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Monday, October 1st

Roleplay Deadline

September 30th @ 3 AM EST / 12 AM PST / 7 AM BST


Elimination Battle Royal

Elimination Battle Royal

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 01:57 PM

Elimination Battle Royal

(Pin Fall and Submission)

Dream Maker


El Diablo

Charlie Feigel

Leon Dread

Blaze Havoc

Cletus The Bum

Eduardo Liger

Lukas Liger

Gabriel Vastrix

Jimmy Blast


And Anyone Else who doesn't have  a Match.

#2 Scotish Rose

Scotish Rose

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Posted 02 January 2019 - 03:26 PM

We were suprised when  were asked to join Jeremy  at the local Fit for Fun gym. Yes we seen what happend during contract signing.

There was totally no love lost between all men who sign to compete in this battle royal.


We came in saw Jeremy work-out in something my sister better not wear during aerobic class haha. Don,t wanna sound gay he is a real man!

Ok he saw us grab a towel and came to us. We are locals so do with a camcorder not a heavy camera like the pros.


Jeremy. Yes I know it is a suprise that I signed my name for this. I only do it to proven myself nothing more !I wanna prove here in SEE that who you were don,t count who you are now count. I know in past were more then handfull.


Jeremy. Yes I seen that  we are with 11 and some can,t stand each other. I know who El Diablo and Charlie Feigel was fan of them. Would lay down for them stupid question. No chance in hell I ain,t there for favors.  I seen the Ligers before really impress me not really. From what hear they would battle it out with each other or whoever is last one.


Jeremy. I am good-looking and talented can,t say for rest. Seen a sober Cletus the Bum he is just so dangerous as a Leon Dread  who ain,t less talented as me. Dream Maker is not my mate we are there for our self. Would I help him eliminate others sure.


We were thinking he ain,t making friends when saw Whisper with his client Dream maker arrive. Maybe can we talk with him too ?






We had heard enough let jeremy stand there he need some spanking or so his ego is too big.

#3 Scotish Rose

Scotish Rose

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Posted 02 January 2019 - 04:53 PM

Yes we wanted to talk with Dream Maker. But then first has face his manager and more  Whisper.

He did suprised us with telling why met Scotish Rose in that coffee bar ?


Let,s keep simple he has ask advice who could back -up dream maker in his debut match. Yes what will be the elimination battle royal.

Rose gave him a answer Jeremy not herself or Black Orchid. Let,s say will be a wrong advice? You have heard what jeremy said ?


DM. Sorry men that ain,t looking great but this is a gym. Not a beauty parlour yeh saw what jeremy was wearing.

Yes I have heard what he had to say about nearly all of his opponents.

Let me make one thing very clear would he stand in my way he will submit that is a fact.


Whisper. My client will hit the weights and will return. But I share my thoughts been around block a few times.

Yes all dreammaker knows I and others have learned him.


Whisper. Let start with mr Dread I seen you in action so you can be a roadblock. Same for in-ring veteran Charlie Feigel.

Ok I see me client is back is his time so I let you alone with him ! Or he need me to stay with it ?


DM. Whisper get us some tea not eargrey go. Sorry he forget his place sometimes. I do know the old saying Keep your friens close your enemies closer.

El Diablo are a fan of him but has forget he is a idol of me. Cletus the Bum think he can better run he knows why.


DM. I seen the Ligers only on tape did they impress me no. Why no opinion about the rest simple wanna see if you got it ?


Whisper is back with the tea we walked to a table to drink tea. Yes could wait for it. Dream  Maker confront Jeremy  in the gym.

Security led jeremy away to  the dressingroom. Dream Maker return to us very pissed off so to see !


DM. He is a cocky fellow thinking he got It. Sorry mate you really don,t got it. Sorry men that had see it. We better settle it in the ring ?

I,m gone whisper pay for tea I don,t work-out here under-way can call for other gym.


Yes Dream Maker&Whisper left it promise something during the battle royal Bye.

