mildew in the air and we'll other foul odors either piss or crap, probably a dog or cat might have been seeking refuge in this old house. Ax we try to enter the house we reach for the door knob, but it falls right into out hands, but we are able to push open the door. As we try to step inside most of the floor boards so we must watch our step in hopes we do not fall through the floor. The living room furniture is covered in white cloths and dust is everywhere. On the mantelpiece there is a large portrait of a older white headed lady.

We try to move through the living room, but we hear a noise off to the corner of the room. There is a door. We head over to the door but we stop and listen we hear what appears to be someone moving behind this door. We throw open the door which leads downstairs and right probably into the basement. We see a piece of string banging right behind the door but we reach up to turn on the light but you know it does not work because the house has not been lived in for years. Someone pulls out a cellphone and uses the flashlight app on it do try and walk down into basement. The steps squeak as we continue until we get to the bottom, as we try our best to sign the flashlight from our phone around but we can not get any good light. We stop to listen but we can not find where this the noise was coming from.

Voice.. What are you doing here?

The cellphone drops to the ground as it goes black. We try and search for the phone in the dark, and after we reach for it, we believe we have found it. However we hear a hissing noise. We grab the phone as we cut back on the flashlight we spot a snake which in that process we fumble around the phone but do not drop it. The snake crawls over toward us..

Voice.. Do not worry they will not hurt you.

We focus on cold floor as we see several snakes on the floor crawling toward us. We begin to panic.

Voice.. Relax they can smell fear

We focus our attention and the light from our phone on the far wall in the basement, someone is sitting in a rocking chair as they are facing the cracks in the wall and their are quite a few. We try to move in for a closer look but we are concern that we just might get bitten by one of these snakes. As we shine the light on this person just rocking away in the chair. This person has short blonde hair and from what we can tell is might be wearing a black tee shirt with black jeans and black boots.

Voice.. Again, why are you hear?

We can not keep our phone still because fear of the snakes or maybe it could be fear of the person. The person gets up out of the chair as they look toward us with an intense look their blue eyes. We see that it is Frostbite. He turns around and sits back down facing the wall.

Frostbite.. Ah, I miss this. You know what I miss? It is the darkness. It make a me feel alive again. As I set in the dark with a few good friends, it helped me realize the mistakes that I have made. You might ask, what are those mistakes. Well, simply put I have allowed the light in. Think about it.. in the last few years, I have allowed the light to take over and the darkness which is a huge mistake. Sitting here has made me understand the error of my ways.

A snake crawls over to Frostbite as he allows it to crawl up his leg.

Frostbite.. I beating the drum for the last few years wondering where it all went wrong. I have failed myself, I have failed the legacy that I spent the last
16 years trying so hard to build. Injuries and taking loses that I should have not be taken. It is like a time warp, I know something is simply not right. I had to go somewhere to do some thinking and clear up head. I had to figure out where it all went wrong. I believe I might have found the answer. You see most of my success came earlier in my career where the darkness was in my soul, but in the last few years I decide to allow the light to creep in. There is where the mistake was made. If you ever watch those movies where vampire can not stand the light because it could kill them, well u understand the pain that must feel. Because I feel it as well. Titles, awards, were at my calling because I did not care whose toes I step on. I did whatever it took to be a winner.

Frostbite rocks even more in that chair.

Frostbite.. Along the way, I got side tracked. I allowed the light to step in and take over. I started to care, and allow the people to see the other side of me. Well, no more. Nope it is time for the world to see the real Frostbite. That imposter that has been posing as me, well he is long gone. SEE will begin to understand what the real Frostbite is all about, which I guess brings me to this royal rumble style of match. It depends on how things go. The winner could win the top prize others could claim other championships, some could earn future title chances, and others well earn nothing.

The snake crawls up Frostbite leg and toward his arm as in which this does not bother Frostbite at all. As the snake continues to crawl up his arm until it wraps itself around Frostbite left arm.

Frostbite.. I know some take this cruise ship as a vacation , however I am not going to stay in my cabin as I prepare to show the world the new Frostbite. As I look at the people that are going to be in this battle royal, some old friends, some bitter enemies, a former boss, and some people that I owe a loss to.

Frostbite looks down at the snake that has wrapped itself around his warm as he looks at then right in their black eyes. Frostbite pets it on its head.

Frostbite.. Where do I start..

Charlie Feigel.. My former boss. The hardcore icon is what he calls himself. Well boss, I am going to show you the true meaning of being hardcore.

Erin Stone.. We have had our battles in the past this will be another one. I will promise you will see another side of Frostbite that you have never seen before.

Leon Dread.. Ah the monster you are, but remember there at to be a doctor to create such a monster. Leon, you may not fear anybody in this battle royal but trust me, you will fear me. Everybody fears something.

Paul Blair.. We have not had the pleasure of stepping into the ring with one another. Well tonight we will get that chance to stare at each other across that ring. You have done well since you enter this company but now comes a real challenge is coming your way.

Necra.. We have certainly beaten the hell out of the other and have had great matches, but I remember it was you that did put me on the shelf, and that has never gone away from my thoughts, consider this just another along the long list of battles that We will continue to have.

Justin Justice.. It has been a long time, we have had blood baths between us. It has been awhile since we step in that ring against one another. But tell the world, for the record how many times have you beaten Frostbite.. Zero... However this time, you will get in the ring with a totally different Frostbite. A more dangerous version of him. But rest assure the results will be the same.

Red Dragon.. A man that I have not beaten yet. A man wants the world to believe he just might be the most dangerous man in this match. I know you have tried to prove the world that you are every nightmare that anybody could dream of.. However on this night, I am going to show you that I can be a huge nightmare for you and the rest of that locker room.

Michael Maddox.. My friend, my enemy, we have done it all, you have had a resurgence of suc here of late, but Michael all good things must come to an end. I am back and right in your face.

Tyler Cross.. I can not allow you to have a victory over Frostbite. Nope that will not go unanswer. You have be warned.

The snake crawls down Frostbite arm and his leg as he just watches him crawl around on the floor.

Frostbite.. You know sometimes in life you must come full circle, and that is what I am going to do. Chances are c eetainly here to walk away a champion or a future contender.. I am coming to be called champion when this all said and done. On this cruise ship, fun is over and trust me when I say this..

The real Frostbite is back..

Frostbite rocks in the chair as the scene fades out.

