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SEE Rules

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Posted 01 October 2018 - 11:09 AM

General Rules

I. Basic Conduct
Don't be a douchebag.  Don't cause unnecessary drama.  Don't harass handlers.  All of these pretty much fall under "be a decent person".  We don't care who you like, or don't like in an OOC context.  Keep that shit off the boards & out of the chat group.  We're all here to have a good time; whatever happened between you and another handler four years ago at whatever fed isn't our concern, nor should it be yours any longer.  If you can't be civil to your fellow handlers, we won't have you here at SEE.  Very simple.
II. Addressing Issues/Concerns
If you do have a problem or concern, please contact a staff member privately.  The public section of the boards or the Facebook chat group are not the place for that.  As a note, asking "when will results be posted" is not a legitimate concern.
III. No-Showing
If you no-show three shows, you will be terminated; exceptions can be made at staff's discretion.  If you exit the fed without warning and by reaching your no-show allotment, do not be surprised to hear from other handlers that your character has been jobbed a few extra weeks.  The staff here at SEE works hard to bring you a quality show in a timely manner, no-showing consistently is not only disrespectful, it's plain irresponsible.  If you know that you won't be able to roleplay during a given card's roleplay period, please inform staff beforehand to not book you.  Very easy.  If an emergency occurs, let staff know and we'll work with you in any way possible.  Keep in mind "I waited until the last day of deadline & then got called into work" is not an emergency/excuse.  You wait till the last minute, you risk fucking yourself.  That's what you did; fucked yourself.  Not anyone's fault but yours.
IV. Don't be a Sore Loser
Please do not complain, either publicly, or privately, about losing a match.  I can promise you that if you haven't already been banned, there's nothing that you've done to piss staff off enough to have you lose a match unjustly.  There is nothing wrong with asking //why// you lost, but once you have your explanation, that's it.  Arguing about it isn't going to change the result.  We'll try to give people a couple warnings on this, because we know that losing can elicit an emotional reaction in certain people sometimes, but repeated violations will lead to your termination.
V. Content of Writing
This fed is rated A/O, otherwise known as "Adults Only".  With that being said, you may (and probably will) find roleplays with graphic depictions of violence, sex, torture, or other content not fit for minors.  Roleplays that include this content should be labeled "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) with a brief description of the extreme content contained with (I.E. torture scene, sexual encounter, etc.), so that each individual can decide for themselves whether or not they want to read that particular brand of explicit content.
VI. Enjoy Yourself
Overall, just have fun.  If you're here simply to pad your title resume, this isn't the place for you.  If you're here solely to win & aren't willing to take a loss that you deserved, this isn't the place for you.  Nobody is going to win every match.  The point to being here is to have fun, hang out with people you enjoy chatting with and to tell a grand story alongside your fellow handlers and SEE staff.  If your joy in fedding comes only from titles, accolades & wins, then you'll find joy in short supply here.
Roleplay Rules
I. Usage of Characters Controlled by Other Handlers
Under no circumstance will you use another handler's character in your roleplay without written permission from said handler.  My advice would be to keep a record of permission being given, along with what it was given for.  When speaking to another handler about potentially using their character in your roleplay, be specific.  A handler agreeing vaguely to allow use of their character doesn't give you liberty to attack them and send them to the hospital.  If you're looking to do something more detailed then some dialogue, please explain your full idea to the handler in question & make sure they're in agreement with all actions involved with the usage of their character.
II. Usage of Staff Characters
When it comes to usage of staff characters in your roleplays, please use the following guidelines.  Main staff members, those directly controlled by a handler, are not allowed to be used without the handler's consent.  On-air personalities, such as announcers or interviewers may be used without permission, but you are not allowed to physically harm them in any way.  If you want your character to attack random on-screen staff without asking permission, you are limited to nameless employees; random junior referees, unnamed backstage interviewers, security personnel, random utility staff members, etc.
III. Sandbagging
On the topic of sandbagging.  We're all aware that this is a common practice.  In an ideal world, in a fed with a one roleplay limit, handlers would not read their opponents' roleplays before they post their own.  However, since we live in the real world, we know that this isn't exactly possible.  With that being said, we would ask that you not reference your opponent's current roleplay in the event they post before you.  You can reference their character application, past roleplays, past segments, etc.  We know that this isn't entirely possible to enforce, but be aware that if your roleplay amounts to an entire shoot section directly rebutting what your opponent said during their shoot, you're probably not going to win your match.
IV. Is there a Word Limit?
When it comes to word limits; well, we currently don't have one fed-wide.  However, with that being said, certain titles & divisions WILL have a limited word count.  This is to ensure that titles outside of the main event title are not held simply due to word count.  When it comes specifically to main title; well, it's the main title; there should be an all-out brawl for it each & every time it's defended.  If that's not your speed, there are plenty of other titles out there that should appeal to those who aren't interested in going all-out, balls to the wall each & every card.
V. How many Roleplays are Allowed per Match?
One roleplay per handler, per match, unless otherwise stated.  (This will be EXTREMELY rare and may never actually occur.)
VI. General Thoughts & Improvement
While this isn't exactly a rule, it's more of a thought.  If you feel as though you're working hard each and every week, but you're not winning as often as you feel like you should, well... don't be afraid to ask for feedback from other handlers or staff members.  Chances are, there are things you could be doing to improve your writing that you're not even thinking about.  Illustrating a scene better, improving dialogue, keeping your roleplay more match-focused, drawing in details of current events from the fed, etc.  Too many feds, card after card, handlers just keep phoning it in, not really trying to improve, not really accepting feedback from their peers.  Just like in every other hobby, you should be trying to find small (& large) ways to improve each and every effort you put forth.
Wrestler/Pic Base/Entrance Theme Rules
I. Created Wrestlers Only
Only created wrestlers are allowed.  No real wrestlers.  Please try to be original; nobody wants to see you use John Cena as a picture base, then name him "Jace Cena", then have him say he's the "Jace that runs the place".  You can do better. There will be some exceptions to this rule and wont discriminate as long as you put your own twist on the character and not clone the character to a tee   II. Picture Base Frequency
Currently, only one character may use each picture base; this may change in the future.  In special circumstances, staff may make an exception, but this will normally only happen if the original user of that picture base in SEE approves another handler using it.  Please do not whine at another handler for already having a picture base in use that you were intending to use.  It just makes you look like a crybaby.  Figure out a new base.  Make a new character.  Use a different existing character.  There's literally thousands of wrestlers out there & thousands more celebrities.  You can figure something out.  We believe in you. We are currently allowing one real and caw base for each and in some cases two caws to a base if handlers can agree on it
III. Appropriate Picture Bases
Currently, we are only allowing REAL people to be used as picture bases.  This means no cartoon characters, no anime characters, etc.
IV. Wrestlers Per Handler
The current limit on wrestlers per handler is five.  We don't currently limit managers in addition to that, however, we will if it becomes an issue of people snapping up overly popular picture bases to use as their characters' managers.
V. Booking Frequency
All handlers with more than one character must fill out the "Booking Frequency" information form, which will be linked here a bit later once it's posted (MIKE).  This is integral so that you aren't over or under booked.
VI. Entrance Themes
We do not allow any duplication of entrance themes.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of songs out there & changing an entrance theme isn't nearly as difficult as changing a picture base.  No duplication, at all, end of story.

That should wrap us up for now, thanks for reading through the rules, we look forward to having you here at Shrouded Enigma Entertainment!


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