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Jimmy Blast


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Posted 09 January 2019 - 01:55 PM

The scene opens to find a group of young aspiring wrestlers training at a local gym in Cincinnati , Ohio.  They are hard at work perfecting the moves, and holds that each one feels will take them to the top of the Wrestling business. The young Students are hanging on every word of the instructor. As the camera zooms on on the older, but still very tough looking teacher, we notice that the man runniing the practice is none other than CWF Hall of Famer Jimmy Blast. It has been a few years since we have seen Blast inside of the squared circle. This is a far cry from the lights, and sounds of the CWF ring. Even though it has been awhile since the Blaster's retirement, it is clear that time has been good to him. As a member of the legendary "Horsemen", Blast knew how to party with the best of them, but they knew where the gym was also. 


Blast conitinues to push the class through the rest of the workout.  Some of the group needs a little motivation to pull through. He has no trouble getting them in line. Blast is deep into a story about how Rob Osbourne always hated working out. Telling the story of how the Famous grappler almost quit a few months before his big break in the MWWF. About how Mullins and Blast took him in and showed him what it meant to work hard. To be the best. As everyone knows, the rest is history. Rob Osbourne went on to be one of the greatest Wrestlers of all time. 


It is evident in the way Blast interacts with his students that he is very much at peace with his spot in the Wrestling business. He teaches with a passion that onl;y a man that believes in what he is doing, could teach with. Blast in enjoying working with the men and women. Passing on the tricks of the trade. Skills that have proven beneficial to him throughout his career.  And never one to pass up a good story, Blast loves the chance to talk about the good old days. The times when the "Horsemen" where everything in the business. Back when you went from Territory to territory putting assess in the seats. One thing that Jimmy Blast always loved about the business, was telling the story. 


On this cold night in Ohio, the class would conclude with the story of the Maniac Mark Xamin. He goes on to talk about how the Maniac vs. Blast fued carried the CWF back in the day. it was the bloodiest fued in the history of the business. It took almost to years to come to a conclusion. However those two years made both mens career.  It was the beginning of a legendary time in the CWF. A fued that would be the high point of two legends. As Blast tells the story, his face lights up with pride. The Maniac has since became a close friend of Blast's, but there was a time when they lived to hate one another. The Wrestling business is different today, we don't see fueds like that one anymore. 


The class concludes for the night. The students have all left. Blast is alone in the building for a very short time. Without any warning a fairly large man appears in the lobby, standing directly across from Jimmy Blast. He is standing in the shadows so that is face is hidden. It is obvious from Blast's reaction that the two men know each other.  The greeting is that of old familiar friends...maybe friends isn't the right word.


Stranger So Jimmy how have you been? It's been awhile. 


Jimmy Blast: Holy Shit. I never thought I would see you here .  What brings you across the river? Has hell frozen over? 


Stranger : No Jimmy it's still warm down there. You see I have found myself in need of a little help. I need your assistance in the S.E.E.  We have a situation there, and we could use your skills. 


Jimmy Blast: Come on man. You know that I am out of the business. I am enjoying the life brother! I have no need to get back into the game. 


Stranger: Jimmy we could use your help. You can't tell me you don't miss the business. You can't be happy just sitting around showing other's the way. This could be a chance for you to get back into Wrestling. Big time wrestling. Not some training school. Don't you miss the crowds? The rush? Don't you miss kicking ass?


Jimmy Blast: Man this is my business now. These guys are counting on me. They have carried me through the rough times. I couldn't do that to them. What would they do if I just left?


Stranger: I knew that would be your response. That's why I have reached out to Roland Ulv. The "Radiant" one has agreed to fly in from Sweeden to run the school while you are away. He can be here in three days. Turns out he has been dying to get back to the States. This just gives him a reason. 


Jimmy Blast: Wow my fiend. I am not really sure what to say. I have always wanted to jump back in. I always felt like I had one more run in me. It's tempting. That's for sure.  


Stranger: It would be just like old times Jimmy. Except that this time we would be on the same side. I have looked all over the world. Your the one guy that sticks out to me. Your the guy that can pull this off. We need you my friend. 


Jimmy Blast: Well I don't see how I can say no to that brother!! I wil do it. Hell it's going to be great kicking some ass again.  You name the place, and I will be there.


Stranger: Great news. I can't wait to tell the others. I promise you that this will be one the best decisions you have ever made. Welcome aboard Jimmy. 