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Posted 01 December 2019 - 03:09 PM

*The low guttural rumble of boos overtake the Greystoke Asylum arena in Morris Plains, New Jersey. It's deafening, only drowned out by the loud rhythmic pounding of an exhausted, racing heartbeat. The taste of metal, a salty warmth that moistens the inside of the mouth but does little to quench the terribly dry throat is almost gagged down. Blood trickles down around the face of our beloved Scotty Paine. Lying in a pool of his own blood, feeling like he just got hit by a Mack truck, Scotty tries to gather himself. The stars dance around in the fog of his head, as he briefly forgets where he is. Then a flash of light is blinding, almost a bright white, as he tries to open his matted eyes. Then there is another flash. It is all coming back to him, he remembers the arena, the crowd, the dual title defense against Brian Blades. Finally through squinted eyes, he is able to make out the referee bending down over him, squeezing his hand to make sure he is cognizant. Very slowly, Scotty is able to roll over and look up, first at the overhead lights high up above the stands, burning down like fire from the rafters. Then, he tilts his head as much as a guy can who just took the amount of punishment he has, and he sees the twenty foot ladder casting a dark shadow across his almost lifeless body. The site at the top is without a doubt the worst thing Scotty could have imagined*




*Scotty is jolted awake by his alarm clock. The scar on his head from years past shoots pain all the way through his body, as he slams the alarm clock off. As he shakes the terrible dream, and cobwebs from his mind. He sets up in bed, and looks around to the empty fifth of whiskey on the bedside table of his hotel room. His home away from home this week leading up to dead end*



Damn, I really need to quit drinking so much before bed …


*Scotty stands up and stretches, then walks over to the radio that sits below the flat screen television. As Scotty turns the radio on and moves the dial, a local morning show catches his attention. The show, on New Jersey’s rock station 102.9 “The Buzz”, has just come back from commercial. Free Beer and Hot Wings in the Morning. The two hosts, warmly referred to as Free Beer, a sports junkie who sometimes butchers vocabulary, and Hot Wings a political and pop culture connoisseur who loves going on rants go into their next sports segment*


::Free Beer::

We are back, this is Free Beer and Hot Wings in the Morning and I want us to shift gears over to sports for a moment, or as many point out …Sports Entertainment.


<>Hot Wings<>

That’s right El Matador, the next Shrouded Enigma Wrestling card …will be on a cruise ship. As many of the listeners know, I am from Florida and this company is huge up in that neck of the woods. Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, and so on …around the world, really. I have family over there, who are ecstatic that it is coming close to me and told me I HAVE to see it live.


-:-Producer Joe-:-

Well if anyone likes watching guys dance in underwear, it’s you Hot Wings.


::Free Beer::

Ha ha! It’s funny, because it’s true. In all seriousness though, I’ve been following this product as well, and while it’s far removed from the glory days of Memphis and Mid-South wrestling. It’s a pretty decent company.


<>Hot Wings<>

Who let Joe speak? Anyways, yes it is really exciting and I plan on taking the kid over to the show Tuesday night. So Beer, you follow it …what match are you looking forward to the most?


::Free Beer::

Well, anyone would be crazy if they didn’t say the main event was their most anticipated match. A huge battle royal, for a shot at the World Champion. These guys will be going crazy, to be the top guy. There are some huge names, signed to this match.


<>Hot Wings<>

I’m glad you said that, I would definitely have to pick this match too …and you know what? I think one of the under dogs, is going to win.


*Back in his hotel room, Scotty listens in disbelief. He just can’t get a break, he’s always been over looked and pushed off to the side. Everyone thinks he’s too old, and doesn’t have what it takes to be a Champion anymore*



You have to be kidding me, I thought the people of Mexico were intelligent …


*Scotty picks up his phone and begins to google this radio show and their hosts. As he raises the phone to his ear, the show continues*


::Free Beer::

How can you say that? Scotty Paine has been running roughshod over everyone in the company, including his last Pay-Per-View victory. He is the number one wrestler in the company right now, and held Titles everywhere he’s preformed.


<>Hot Wings<>

None of it is earned! He has been handpicked by promotion owners from the start. Apparently he bought tickets for fans to give AHW their very first sell out and it’s been straight to the moon since then.


::Free Beer::

Well I guess you have a point there. I mean, he has had some really amazing matches …but I guess there is an asterisks beside his tenure in the company so far. Blades is definitely the real deal, I see so much of my old childhood favorite …The British Bulldog in him, although maybe it is the accent.


<>Hot Wings<>

That is the comparison? No wonder you are high on someone, like Brian Blades. I bet you have a Pinnacle shirt don’t you?


-:-Producer Joe-:-

Hate to break up the debate fellas, but we have someone very interesting on the line. The Crow himself, Scotty Paine.


::Free Beer::

No Way ...Uh, is this real?



Yes it’s real, and here I am …trying to get my day started after a night on the town in this great city, and I turn on the radio …and I hear this trash? That if I win the rumble, Blades is going to beat me?


::Free Beer::

That was all Hot Wings, Scotty …I am one hundred percent, a member of The Asylum.


<>Hot Wings<>

Oh don’t suck up now man, you were just agreeing with …



It really doesn’t matter what either one of you think. It matters what the true Inmates think, and know. That is that when the chips are down on the table, all bets point to me taking the pot. You two toadies better remember that.


*Scotty hangs up the phone, clearly agitated after his bad dream and the doubt from two New Jersey radio hosts. He throws his phone down on the bed, and heads off into the bathroom to wash his face as the radio show. Becomes muffled as the two hosts try to get the show back on track after the impromptu call-in*



SEE, you really want to know what happens when you peel away the happy joking exterior of this twisted mind? You face me in a battle royal, and you think you achieved something by “baiting me” into this match? Something in that sea water has got you delirious pal. I am Mr. No-DQ Match, I am the reigning and defending uXwA World Heavyweight Champion. There is a reason for that. It’s not because I am the golden boy …as so many in the back would want you to believe. No SEE, you know as well as I do …that I am dangerous. When you laid motionless in the ring a couple years ago, with your knee almost tied up like a pretzel after I looking down at you …I know you seen it in my eyes. That willingness to do anything and everything to not only get to the top of this business, but to stay at the top.


*Scotty stands up, at the very top of the huge ladder, and looks down at the ground below him. He takes his jacket off, throws it to the ground. As it flutters in the night down to the grass below, Scotty loosens his beat up t-shirt, takes off his glasses and hangs them from his collar*



I’ve never been one to shy from theatrics, and this ladder, is about twice the size of what I will need to climb to the top, comes Tuesday night. You think putting all the belts on the line will hurt me? Enigma could have hung those belts from the rafters, and it won’t change the fact that I will climb, jump, scratch and claw my way to the titles. You want to talk about all the training, you did the last sixteen years? I can respect that. The paths we’ve traveled down, haven’t been so different. I started out as a young boy, going to all the local shows. Learning the ins and outs, setting up rings, driving from town to town and busting my ass to barely make money …just because I love this business. We are definitely not a rags to riches story, but what we are is living proof that with enough work and sacrifice …we can be at the top of our class. That all culminates this Tuesday.


*Scotty bends down and picks up two titles, and holds them out by his sides, almost a cross-like pose. The red glow coming off of the belts make it appear that he is holding fire directly in his hands*



You are proud that you are in my head? Well you’re damned right you are in my head. If you knew what was good for you, you would get the Ace in your head as well. See, I have never been more focused in my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe this life in SEE. I will climb up one rung, ten rungs, a hundred rungs, and once and for all end …your dreams of being anything but a washed up “what-if” …who sits around and tells his grandchildren about the time he almost had me. Almost SEE, but as was the case a couple of weeks ago, I will once again stand over you holding both of these belts. This is what you asked for, this is as real as it gets. This Sunday, your Kingdom comes crumbling down!!


