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The Whole F'N Show #1: Jimmy Blast

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Posted 04 April 2019 - 12:12 PM



GM Joey Morelli: Welcome as my first guest right here on the Whole F'N Show Live, the current and defending Shrouded Enigma Entertainment Adrenaline Champion, Jimmy Blast!

Jimmy Blast: It's an honor to be here Mr. Morelli. It also must be an honor for you to get to speak with the leader of "Bro Code" Not to mention the new Adrenaline Champion.

Joey Morelli: Before we get started let me go on record as saying this run you've been on has been absolutely incredible. Tell the boys and girls in TV land right here on SEEtv and on EWN, how old you are!?

Jimmy Blast: It doesn't matter how old I am Joey. Age is just a state of mind brother. Let's just say I have been around the block a few times, this isn't my first rodeo.  

Joey Morelli: Before we get into your history and what not..I have to ask..How much are you enjoying this coming out of retirement run?

Jimmy Blast: Joey it has been fantastic. I am riding a high right now that has been unbelievable. I knew I was missing something in retirement, I just wasn't sure what it was. Come to find out I was missing the competition. I don't think I could have picked a better fed, or a better Stable than "Bro Code" to work with. 

Joey Morelli: Give us a run down of your career. I know it started in the late 90's in a couple of premiere companies at the time. MWWF (MO's World Wrestling Federation), CWF (Classic Wrestling Federation) and RWF (Rebel Wrestling Federation) to name a few. Give us a low down of how things were ran back then.

Jimmy Blast: I broke in back in 1996 with the MWWF. Spent a few years there learning the craft. Won the World Title a few times . From there I went on to a Hall of fame career in the CWF. I spent several years there with the "Horsemen". We sort of ran that place. The CWF is where I became a household name. It was the place to be in the early 2000's, brother. The fed was jumping with some of the best in the business. 

Joey Morelli: Who were some of the big names back then?

Jimmy Blast: Man there were so many big name guys back then. Stan Cremins, Chris Archer , and the Maniac where the guys in te MWWF that just dominated the place. The CWF had Paul Blair, Rob Osbourne, Roland Ulv, Pledge, Steve Dart,  Tige', and the list goes on and on. 

Joey Morelli: The Horsemen were big back then. I remember watching the old school videos and it was like you guys were larger than life..limousine ridin'..leer jet flyin'..kiss stealin'..wheelin' and dealin' son of a guns! How does #BroCode stack up with a stable like The Horsemen or a group like X-Rated?

Jimmy Blast: The "Horsemen' were the standard back then. We did things that most stables just dreamed about. Looking back we partied our asses off, and wrestled better than anybody else. We had a plan, we had goals, and we loved to have fun. Most people hated us for that brother. They absolutely hated us. They hated us because they couldn't beat us. X-rated was really the only ones that even came close to matching what we did. They were not as committed to the fun life style we lived, but X-rated was damn close. As far as "Bro Code" goes, I think the talent level is better than what we had in the "Horsemen". There is no limit to what we can do here in the S.E.E.

Joey Morelli: I know recently a good friend of yours passed away. Pledge Allegiance..can you give us a run down on how special Phil was?

Jimmy Blast: Phil was the man. He was the consumate professional. You couldn't help but like Phil. He was great to work with. I always looked forward to a program with Phil. The wrestling world lost one of the best when Phil passed. The hole that he left will never be filled.  I miss my friend greatly. I hope that he looking down and sees the Blaster doing my thing and smiles. He is actually a big reason why I am here now. 

Joey Morelli: Current day. What are some major differences from the old days and how things are ran now?

Jimmy Blast: The biggest difference was the amount of promo's. Everybody made promo's back in the day. Ton's of them. Today it seem's like nobody want's to cut promos. We used to do at least one a day. 

Joey Morelli: What do you think of the wrasslers of yesteryear compared to today's modern superstar?

Jimmy Blast: The wrestlers today are too sensitive. If they lose they want to quit the federation, or make an excuse. Just go wrestle, and take what comes your way. We developed fueds back in the day. There was genuine heat. There were wrestlers that I really didn't like back in the day. Now it seems like you wrestle a guy and move on. Maybe I can change that in the S.E.E.  I don't care if everyone hates me. It's good for business. 

Joey Morelli: Certainly you don't need the money. What made you come back to the every day hustle and bustle of a company like Shrouded Enigma Entertainment?

Jimmy Blast: I missed it. I really missed it. Not to mention a had the chance to be a member of "Bro Code". The hottest stable in Wrestling today. 

Joey Morelli: Let's play the name game. I'll drop a name and you tell me what comes to mind.

Jimmy Blast:Ok ...fire away. 

Joey Morelli: Mike Phoenix?

Jimmy Blast: Great Champion.  

Joey Morelli: Patheon?

Jimmy Blast: Over rated.  Clearly not in the class with "Bro Code". 

Joey Morelli: "The Lord" James Blackthorne?

Jimmy Blast: Next !!!

Joey Morelli: Dutch Desire?

Jimmy Blast: Who?

Joey Morelli: The Lord's flamboyant side-kick?

Jimmy Blast: Nobody really knows what to think about Dutch Desire!

Joey Morelli: Calum Morgan?

Jimmy Blast: A pain in the ass.

Joey Morelli: Our owner..Jennifer Enigma?

Jimmy Blast: She pays well. 

Joey Morelli: "The Ruler" Paul Blair?

Jimmy Blast: Crazy S.O.B. 

Joey Morelli: "The Towering Inferno" Israel Steele?

Jimmy Blast:  A beast.

Joey Morelli: Shrouded Enigma Entertainment Main Champion Lindsey Callaway?

Jimmy Blast: Not impressed. 

Joey Morelli: Aiden Dempsey?

Jimmy Blast:  Boring.

Joey Morelli: El Diablo?

Jimmy Blast: The Taco guy? Sells the best Taco's in Cancun. 

Joey Morelli: Ms. Kelly?

Jimmy Blast: Nothing but business!

Joey Morelli: Robin Cradle?

Jimmy Blast:  Lousy taste in men. 

Joey Morelli: Earl?

Jimmy Blast: Needs a new boss. 

Joey Morelli: CoV?

Jimmy Blast:  I am not really sure what that is. 

Joey Morelli: Joey Morelli?

Jimmy Blast: Professional.

Joey Morelli: Shrouded Enigma Entertainment?

Jimmy Blast: The place to be. 

Joey Morelli: Last one..The Whole F'N Show Live?

Jimmy Blast: Better now that I am on it. 

Joey Morelli: Thank you Jimmy..it's been a Blast. SEE what I did there?

Jimmy Blast: Wow, like i haven't heard that one before. 

Joey Morelli: I want to thank everybody for tuning into The Show..The F'N Show..and nothing but The Whole F'N Show..so help me God! As always..



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Posted 04 April 2019 - 12:21 PM

you put Jimmy Blast in spotlight and old fucker like it. Was good show see if he hold on his belt ?

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