The scene fades as the two gentlemen continue to talk about the arrangements for the S.E.E. Blast is excited to once again have a purpose in this business. It has been awhile since he has had the opportunity to show his skills inside of the ring. The smile on his face says it all. He is heading back to the squared circle. This should prove to be very interesting. Indeed. 



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Posted 10 January 2019 - 12:02 AM

A campfire outside on the estate of Bran Castle, Gabriel Tuck sits by the fire to keep warm in the cold night. He has a tent out behind him with a bedroll laying in it for when he goes to sleep for the night. He looks at the camera with a laugh, lighting a cigarette.

GABRIEL TUCK: I suppose this is where I’m supposed to talk smack about who my opponents in the upcoming battle royal are. Truth is, I only know one of them in the form of Cletus the Bum. I could go on and on about how I tore his ass up in the ring and watched with glee as the light left his eyes, but that would be a bit boring. Or would it?

Gabriel flicks ashes onto the ground.

GABRIEL TUCK: Let’s go down the list from the top. We have Dream Maker, Jeremy, El Diablo, Charlie Feigel, Leon Dread, Blaze Havoc, Cletus the Bum. Eduardo Liger, Lukas Liger, myself, and then Jimmy Blast. Do I know any of these yokels? I know Cletus the Bum is all. But when you think about it, this is my second match with the company and all. I shouldn’t have to know who all these mother fuckers.

Gabriel leans back in the chair, taking a long drag from his cigarette with a smile before blowing smoke out into the air.

GABRIEL TUCK: I know Cletus and I know that I’m going to make him my bitch again. But let’s talk some surface. We’ll talk about some names.
Dream Maker? You going to make my dreams come true? Jeremy. Ha! You didn’t even try to come up with an interesting name? El Diablo...do you really think of yourself as the Mexican devil? Get fucking real. Charlie Figgle, Failgle, Feigel. Your name is like a mouthful of cum from a hooker’s mouth. Leon Dread...you enjoy inflicting pain? Try it.

Gabriel pulls a beer from a cooler next to his chair, popping it open with one hand as he flicks ashes onto the ground with his other hand. He takes a nice long swig of beer.

GABRIEL TUCK: This smack talk thing is boring. It’s so fucking boring that II don’t think I’m even going to talk too the rest of you mother fuckers. I’m just going to say that I'm going to kick asses and ignore fucking names.

Gabriel finishes the beer and tosses it into the fire.

GABRIEL TUCK: You know what? It’s fucking cold out here. I think I’m going to bed.

#6 Jimmy Blast

Jimmy Blast


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Posted 10 January 2019 - 12:05 PM

The scene opens to find newly signed S.E.E. superstar Jimmy Blast pulling a couple of bags out of the trunck of his car at Lunken Airfield in Cincinnati, Ohio. Blast is dressed in a pair of Jeans, a Spartan Wrestling swearshirt, and a pair of black Nikes.  The chisled man is no longer wearing the Armani suits, fancy shoes, and the Rolex watches that he sported during his days with the "Horsemen". He simply appears as a gentlemen dressed down, and on his way to the West coast. As Blast makess his way to the small Jet out on the runway, he stops and addresses the camera crew that has gathered on the Tarmac.



Jimmy Blast: Good Morning S.E.E. Universe. It's been a little while since I have been on T.V.  Let me start by saying it's great be part of the S.E.E. It's great to be back in the business. I thought that I was done. I thought I would be happy to just train the future superstars. However thanks to an offer from an old friend, I am back at it. Looking at a second chance to get back in the squared circle.  One more chance to show the world that Jimmy Blast can get it done in the ring. I am ready to take the S.E.E. by storm brother!! I have an opportunity at the upcoming PPV to compete in a Over the Top Battle Royal. To put the world on notice that Jimmy Blast is back in the saddle again.  The 'dirtiest player in the game' will be back to his old tricks. The name S.E.E. might be new, but the Blaster isn't. I have been doen this road and back again. 


Speaking of the Battle Royale.  This match is filled with some of the best talent the S.E.E. has to offer. These guys are all hungry for the prize. Everybody wants to show the world that they belong.  It's in matches like this, that careers can be made, and ended all in the same night.  It is in this very Battle Royale that the S.E.E. universe will get to see that Jimmy Blast is more than just a legend, more than just an all-time great.  I will be there live and in living color brother. The fans won't have to look very far to find the guy that will push the S.E.E. to the top. 