*Scotty pauses for a second, before firing off one last message to his so called friends – The Pennacal*



TJ, my Lil' Brother, I'm going to expose you for what you really are ... you've been living off your name for years. Yet, you're not even brave enough to admit, you're a Paine Family member. Shyte Jaycean, why don't you just stay under that mask ...and hang out with your Nephew Jigsaw??


*Scotty pauses for a second, as he looks deep into the camera. But he was anything but finished. He smirks, before speaking again*



Randy Roberts, what can I say about you?? Not a lot really, you ain't done shyte in your entire career, except jump from one team to the next ... just to cover up your lack of talent. Damn, you're the biggest guy, without a ounce of talent. 7ft Nothing, and over 300lbs of wasted human flesh. Do us all a favor, and back to AHW to be retrained ...Oh wait, they're closed. Along with your chances of making a difference for the other guys, you hang out with. Big Man, they invited you into their circle, cause you look intimidating ... nothing more, nothing less. You're just a big sum-a-bytch, who's just another Kenneth Nobleman. Looks, size, limit skills and quite pointless.


*Again, Scotty pauses before speaking again. The last one, was a bit personal and it was clearly bothering him to have to tell his best friend where to go*



B. Brian Blades, bro ... we've been up and down the road so many times. They should rename the street, Platinum Act. But no, they don't want to look at guys like us anymore. I'm not even sure why I'm entering this stupid match, other than it gives me a chance to face you one more time. Yeah, it's been done one too many times. But the facts remain the same. When guys like us get into the ring, the roof gets ripped off and tickets get sold. And to be totally honest, you don't like to face me, you fear facing the one gut ... that puts doubt into your broken heart! Deep down inside your fragile mind, Scotty Paine scares the shyte out of you!! Now don't get me wrong, I love you ...but when I see the lineup of The Pinnacle, and see the name of The Homeless Hero. Where my name should be?? It makes me feel bidder and annoyed. And on Giah's Green Earth?? Don't think, I don't remember you telling my Son ...My Best Friend - Eric Draven is his Father!! Just know, if I win this rumble?? I’m not going to treat you any different, than I have any other time we’ve gotten into the ring together. You call yourself, The Iron?? To me Brian …you look like a mix between Sting with your make up, and Bray Wyatt with your fedora hat …


"Paine, and suffering of a childhood lost ...An empty swing, an empty promise. A broken dream, a broken home. It's strange, how laughter looks like crying ...with no sound. And raindrops taste like tears ...Without the Paine, Boys. You'll relive, the turmoil and anguish of an uncertain youth”


So It Has Been Written, So Shall It Come To Pass …

- Quoth The Crow, Forevermore!


*The scene comes to an end, as Scotty strikes his famous cross-like pose*



Weather It's Mentally Or Physically

You Will, Feel The Paine!!

Career Record145w - 48l - 10d

Life Time Matches: 203


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Posted 02 December 2019 - 05:58 AM

Normally we start with sentence We were backstage this time differt. We were in Bakersfield yes in California to meet Shameless/MJC.


First two rumors  if are true or false we like gossip ?


Backstage during a houseshow Jeremy was seen yeh back from Scotland. .

He was seen there with another man and sure wasn,t a team mate from Playbox Inc. Why maybe in 2020 somebody know the answer ?


Also on same show Dream maker and Masked Anti-hero were teaming up. Gossip is they had in past something  can,t be true ?


But let,s start tape back to Bakersfield were had confront a woman who ain,t cat without claws yes Mystery of the North..


Shameless.(waiting at gate) Sorry that had travel so far don,t want local tv crew here any more.    a big woman comes out house confront us.


Shameless. Is ok mama ain,t the men who  came in sport center and filmed you under the shower.      The woman nod and walked away.

Sorry mum was upset she don,t like strangers yes she is still active as wrestler Mystery of the North.


We asked him to react on 5 people who talked   who did a promo. Not involved in Playbox Inc team.


Shameless. Let,s talk with miss  Erin Stone you talk if are a egomatic bitch. Are you sure are a lesbian not 2019 feministic  trasccan?

Mr Jensen Roberts just like Mystic bring it show what can do.



Sure Mick James Coombs will have no real friends in rumble.  Ok mum is back with tray full of biscuits and fresh pot of earl grey tea cut a break so back !


Shameless. Let,s start with Frostbite heard much about you good things. But got feeling during contract signing feel to good shake my hand same for others.

Scotty Pain let,s feel it would I say. You believe you earn the big prize.


It started to rain mjc took tray inside we followed. yes mum was there, and things did happen she got fast right.


Let,s say so advice to our vieuwers age 16 never come between two fightning girls or a mother and her sons.   End

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Posted 05 December 2019 - 04:43 PM



"Miami's Most Wanted" & "The Savior of South Beach"

Championship History:

SEE Adrenaline Champion (x1), SEE Cartel Champion (x1)

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Posted 05 December 2019 - 11:29 PM


::On a sunny day in  Lisciano Niccone, Italy Enforcer is laying poolside of his Tuscan Villa called “Arrighi”. He is wearing a pair of black swimming shorts and pair of black Oakley sunglasses. On a table next to the lounge chair Enforcer is laying on is his cell phone, a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino wine, and a wine glass that is a quarter filled. As Enforcer laying on the lounge chair he feels a presence of someone walking up to him. Enforcer lowers his sunglasses to see who has walked up to him.::


Enforcer:Well, well, well this is unexpected. 


Woman’s voice:Should it be?


Enforcer:I’ve always made it a point to be a very private person. I don’t exactly announce my comings and goings outside of a select few.. How did you find me?


Woman’s voice:You should know by now Anthony. I have my ways.


Enforcer:(As he cracks a smile):That you do, Jennifer.


::Camera pans around to show SEE owner, Jennifer Enigma standing at the foot of the lounge chair The Enforcer is laying on. Enforcer sits up.::


Enforcer:What can I do for you, Jennifer?


Enigma:Several months ago you gave me your word that you would be in a battle royal that we are having on a week long cruise. I know you were just be nice but I am here to tell you that the time for that battle royal is now upon us.


Enforcer:Really? Are you sure that was me? I’m kind of like Elvis and Sting in the sense that I have many impersonators. 


Enigma:I’m fairly confident it was you, Anthony.


Enforcer:Really? I doubt I would volunteer to do something like that.


Enigma:(She pauses to think):You know what Anthony? Now that I stop and think about it you may be right. I am having doubts as to who actually told me they were going to be in the rumble on the cruise.


Enforcer:There you go, Jennifer. Now you are talking sensibly. 


Enigma:I remember that the person who gave me their word they would be in this rumble match is the greatest person to ever live. That’s not you, right? I didn’t think so. So, I just wasted a trip to Italy for no damn reason. 


::Enigma sits down on the lounge chair next to Enforcer.::


Enigma:Tell, your stooge to bring another wine glass out and pour some of this what looks to be this very expensive wine for me. 


::Enigma smiles and winks at Enforcer. Enforcer smiles and starts to chuckle  as he sees Enigma lay her feet on the lounge chair next to him.::


Enforcer:I love it, Jennifer. I love it.


Enigma:What have I done?


Enforcer:Playing to my ego.


Enigma:You have an ego? I never would have never guessed. ::As Enigma gives Enforcer a devilish smile::


Enforcer:Touche, Jennifer. Touche.


Enigma:I am glad you appreciate it. Now come on. Go grab your stuff and we will leave your jet here for Justice and Ian. We will  hop on my private jet.


Enforcer:Ugh, I guess. 


::Enforcer stands up and grabs his glass of wine. Enforcer raises the glass in the air in the direction of Enigma.::




::Enforcer starts drinking the rest of his wine in the glass.::


Enforcer:I am going to go get my clothes and tell Justice that I am leaving with another woman.


Enigma:Good luck with that.


::Enforcer walks towards the main house.::

Enigma:What’s up with the wine glass for me?


::A door slams in the distance.::


Enigma(Talking to herself):He better be getting me a wine glass.





::Enforcer and Enigma are on Enigma’s private jet. Enforcer is looking out the window next to his chair to and sees nothing but dark skies.Enigma is sleeping in her chair wearing a black sleep mask that says “Dark Mistress” in red.::


Enforcer: Here I am going to not just another city, state, or even country to wow the wrestling world as only I can do but I am going on a boat in the middle of the damn ocean! It just goes to show everyone that the world just needs me in their lives. No matter if it is human, bird, or sea creature. It is just the cost of truly being the greatest person to ever live. I know, I know what a burden. Talk about first world problems. 


::Enforcer pauses and smiles to himself.::


Enforcer: It seems I have backed myself into a corner and have booked myself in this forty person battle royal with the winner becoming the number one contender for the Atrocity Heavyweight title. While I want to win the battle royal because let’s face it. I know as well as the entire world knows I have a damn ego and just on ego alone I want to win this damn battle royal. I will of course attempt to win this battle royal by any means necessary. We all know I don’t play fair when I get the chance. So, you can all bet your asses I have a few tricks up my sleeve. 


::Enforcer unbuckles his seat belt and stands up and starts to walk around the cabin. He stands in the middle of the cabin with just the light that is over his chair on. Enforcer closes his eyes and listens to the plane move through the air. After about a minute Enforcer opens his eyes back up. 


Enforcer:Now, I can stand here for the rest of the time I have on this earth and talk a massive amount of shit about every other wrestler in this match. I mean that is what we are supposed to do, right? For instance, I think I and the entire wrestling world gets it, Erin Stone. You are lesbian nerd. I get why you love women but no one gives a damn about your sexual orientation. Unless you being a lesbian and your braces  pays my bills go to your favorite dyke bar and never step foot into a wrestling ring ever again. The wrestling world will definitely be grateful for that this holiday season. Hey, Erin if you want to make the wrestling world your own personal dating app. There is the super dyke, Lexi Havoc. Go sweep her off her feet and take her far, far away so we don’t have to hear her say what she does with her thumbs. While you are at it, take her bitch of a husband with you two guys. 


::Enforcer casually walks back over to his chair and takes a seat.::


Enforcer:Paul Blair, why don’t you get at the wrestling world, bro? We all know you don’t have the stroke to get anything done in this business.Red Dragon and Mike Dimter take your asses back to the ECWF. That is the only place you can actually be as pathetic as you guys are and still win an actual match.  Of course, we cannot forget about everyone’s favorite birdman that is not Koko B. Ware or who owns Cash Money records. I of course speak of Scotty Paine. Scotty, man we have both been in this business for over twenty years yet you wanted to hide in the safe haven of the ECWF and AHW. Hell, I get it. With people like Rockin Lunatic, Mike Flynn, and Kevin Hunter running around those minor league promotions to beat up on there is no wonder why you didn’t come up to the major leagues until later in your career. Welcome, Scotty. We’ve got cookies. Your one kink in your armour,Scotty is that you have always been short sided. You can never see the big picture. That will be your down fall in this rumble.  Than I see we have my brother in law and my two nieces in this match with me. Good luck but I know you’ll be coming for me so you can expect me to do just the same. The only people in this match I actually have some respect for other than those who have the last name Maddox is my old buddy, Charlie Fiegel. Charlie we have had some battles when we step into the ring with each other over the last two decades. Jensen Roberts, I have to admit, I like your style. We might be able to punk the rest of these fools in this match but let me warn you. I have never backed down from a fight and I have won the majority of fights I have been in. There are people like Frostbite, Tyler Cross, Heather Haze, and Penance that I have the up most respect for but boys and girls you are still not the greatest person to ever live. So, just start preparing yourselves for falling at my feet. Than there is the lady that I have been very impressed with since I first saw her talent in the ring. That of course is Necra Octavien Kane. Even though we have never shared the ring, Ms. Kane. You are a remarkable talent and my respect for you knows no bounds. While I have been enjoying time with my wife and kids. While I have been enjoying the spoils of my success for the last few years. All while you have been kicking ass and collecting championships all over the world. Which I truly respect because if you aren’t in this business to kick ass and women championships than what are you doing in this business. Necra, don’t think you are just going to steamroll over me like you are going to do to the other thirty eight opponents. Which I would do, as well, if I was on a roll like you are. A roll that has been brought on from days, weeks, months, and years of hard work. I don’t have a doubt our paths will undoubtably cross during this gigantic battle royal. With all these belligerent recalcitrants in this rumblel how can each think they will win? The one that will win it will be the most pragmatic. One who will not let their emotions or ego get in their way. I am confident when the time comes and we are in the midst of this rumble on the sea that I will subdue my emotions. Allowing my physical ability and knowledge of the sport will carry me to victory. Hell, that is a lot of people. Did I forget anyone? Well, it doesn’t matter. If I forgot about you that truly means that you don’t matter in the ring and in life in general. So, why don’t you just go play in traffic while the grown ups settle things in the ring. 


::Enforcer looks out the window briefly before shutting the blinds to the darkness of nightfall.::


Enforcer:Now it cannot go unnoticed that a shot at the Atrocity title along with the Bloodlust title itself  isn’t the only thing on the line. For example, the last woman standing will get a shot at the Temptress title. What I am not intrigued with is the fact that the Transylvanian title and the Floridian title are both on the line. Why does this intrigue me you might ask? It is really quite simple. As many of you know that I love collecting championships. It is kinda my thing. I get a kick out of it. Especially if I see a champion is vulnerable. Which I see in our current Floridian Heavyweight champion, Everett Aloni. Everett, I have no doubt you will slip up during this battle royal and when you do I will be there to capitalize and maybe, just maybe I might decide to get my hands on that Floridian title belt and bring the prestique back that Necra brought to that title. 