You know I was telling myself this morning that this was just business. Just go out there and get the job done. Take care of everybody one at a time. Then I started thinking of some of the guys in this battle royale. Thinking about how they are wanting to make a name for themselves in the industry. Thinking about how could use this win as a spring board to huge things.  That's all fine and dandy brother. But let me tell you one thing right now. Jimmy Blast isn't a damn stepping stone. If you plan on putting the Blaster over the top rope, you are going to have to earn it. I'm not an easy mark. I won't go away that quietly. 


Quiet? Quiet ? That brings me to my number one target. Cuz this man is anything from quiet. That's right Gabriel Tuck. I am talking about you. I saw your little video. I saw you sitting around your little campfire. Drinking your Beer and having a good ole time. Spewing off about how bored you were. About how you didn't know anybody in the Battle Royale except for your Uncle Cletus. Well I am not sure how long you have been wrestling brother. I am not sure if you have just had your head in the sand. I am Jimmy Blast. I am world famous. I have been doing this a long time son. You may be the only one in this match that claims to not know who Jimmy Blast is, but you will no who I am when its all said and done. You will simply know me as the man who tossed your ass over that top rope. Gabe I believe you called my a Yocal. Your ignorance of your opponent will be your downfall. You won't be the first person to fall victim, and you won't be the last. i have made a living off of a men like you. A very good living I might add. I just hope you have a soft landing spot picked out, because you are going to fly high brother. 


( The camera fades out as Jimmy Blast boards the private jet. The plane begins to taxi down the runway. It is becoming obvious that Blast has every intention to be a major player in the S.E.E. It is only 5 days until we get to see just exactly what Blast has planned. )

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Posted 14 January 2019 - 01:21 PM

The link to my promo is below...



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Posted 14 January 2019 - 11:03 PM

Scene One



The long journey begins. Hector Venegas didn’t have much history in this federation, but he knew he would give it a shot thanks to a recommendation from former stable mate, Jennifer Enigma. It was a clear indication from watching the promos that nobody in this battle royal had a clue who he was. There generic reactions said it all. About the only one that bothered to reference him properly were Dream Maker and Jeremy. He was immensely surprised that they both would admit to looking up to him. No one had ever gone that route with him. Most people would repeat the same old garbage like Gabriel Tuck did. That surely made him chuckle. It seems these kids don’t do their research. He would be more than willing to educate them soon enough.


A lot of his previous extensive work was in the land of AUW. A company that now is dead. An unfortunate merger with NCW kind of ruined the image his family would have for the company. They turned it into a second rate trash can having encouraged their roster to not acknowledge past history. They all repeated the generic trash that nothing you did over there mattered. Yet Diablo was under the impression that his work did count and that he didn’t have to start over. Oh well… Those issues with that federation led to him taking a break. He felt like no other federation was worth his time. Until SEE came ringing up his phone. He was encouraged by Veronica Rodriguez, his cousin’s wife and the leader of one of his groups, to come here to even the odds against the Pantheon. He figured he would obey the orders as long as there’s a good paycheck attached to it. Watching the promos, he almost regretted that decision.


Prior to that, most of his work experience came in 450 Wrestling. That federation has opened and closed so many times, that he wasn’t sure if to bother coming back. He’s not on the best of terms with the owner, Mr. Hendrickson, so that made the decision that much harder to make, despite holding championship gold there the majority of it’s time. The only good thing that came out of that fed to him was it taught him to be good at every place on the card. He was the opener, the middle, the main event, the tag team, everything you can possibly do. Even got him a hall of fame, which uncharacteristically made him cherish and hold it dear. One of the few things he’s proud of in his life. The prior to wrestling stuff? Not so much. Having been a hired gun for street gangs for the majority of childhood and teenage life, that helped mold his Diablo persona, it’s where he got the name. It’s where he got his reputation as a ruthless killer, as a hired gun and bodyguard. A role he would reprise in wrestling many times.