::There is a ding throughout the plane and the pilot comes over the PA system::


Pilot:We will be landing in thirty minutes or so. Please sit in an upright position and buckle your seat belts.


Enforcer:The time of me stepping into a SEE ring is getting closer and closer. I am not coming back for a mere one on one match but a forty person battle royal. Regardless who and what I have to go through I will still be as dominant that I have ever been. Count on that, boys and girls. It is time for each of you to leave the kiddie pool and jump into the deep end. Once you do though each of you will regret it.


::The Enforcer buckles his  belt and sits back in his chair as the camera fades to black.::


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The Valerie Day promo https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing

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Posted 07 December 2019 - 05:36 PM

Scene One.

Scene opens up 10 miles out of Tampa Florida in a small shack in the middle of no where the lights are off and nothing else but dark woods just then the light comes on and the door opens to find Rockin' Lunatic stepping out, no one has seen him since the closing of ecwf, people have been searching for him every where cops were called and asked about his where abouts Rockin' looks around like he has been in a daze like he just woke up from a deep sleep goes and looks for his car it is no where to be found he then finds his way to a long road and starts walking to the nearest town to find help he finds a little gas station and staggers inside.

Can I help you sir?

Rockin' stays silent as he walks down an isle and gets a bag of chips and opens it and begins to eat.

Sir you can't open that bag before you buy the product.

Rockin' looks at the clerk and continues eatting the chip.

Sir once again you can not open that bag and eat them potato chips before you buy them.

Rockin' then walks up to the counter and reaches into his back pocket but can't find his wallet.

Rockin' Lunatic
Shit my wallet must have been in my car before I found myself in a small cabin passed out.

Well then I will have to call the police and you can explain to them why you can't pay for them chips.

Just then a car pulls up in the store parking lot the car looks a lot like his. Rockin' steps aside as the man walks inside and up to the counter.

Can I get a pack of Marlboro black 100s?

Rockin' looks at the guy and speaks.

Rockin' Lunatic
Excuse me but where did you get that car outside?

The man looks at Rockin' not even knowing who he is.

That was my buddys car i took it the day i left him passed out in a cabin.

Rockin' grabs the guy and slams his head into the counter.

Rockin' Lunatic
Thanks for nothing you asshole that was my car, you better hope my wallet is still in there or I am coming back in here and I am going to snap your neck.

Rockin' looks up at the clerk as he is standing scared with the phone in his hands Rockin' grabs the bag of chips without and walks out and then gets in his car and leaves as the scene fades.

Scene Two.

Scene opens up three hours later at Rockin's house he is seen pulling into the drive way he opens the door and walks inside, he turns on a light and notices lights blinking on the answering machine he walks over and sees thirty messages he pushes play.

Voice Message One
Hello Rockin' its your agent can you give me a call I need to talk to you immediately thanks bye.

Message Two
Yo Rockin' its your agent trying to call you a second time please give me a call.

Just as Rockin' starts message three as his phone begins to ring he lets the answering machine pick up.

Hey Rockin' I guess your dead because you have no-.

Rockin' Lunatic

Holy shit Rockin' I thought you was dead.

Rockin' Lunatic
No I am not dead I have been in a cabin passed out someone stole my car while I was passed out now I finally got it back and now I am home this retirement was not what I hoped.

Wow dude you say you hate retirement?

Rockin' Lunatic
That's not what I said, I love my retirement just that part didn't turn out as planned.

Oh well since I am on the phone with you I have something you might want to hear.

Rockin' Lunatic
What is it?

I know you are retired but I have been on the phone with SEE and they would like you to join their roster.

Rockin' Lunatic
Did you tell them I was retired and I was not interested?

Well not exactly. I told them that you would love to be apart of their roster.

Rockin' Lunatic
What the hell I am retired I have no plans of returning to the ring at all.

Sorry bro but I already signed you up and they want you to fly out to Miami and meet them to sign the contract.

Rockin' Lunatic
You did what? So that means I have to pack my shit and go to Miami in the morning huh? I guess since you already signed me up I should start getting stuff ready I need a shower and shit and get stuff packed and including my gear.

Once you sign that contract you will thank me later.

Rockin' Lunatic
Dude I want to break your neck but I'll see how this will all work out.

Alright see you in miami.

Rockin' hangs the phone up as the scene fades.

Scene Three

Scene opens up the next day as Rockin' Lunatic arrives at the loading docks for the cruise, Rockin' walks towards the ship when SEE is holding their event just as he gets to the ramp to walk on he is met by his agent Marcus, Rockin' smirks.

Rockin' Lunatic
You know I should throw you off of this dock I told you I was retired now you have me going on this cruise.

Sorry Rockin' but your fans need you back in the ring and the best way to do that is sign you up for SEE.

Rockin' Lunatic
The fans want me back in the ring huh, those fans don't give a damn about me they never have never will not since I turned on them when I joined 2 Dope in the Undead Army.

We shall see first we need to get you on the ship so you can meet up a SEE official so you can sign the contract.

Rockin' Lunatic
What contract i thought you signed me up for SEE?

I didn't sign you up to be apart of the roster but there is one more contract you have to sign so come on time is wasting.

Rockin' follows Marcus to a small room to small for being an office they walk in to see the SEE official sitting in a chair Rockin' walks up and shakes his hand as the official speaks.

SEE Official
So your Rockin' Lunatic huh.

Rockin' nods as the official continues.

I am sure Marcus has told you that he signed you up to be apart of the SEE roster and now you have to sign the contract to make it official.

Rockin' bends down and signs the contract.

Welcome to Shrouded Enigma Entertainment, and now we want you to be apart of the Shrouded Rumble.

Rockin' Lunatic
So that's it I thought there was more then one contract to sign one being the roster contract and the other being a second contract.

No just the one you just signed.

Rockin' Lunatic
I guess I better go find me room so I can get unpacked and ready for the rumble.

Rockin' leaves the room as the scene fades.

Scene Four

Scene opens up in a long hallway of the cruise ship Rockin' Lunatic he is walking and looking for his room the room number is 105 he sees 102, 103, 104, and finally finds the room hes looking for he takes his key and opens it up to find a single bed, a small closet, and a small bathroom he sets his bags on the bed and pulls out his camera and sets it on the table and turns it on and then begins to speak.

Rockin' Lunatic
So here we are on a cruise ship yes I said a cruise ship going to God knows where I am suppose to be retired when my agent calls me and sets up a contract for me to join Shrouded Enigma Entertainment and after signing the contract I get added to the Shrouded Rumble forty men and women to fight it out for a chance at any championship hell I have no clue who is even in this rumble no one even told me but let's just say one thing you all think for one second I am going to just sit back and miss a chance at being apart of this you are out of your mind you all may think that I am just some push over well I am not one to lay down every single one of you are going to wish I never joined SEE because I am on a mission to claim the top of the mountain once again.

Just then there was a knock on the door Rockin' walks over and opens it to find a piece of paper stuck in the door jam he gets it and looks at it to find the names of the pertistapents in the rumble he looks it over and laughs.