He takes a few minutes to digest these thoughts and sighs. His best solution is to begin educating them. He’s not so sure they’ll actually listen, but it’s worth trying. He dims the lights of the conference room within the Herrera Training School and smirks.


Diablo: You think you know me… You don’t know shit in reality…


He snickers and shakes his head from side to side.


Diablo: My name is Hector Venegas. I’ve been wrestling since circa 2008/2009 when I debuted for SWAT and EWA. Federation stints that wouldn’t last long. I started out fresh off the streets. I grew up a hired assassin. From the instant I was around six years old, I was taught how to kill to survive. I shed blood before most people usually do. I was raised on the streets, using all that money to support my family. Suffice it to say, my income was barely enough to survive. Both my parents had retired and had menial jobs before then. Over time, I rose up the ranks until I was one of the highest ranking officials. I was respected for my passion for fighting and for having earned my stripes. Life was good for the most part. Until one fateful day when I had to kill one of my own best friends, all in the name of the game. All because he had joined the opposite side. It tore me apart. I tried to stick it out and stay but it just wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t feeling the same passion or determination anymore. I decided to walk away from it all. But they said on one condition. Not I not state what happens in the gang. What happens here, stays here. You fib on what we do, you’ll be dead. They were huge in numbers, one of the biggest gangs in the country.


He pauses and nods at the camera. He balled his hands into fists and stared in their general direction with a scowl on his face.


Diablo: Shortly after leaving that, I entertained offers from underground MMA companies along with pro wrestling contracts. I took both just to get experience, because I loved fighting. I was raised on the streets, that mentality would never leave me. I was trained to wrestle by my cousin, the legendary Eric Herrera. It was meant as an alternative to get me off the streets. His idea. He saw the passion with which I would fight and vowed that he could use that rage effectively in a wrestling environment. He viewed me as a prize fighter, paying me for certain fights along the way, being my recruiter. He helped me get a lot of jobs I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to get. He’s very much responsible for my career and why I’m not dead or running from the law anymore.


He pauses once more and nods at the camera. He reaches over to the side and places his old replica of the AUW tag team titles on the table.


Diablo: My legacy has been built on my ruthless aggression. The fact that I am willing to do anything to get what I want. That is what got me in Code Red. That is why I’m called Diablo. Not because I believe some of the jokes you guys try putting up. But because I earned that legacy with bloodshed, with my approach to this business. My entry into this battle royal isn’t just about myself. It’s about fulfilling my master’s orders. I can’t let Master Fury down. She wants me to participate in this battle royal so I can cement myself as a singles guy. She thinks I have graduated from the tag team ranks. I still enjoy being in a tag team. But if that is what my master wants, so be it. Her orders are for me to make an example out of all of you. To show you that the power no longer rests with Pantheon. Code Red is making a comeback and they’re going to start making their presence felt here in SEE.


He laces up a bandanna over his head and then laces up some tape on his hands and wrists.


Diablo: I don’t care if any of you take me serious. I’ve been known for my brutal approach to promos as well as my in ring work. I’m not someone you want to take lightly. Gabriel Tuck, Jimmy Blast, they think they know me. They think they’re going to get an easy trip to the top. They’re about to find a cold hard reality. And that’s the fact that I’m easily the second most accomplished guy on this match. I’ve competed at every portion of the card, every championship you can think of. I’ve held records as a tag team and singles guy. I’ve even won a fair share of hall of fames. You ignoring me is going to be your undoing. You will live to regret it. Charlie Feigel and Leon Dread know exactly what I’m capable of. They too will make their jokes. A victory over them would mean a lot. Leon Dread has been a thorn in my side since our early days in HCW where he won the World Title a couple times off of me. I plan to turn that luck around in this match. Even if he doesn’t take this match as serious as I am. Charlie Feigel is the only guy in this match that has achieved more than me. And he’s family. He’s my cousin Eric’s step father. I’ve seen lots of his career firsthand. I won’t make the mistake of underestimating him. And I hope he doesn’t do the same to me. Judging by his promo, he’s not taking this match as serious as I’d like, which is a damn shame.


He shakes his head and scowls at the camera.