Rockin' Lunatic
Well look what I have here, it's the list of the names of the people in the rumble let's see here.

Rockin' pauses a moment and looks at the list up and down and sees the name Leon Dread and laughs.

Rockin' Lunatic
I looked at this list twice and the name I see made me laugh Leon Dread the man who is the reason for my misfortunes. Leon you think you could get away from me after you tore my family apart took my wife and my daughter away from me well Dread don't be surprised if I not only eliminate you from the Rumble but I might just throw you overboard and never be heard from again so be ready for the ass kicking of your life.

Rockin' then comes to the name Mike Dimter.

Rockin' Lunatic
Mike Dimter you finally show up every time we have a match you run but not this time you can not run away because all you got to run to is water which means you have no where to go and no where to hide.

Next on the list is Charlie Feigal.

Rockin' Lunatic
Charlie Feigal you are in the rumble shouldn't you be out running an asylum because after tonight that's where I plan on sending you back to I mean I have never had a problem with you but tonight I do and I plan on being the last man standing.

Rockin' looks at the list again

Rockin' Lunatic
Red Dragon you are a former member of the ECWF roster just like me we are both legends but with this rumble it's just business I have respect for you but when it comes to being in a rumble I plan on eliminating who ever is in my path so let's who we never cross paths so for the rest of you get ready to feel the wrath I am Rockin' Lunatic United We Purge.

Rockin' shuts the camera off as the scene fades.

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(We see Xander at a bar and he is wearing a nice shirt, black jeans and nice shoes and there have been some ladies come up to him asking to get to know him better but he decided to turn them down. Then a raven haired beauty comes to him



Hi there. I couldn't help but see you turned down those women. You are a handsome man after all.

[Xander Thunderbird]

Thank you but I just dont want to be with someone who wants to be with me just by my looks. I have a good heart and I want to be judged by that most. You are welcome to join me. What's your name?


I'm Veronica Fuega. I'm in training to be a wrestler myself. You are Xander Thunderbird aren't you?

[Xander Thunderbird]

Yes I am. it's nice to meet you.

[Veronica Fuega]

I saw your Matrix match at SEE. You did awesome.

[Xander Thunderbird]

Thank you. Can I buy you a drink?

[Veronica Fuega]

Sure. Long Island ice tea please.

(Xander gets her what she requested and orders himself a White Russian.)

[Veronica Fuega]

I hear you are in a big rumble match. Those I hear are tough to go through.

[Xander Thunderbird]

Yes they are. I have been thru many of them and I am not fond of them but I am not not fond of them either but I will do what I can to win it.

[Veronica Fuega]

That is awesome to hear. I for one cant wait to see it because I did get tickets to come see it. Maybe get pointers a bit.

[Xander Thunderbird]


[Veronica Fuega]

So what got you into wrestling?

[Xander Thunderbird]

A friend of mine got me into it years ago. I mean i was a wrestling fan and still am but my friend saw potential in me.

[Veronica Fuega]

How long have you been a wrestler?

[Xander Thunderbird]

A decade and a half now.

[Veronica Fuega]

Wow. I am personally glad you turned those women down because I do think you're handsome and I also think you have a good heart too. I do hope we can get to know each other better.

(Xander smiles. He gives Veronica his number and Veronica gives him hers. Xander pays for both their drinks and they walk out of the bar together.)


(Xander is now getting ready for his match. A cameraperson comes to him and Xander smiles.)

[Xander Thunderbird]

I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am not going to name all my opponents in this rumble because there are too many to name but I will say this. Do not take me lightly.

I am not a huge fan of these things but I will not complain about it. I will do my best to win but if i dont win then i dont win. Simply put I came to fight and this will be my biggest fight yet.

To the others in this rumble just know that Thunder is gonna roll.

(Xander then heads off as Thunder by Imagine Dragons plays to commercial.)

End rp.

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December 17th

Twas the week before Christmas all throughout the neighbor a creature or human was not stirring because there was a major snowstorm upon us.

We are midst of a huge snowstorm, as the snow is coming down so fast as if someone were shootimg them out of a cannon or somebody was having a huge snowball fight. However in the midst of this 20 feet of snow or so it might appear we do see a little girl wearing a bright red cost with blue jeans and black snow boots, however she is laying in the snow making herself a snow Angel. However about 10 feet from her is a little boy wearing a gray coat with gray sweats and brown boots, as the young boy is bending over in the snow wearing a pair of gray gloves as he is rolling up a snowball, as he gets the right amount, he walks over to the young girl laying in the snow has he touches it right in her face. The young girl yells at the boy, as he springs to her feet, as he begins to chase the little boy around their front yard, the little boy tries to get away, but in the process he falls face first right in the snow. The little girl quickly reaches down with her pink gloves and rolls up and snowball of her own, as the little boy gets to his feet but the girl fires a snowball as it hits him right in the back of his head so hard that the young boy falls back into the snow in slow motion. A door swings open, as a young black haired lady wearing a green Christmas sweater with a snowman on the front, she has on black pants. She points to the kids, as to tell them to come in the house.

A few houses over we see an older gentleman wearing a tan coat with tan pants and matching boots, with a shovel in his hand trying to shovel out the snow has best as he can, he looks into his driveway and looks at his green van as he us trying to dig his van out but what would be the use as this point in time,from what the local weather forecast it is calling for more snow. However the older gentleman is trying his best to get as much snow up as he can. He reaches down and picks up lots of snow, as moves to his left throwing it out into the streets or what we can see of them. He continues to do so, until he looks up into the sky and throws up his hands knocking off his blue hat that was keeping his bald head warm, he picks up his hat and with the shovel in his right hand begins to walk back toward his house.

Looking at the rest of the neighborhood nobody is in sigh.. Christmas decorations are all on the homes, lights the whole nine yards, but there is one home at the end of the block that looks out of place. We come upon a pitch dark house with the front porch just about caved in. You might have to climb to the front door if you wanted to get in but why would you want to. As we step back we see about four windows are busted completely out. The wind has picked up so much so that snow is going through the windows, which from where you can smell it might be an improvement because there is a strong odor coming from the house it as of an animal or maybe a homeless person has gone in there and pissed or well you know the rest. The wind whips up once again so much so that the wind blows open the brown door and into the home. As we walk inside or make such an attempt, floor boards are just about gone, there maybe a few left.


We jump but we see a black cat is caught flying out the window, as it appeared to might have been staying here. We look around cobwebs and years of that have settle in here. It appears nobody has lived here in years. We try to move through this mess, and we come across as a picture of an older lady with short gray hair, as is wearing a light green dress, ax she has a crooked smile across her lips, but the picture that might have been on the wall before has been probably knocked to the ground as glass pieces are roughly all over what is left of this floor. We push through as we get to a brown door near some steps which leads upstairs. We decide to open the door and we can not see anything. Someone pulls out a flashlight and look into this room.

Voice.. Ah yes.

The voice catches us off guard, but we are intrigue as to just might be crazy enough to be in this home. With flashlight in tow we slowly walk down some steps as it appears that lead into the basement. As the steps squeak, even more with every inch we take until we get to the bottom. We try to sign the flashlight around, but we can not really see anything even with the light from thevousidr shinning through the glass window leading into the basement.



As we continue to hear this noise, we shine the light on the floor ad we see a rat or two running across the floor we are shocked that we drop the flashlight but Lucky do not break it. We reach down to pick it back up. We shine the light a little bit more.

Voice.. You will never learn.

We shine the light as we see someone rocking away in a rocking chair.

Voice.. Relax they do not bite.

Smoke is coming out of this person mouth because it is cold in here with no heat. The person jumps out of The chair and from we can tell is wearing a blue light jacket with faded black jeans and black boots. We finally get a chance to see who the voice be,ings to, it none other than Frostbite.

Suddenly from the basement window we hear Christmas carrolers going door to door.

Frostbite.. Ah it is the time of where the young children have vision of sugar plums dancing in their heads or so it goes, all in hopes to see that fat man in the red suit come down your chimney. That is something as you grow old never understood. How does an fat man wearing a red suit become the symbol of Christmas. I though it was celebrated because it is the birth of Christ. Instead we hope some fat guy brings us gifts. We live in a warped world do we not. If I were Christ himself, I would kick Santa ass because he is stealing his thunder. This day and age we do not care about hearing the good word on that very special day. Nope we are too greedy we think a fat man in a red suit brings us gifts out of the kindness of his heart. When in fact our parents busted their asses off all year long to give us what we wanted. It is the truth.

Virginia, you should no there is no Santa.. It I were Christ himself, I would wipe out this horrible world for disrespecting me like that if I were in his shoes. I know you believe Frostbite is playing the role of scourge this year, but nope hardly I am staged the truth, it does hurt from time to time. Maybe that is why I have seen the error of my ways, and brought the darkness back into the light. The light clouds my judgement, it really does. The world is sick and twisted. Think about it, people commit murder and be out in no time, but if you do a lesser crime, you will get life in jail. A stupid world we are all part of.

Frostbite walks over to the window as he just watches the snow fall even harder.

Frostbite.. I miss the darkness. I had this discussion with a local minister before this weather hit. I sat down and took a piece of paper and wrote on one side..

Light and the darkness on the other side.

I told the pastor, that the darkness out weighs the light. He thought I was crazy, but o speak the truth. When I started this business, I had to make an important decision, either take the path of the straight and narrow or take the crooked part in the road and lead you down the wrong path. I took that road, and look what it got me.

Frostbite takes a seat back in that rocking chair.

Frostbite.. Darkness bought me fame, fortune, titles, awards, wealth beyond my wildest dreams. It even bought me my Rebecca. But what enough the light.

The light.. Pain and suffering, loses mounted, titkes were not there anymore and it cost something important to me, that was my Rebecca, injuries begin to happen. When I told The pastor he thought I lost my mind, but the facts were all there. He could not deny it. I gave him solid evidence, but he believes the light was responsible for my success. Right, I think he had been drinking too much from the wine bottle. The light clouds judgement, it clouded mine. No more, I have begged for the darkness to return. It had listen , it is back into my dark soul.

Frostbite reaches down to the cold floor and grabs a rat by its tail as it tries to bite him. But he yanks even harder as you can see the pain etched on the rat face.

Frostbite.. I have finally realize the error of my ways. The darkness is what made me who I am, it will be the darkness that brings me back into the light. The chances are here for The taken in the rumble. Could walk away a champion or walk away a contender for a championship. But Frostbite, well I must walk away a champion. Some jackass already made a point that I made in my previous promo that I have not done anything since I arrived here. And they were right, I can not argue. But that person needs to ask the boss. The reason the darkness is back is because this place and use a new face to take over. That is the truth, it needs a spark. Maybe that person for a not know anything about Frostbite, but they will soon enough.

I do not take a backseat into anybody, anymore. The past few years of allowing simple minded fools to become the top gut because it was best of business crap, nope this is all about yours truly recapture is throne once again. The champ is back..

Frostbite stares at the cold wall.

Frostbite.. It is time for SEE to see the darkness.. I am finally return, rejoice to the new born king.

Frostbite let's out a wicked lsugh.

Frostbite.. Now leave, and turn that light off because for now, your king has spoken.. The darkness is all around, and I hope the poor soul upstairs as some mercy because your king will have none.

We turn off the light as it does face to black.

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Battle Royal, Ahoy!


Click the link above.


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Posted 30 December 2019 - 10:25 PM


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::It is 2:30 in the morning on the Shrouded Rumble cruise ship and Enforcer is sitting at a high limit poker table in the casino of the cruise ship. Enforcer is wearing a Patagonia black Micro Puff hoodie, black jeans, and black New Balance shoes. He is  playing heads up with one other player. He is smiling because he is up 1.3 million dollars. Enforcer makes a bet of $200,000 and putting his opponent to a decision for the rest of her chips. Enforcer sits in his seat with a stoic look on his face as his opponent is thinking of what she wants to do. After what seems like a very long three minutes his opponent folds her cards.::



Woman:Did you have it?



Enforcer:I’m sorry, Miss I forgot.



Woman: (Chuckles) A fan of Rounders, I see.



Enforcer:The opportunity arose and I had to take it.



Woman:I would have too. But, I should call it a night.



Enforcer:Have a good night. It was a pleasure playing with you.



Woman: I bet it was.



::The woman winks at Enforcer as she tips the dealer with a $100 chip and walks away.::



Enforcer:(Turning to the dealer.)When you’re on a hot streak you just got to ride it out.



Dealer:Looks like that worked out for you.



Enforcer:Hell yeah. Now if I can only have the same luck in this rumble match in a few days.



Dealer:Good luck, sir.



Enforcer:Thank you! But we both know that just like poker. Wrestling is based on skill and I have all the skill in the world on the felt and inside the wrestling ring.



Dealer:That you do.



::Enforcer slides a $100 chip to the dealer. Enforcer stands up and waves the casino manager over..::



Enforcer:Make sure these chips get cashed out and the money gets put into my account.



Casino Manager:Yes, sir.



::Enforcer turns and walks out of the casino and onto the deck of the cruise ship. Enforcer walks over to the railing.::



Enforcer:Just days away from the Shrouded Rumble match and that I am coming into form. Like there was any doubt. I am ready for everyone in this match to bring it and best believe I will be dishing it out ass beatings in spades. How can I not? Look who some of the people in this match. People like Rockin Robin. Robin, just because you have a new zest for this business doesn’t mean anything. You get rejuvenated for this business like twelve times a year. Honestly nobody cares that you are in this match because you are really that annoying fly that just won’t leave you alone. Why don’t you just let your new beau wear the pants in the relationship and you just wait at home for her holding a beer and her slippers for her. Than you can finish making her dinner.