Diablo: I appreciate that Dream Maker and Jeremy did their research. I’ve never had someone say they looked up to me. Really, that’s probably the first time it’s ever happened. I’m honored and appreciate that. I’m happy that my work in this business hasn’t been for nothing. There’s still much left to be done. Most of my companies I worked in previously are dead. So, it’s up to me to build a new legacy and start over. That’s where SEE comes in. SEE is one of the most stable feds in the circuit. That my boss is the leader of one of my groups, Society of Destruction, makes the learning curve a bit less. But I’m not here for to do any favors for me. I’m here to carry out my orders and destroy anyone and anything that comes in my way. With that said, Atrocity 2 will be pure chaos. There will be hell to pay for all of you. Then you will see who gets to make fun of my name. You’ll find out why even death can’t stop me. The Devil is here and he’s here to unleash his rage the way he’s always been known to do since childhood. No one is safe. Not even my own family. Good luck.


Fade to black.


Scene Two



Once he got that out of the way, he headed over towards one of the nearby classrooms and nodded. There waiting were his wife Martha, otherwise known as Jezebel, his partner Mayhem aka Roger Williams his cousin, and his master Fury.

Fury: So, is the plan still there?

Diablo: Of course, why wouldn’t it?


Fury: Perfect. It all starts this coming week. I want you guys to be ready. We are invading SEE. Now that NCW has fired us, it’s time for us to blaze a new path and focus on here. This is gonna be our primary fed. Forget the other feds. This is our headquarters and we’re going to make up for lost time. A year has passed and we haven’t made our presence felt as a unit. That is unacceptable. Those feds pale in comparison to here, where my best friend, Jennifer Enigma, is the owner. She gives us our marching orders. She’s in charge of us as roster and as her hired mercenaries. Pantheon has run roughshod over this roster and I need some help.


Jezebel: I’m definitely interested. But why did you pick me?


Fury: Because you know what it’s like to be in this environment. You grew up in a family of gangsters and know what it’s like to be the boss. Most of these guys have only followed orders, while you had the rare privilege of what we call in Spanish a Mayordomo, aka the boss. You know what it’s like to handle these responsibilities. We could use your maturity in the group. These guys all they know is rage, but you and me know how to control it. We know how to mentally take advantage of the situation.


Jezebel: I’m honored that a person of your resume would even consider me in that high a stature. Thanks so much, Master Fury.


Fury: Please. Call me Vero. You’re going to be close to my rank. I’m putting you in charge of these guys while I lend my teaching credentials to the Bloodline. Together we’re gonna make this thing work. We just have to stick together. If we stick to the plan, we’ll be untouchable. The Pantheon has nothing on us. Our connections through this industry run deep. These guys have no clue what they’re in for. This battle royal is just a formality.


Diablo: Uh, Charlie and Leon aren’t exactly pushovers…


Fury: And I thought you were ruthless. I don’t care what titles they’ve won. They’re just victims on our path to the top. We’ve been disrespected long enough. It’s time to take back what’s our. 450 Wrestling knows what it’s like to have Society of Destruction take over the entire fed, and now, so will SEE. What I have planned will be bigger than Society of Destruction ever was. End Effect will be revolutionary. End Effect will change wrestling as we know it. And it starts here. Ready to sign your contracts?


They all nod. She grins back at them.


Fury: Good. Let’s get to work. We’ve wasted enough time. Let’s get to something more private.


She closes the door and shoos off the cameras as the scene fades to black.


#9 Jimmy Blast

Jimmy Blast


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Posted 15 January 2019 - 09:24 AM

( The scene opens to find Jimmy Blast walking through the Airport just outside of Transylyvania, Romania. This is one of the few countries that Blast has not wrestled in. As the first time visitor walks through the terminal. It is clear that he is a well known Superstar to the people of Romania. At 6'4 and 277 pounds Jimmy Blast stands out in almost any crowd. The newest member of the S.E.E. is causing a huge a huge ruckus in the backage claim. It isn't everyday that the people of Romania get to see a true legend of wrestling. 