::Enforcer rubs his hands together to warm up his hands.::



Enforcer:Than there is a man who started wrestling the same year I did. That of course is Scotty Paine. Scotty, buddy is your head actually in the game? It really doesn’t seem like it and if I am right you will end up getting hurt because you are not going to win the match regardless of where your head is at. Before walking that aisle and stepping into the ring you should re-evaluate your career and your life in general before it is too late, Scotty. Scotty, people like Frostbite is focused. Frostbite, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you even though our paths haven’t crossed that much, if ever. Don’t think though that you thriving in the darkness will cause me for concern. The darkness is something I am all to familiar with. I take on my demands but I absorb the mis-deads of others, darkening my soul so theirs can remain pure. That is what I am capable of.



::Enforcer walks over to the front of the ship.::



Enforcer: It is fitting I am standing at the head of the ship because I am truly the king of the world. Being the king doesn’t make me blind to the people who can be a threat to me. That is why I have been able to stay on top of the mountain for over two decades. I see people like Mystic and Jensen Roberts who can be the last man standing. Jensen, I am glad you were able to get you some before coming on the ship. I am sure you want to take some gold back home to your lady and tell her you walked the walk to eliminate thirty nine other people to win this battle royal. You know if I wasn’t in this match I would wish you the best of luck but here we are both in this rumble match so obviously I am not going to do that.




::Enforcer covers his mouth as he yawns so he turns around and starts to casually start walking toward his cabin.::



Enforcer:Now, I truly say I am getting a kick out of Erin Stone and her Revolution. HaHa, bitch please. You really should think about going on Dolph Ziggler’s next comedy tour. Or hell even go on Mick Foley’s Nice Day Tour. You’ll make a killing. People will find it hilarious how butt hurt about you being called a Lesbian nerd. It was hilarious getting those messages from you throwing a tantrum asking me to apologize for calling you what you are deep in your heart. You love the ladies, Erin. That is why your nickname is “The Lady”. It is your settle way of letting the world what you truly lust for. Now, you can shout out to the world about how you have a husband and you like men. We know the truth of how “your husband” is nothing more than your beard. Deny it all you want with your words but your eyes are telling a whole different story. Your eyes can’t disguise what your heart actually wants. Don’t worry, Erin, your secret is safe with me. Now do you think I give a damn that you were the star of the Brandy Danielle wrestling school? That is like being the richest homeless person on skid row. Wow, you are equivalent to ninety two cents and a half eaten sandwich. You’ve hit the big time, Erin. Your life doesn’t totally suck. I loved how you and your buddies in this so called revolution got offended by the word nerd but said the proper term is geek.  HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!! Seriously?!?!?! That is your retort? It’s geek not nerd. That is fantastic. Like you are a minority. Hey, Erin. It’s not the N word but it is African American  or black person. It is not wetback it is Mexican.It is not retarded, it is special needs.  It is not bitch but a woman. There is geek, nerd, dork. Take your pick, Erin. They are all smart people but you and your followers want to play the underdog geek than go for it but don’t come at me with your noise. Dude, I have met people who wear glasses or use to wear braces that were to coolest people in the world. You are short sided in so many ways, Erin. That is why you and your revolution will fall short on so many levels. But please keep thinking you have me in the palm of your hands. It will make my mission of destroying you and your revolution just that much easier. You want to brag about the championships you use to own when you were in the mainstream. The key phrase is use to, Erin. Which means you aren’t currently walking around with any hardware. Unlike me, who is the current NCW Bloody Hardcore Champion. Yes, I have held not only two titles at once before, not only three at one time, but four championships at once. Not only in this networks of promotions but promotions that are totally separate from one another. So, you go ahead and pump your chest about the things you use to do and you talk about me being past my prime. Please!!! I find it funny that you are trying to catch up to the woman revolution that was started many years ago. I have seen and been in the ring with some of the baddest women in the world. Women like VooDoo, Miss Michelle,  and Jennifer Enigma. That is why all you can do is cry and complain about your short comings in SEE. You need to face the facts that you and your little running buddies that you don’t have what it takes to play with the talented in crowd. You see, Erin you totally missed the point. This never had anything to do with you being a lesbian nerd. This simply has to do with your lack of talent. It is really that simple. That is the reason you got so offended because you never wanted the truth to come to light. You go ahead and “marry” Michael Stone but all you are doing is lying to yourself.. Hey to each their own but if you want to lie to yourself and the rest of the world. But what I will not stand for is you blowing any smoke up my ass because I see you for the insecure little girl  that you really are. I see that little girl who is an outcast and just wants to be liked. That is why you had to get your crew to tell you how special you are. While in reality you are not, Erin. You are a dime a dozen entitled troll. It is not because you are female but because you are just an outright loser. Tell me, Erin, when was the last time you have done anything relevant? I want specifics. When and where did you last win your championship? Did you have to start a promotion for yourself to be a championship. You are the next Million Dollar Man and Taz. What a hypocrite. You attempt to condemn me for being past my prime. I have always admitted who I was. Despite me being older in age I have always been able to get it done in the ring. I’m like Tom Brady and getting better with age. I am in my forties and still winning championships. All while staying in fantastic shape. If you and your little buddy, Ms. Knickerboker find that being called a geek is insulting that you feel ashamed about what you are and that is something we actually agree on. I would hate being you too. Did I say something was wrong with being a lesbian nerd? Don’t worry I’ll wait. You can’t come up with answer because I never did such a thing. I was just stating what you are. You and your group got up in arms that I stated a fact. What? Do you want to get pissed that the sky is blue, the grass is green, or the sun is yellow. You dumb bitches, go sit back down and shut your mouths because all of you are just speaking irrelevant bullshit that makes no sense at all. Just like your lives as a whole. Go ahead and get on your soap box that is made with nothing but quicksand. As the Revolution starts to crumble as their glass house starts falling under the quick sand you all will show the world that you are nothing more than this centuries J.O.B Squad. Now Jensen, when did I ever say “lesbian nerd” was a sentence? You are reaching and pulling things straight out of your ass because you know, you know that you are in the wrong and grasping at straws. So, you girls get pissed that Erin was called a lesbian when she is actually bisexual? What the what, ladies?  Your ignorance is showing, Revolution. It isn’t me that has a problem with your lifestyle because I have friends and family that I am extremely close to who are in the homosexual community. How is it that you incorrectly call the people who you are defending. Jensen you said the homosexual community is the LGBT community but in reality it is the LGBTQ community. Each time you open your mouths, Revolution. You are just proving my argument of you being the biggest jokes in the world. I have better things to worry about than you fools. There are my wife and kids. There is my career and winning championships. Hell, sticking needles in my eyes is more important than you fools. In just a few short days I am going into the Shrouded Rumble. I’ll be there at the end and I am leaving this damn ship with some new SEE gold. Deal with it world, I am still the greatest person to ever live.



::The Enforcer gets to his cabin, opens the door, walks into his cabin and shuts the door behind him as the camera fades to black.::

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Hope you enjoy CoVs rp


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