Blast grabs his bags off of the belt, and heads for the rental car. He can't help but notice that he is drawing a crowd. The people are following him through the Airport. The large crowd is almost hypmotized by the site of the Blaster. It's at this time that Blast notices that a small camera crew has assembled to cover his landing. It looks like the S.E.E. is very popular in Romania, and the country is extremely please with the latest signing. Jimmy Blast stops to speak to the crowd, and the cameras catch every word. )


Jimmy Blast :  Hello to all the S.E.E. fans here in Romania. It is an honor to be here finally. I have wrestled all over the world, but this is my first time in Romania. It is going to be one hell of a PPV!!! The S.E.E. is going to set this place on fire. I can promise you that. I for one can't wait to go out and show the country of Romania that we are with out a doubt the hottest thing going today. 


I am in one of the toughest matches of my career. I am in the Battle Royal to open the show. You will see me in the ring with some of the best wrestlers in the world. I have been in this business for a very long time. I know better than to underestimate any of my opponents. The dissadvantage that I have is that I have never been in the ring with any of these guys. I really don't know what to expect. I know that I can only count on one thing. That is me. I know what Jimmy Blast can do once I am in that ring. Me against the world. I like my odds brother. 


I know I can reach down and go with the experiiance that made me a Champion in the CWF. I can rely on what got me here. That is the toughness and grit that has earned me the reputation of being one the best. You know it's been a couple of years since I have competed in the ring. I know there will be a little rust. There will be a short moment of doubt. However I know when I take that first punch, it's all going to come rushing back.  I am going to be right back in the moment. Kicking Ass, and racking up eliminations. There isn't a doubt in this old boy's mind that I am going to come out on top. 


There are some talented, tough, and nasty dudes in this Batlle Royal. Guy's that are hungry, looking to make a name for themselves.  You know that is fine, but gentlemen please know this... Jimmy Blast is no stepping stone,. I am not here to build your career. It's not going to be a walk in the park. You are going to be in the ring with the "Dirtiest player in the game". 


Dream Maker, Charlie Feigel , Hector Veneges , Mr. Tuck, and the list goes on and on. The S.E.E. is putting together a great roster of talent.  But I am the best of the best brother!! The cream of the crop if you will. When Ms. Enigma was building this thing. She had a Champion in mind, a Golden Boy. Someone who could carry this federation to the top. A bell cow. That Super star that she hand picked is Jimmy Blast. If you don't believe me, I will show you the check she wrote to get me here. 


Atrocity II is just around the corner. Things are about to go down. One thing for sure is that things are never going to be the same.  I am here for a very simple reason. To put the S.E.E. on the map. There are great hings ahead. You guy's know it, the world knows it. Hell everyone knows what the Blaster is capable of. What you guys are seeing is the future of the S.E.E.  The next World Champion. This Battle Royal is just the beginning. Just the tip of the Ice Burg. 


( The camera zooms out into the crowd as the Blaster finishes speaking. He slowly walks oit the Terminal to hos awaiting car, as the cowd is left speechless. The people of Romania have just witnessed first hand what the World has seen for years. Jimmy Blast has arrived. He has put the S.E.E. on notice.  He is about to unleash 2 yrs of frustration on the Wrestling world. )

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Posted 21 January 2019 - 12:16 AM

The scene opens and we can see Anna staring at a computer screen. She appears to have been there for quite some time. She is holding a little baby girl in her arms.

Soon, people will see me rise from the ashes. Soon people will know that there is a heart under all the insecurities heaped upon me and the mental pitfalls and traps I've laid for myself.

Anna stands being careful not to bounce the baby around too much, she then leaves the room and walks down the hall. After a few moments she comes to the livingroom in the house. It is rather large. Sitting there are Calypso, Lachlan, and Marcus. She walks to the middle of the room and smiles.

Hey guys who wants to hold Azura for me? I have to work on my promotional stuff for S.E.E.

Calypso dances to her feet and spins over to her sister and niece. She takes Azura from her sister then starts spining in a traditional Gypsy dance, she pulls Lachlan to his feet and playfully forces him to dance. Anna laughs and goes back to her room.

So there is a battle royal, not a traditional battle royal a pinfall and submission battle royal. That is an interesting twist. I have an advantage, I am one of the people who isn't promoted as being in the match, or even scheduled to appear. So in all honesty if I get to the curtain and I back down then I'll be fine and able to come back the next week and blow people away. But that hasn't been the case in the past. In the past I've been unreliable, unsteady, and other much worse things. As of now that stops. I'm not going to walk up to that curtain and turn and run. I not going to go out there and give half of my spirit, half of my ability, because that would not be worth doing. This event is the biggest event of the year for S.E.E., and at big events people, die, people change, and some are reborn . . . we'll get ready Shrouded Enigma Entertainment because this will be a REBIRTH.

Anna opens the door to her room and goes back to her computer. She sits, and giggles, she giggles but it isn't a cute giggle, it's actually an erie, dark giggle. She turns and her eyes are black, similar in appearance to a black hole. She grins and then turns her computer back on. When she speaks her voice is dark and nearly ethereal.

So this battle royal has quite a mixed bag of crazy competing. We've got a demon, atleast one redneck, someone has caught the fever, some ninties movie reject, a pair of tigers and a fireworks show. Oh I forgot we also have some guy who seems to think he is what dreams are made of.

Anna rolls her eyes at the last comment. Then she starts twirling a coin in her fingers.

Let's start with the redneck. Cletus, really? I mean you're so redneck that your name gets laughed at by the normal rednecks. Do you even know what a wrestling ring is for? Trust me it is alot different than the ring around your collar. I'm not sure you'd be able to distinguish a wristlock from a hammerlock. I hope I'm wrong, believe me I do. I mean I can't fulfill my desire to be reborn if all I face is some backwoods porky pig incest clown. I hope to be the one to eliminate you, because I want to show everyone what little you're worth personally.

Suddenly a picture of Diablo appears on the computer screen and she shifts her body slightly.

El Diablo, the Demon, didn't wrestling have a demon something like thirty years ago? And didn't he fail miserably? If that's what you desire to emulate then I'd love to help you reach the goal of being the perfect demon. I would be proud to serve as the exorsist to cleanse you of the darkness within your soul. I hope you bring everything you've got to this match because beating the hell out of you won't be as satisfying or as fun if you're only partially there. And believe me, you will lose because at the end of the day evil ALWAYS loses.

The image on the screen changes to show Eduardo, and Lukas Liger. She chuckles again.

Aww the cute little tiger kittens. These boys, they probably got matching glitter kitten collars and nice white paws and tails. Well boys, I do hope that you can live up to the TIGER status your names imply, because if you can't then I can almost assure you that atleast one of your pelts will be hanging over the mantle of our winter chalet. Please stand up and give me and the rest of the people in this match a fight.

Her screen goes dark, and her eyes flutter from black to almost a lavender color. She grins and then breaks into a full on laugh.

Dream Maker, this is amusing. Do you know why the world needs dreams? We need dreams to protext us from those which go bump in the night. Yet you, you dont do that do you? The only dreams you care about are the ones which float around inside of your little mind. Your dreams sit and germinate like a dead rat. Do you honestly believe in the dreams you claim you are founded on, I think not.

Anna rises and dances to her door. She walks to the livingroom and takes her daughter from Calypso. She continues the dance that Calypso was doing as it seems to have been keeping her calm and cooing cutely. She smiles and her eyes revert to normal.

Azura, Mommy's gotta keep talking for a little while, but I just can't stay away from you for too long. Jeremy, finally a normal human being. I am glad you are in this match because I was starting to wonder if I was the only non creature in this damned thing. Good luck to you, because trust me against demons, and other mixed creatures you're going to need it. Trust me they will do their best to rob you of your sanity and you sanctity. Don't let them in . . . Let me walk by your side and deliver you from them into the warm arms of the shadows.

Leon Dread, who gave you the name Dread? I seriously wanna know so I can ask them why someone should dread you. I mean you're about as scary as a chilli fart in a cotton candy factory.

Blaze Havoc, ahh fever boy. Yeah, I'm not even going to worry about you.

Anna looks ready to say something more, but the scene fades and crackles before cutting completely.

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Posted 21 January 2019 - 12:50 PM

The Bum Speaks.


The Bum wakes up from his nap Delilah had not been around. Cletus then gets up and speaks


Cletus The Bum

I cannot wait to get my hands on all these other men in this Battle Royal. Many of them are new to the federation. So I will have to wake up and smell the coffee. Speaking of Coffee I got to get one soon. I am going to be ready for this Battle Royal I  do not care who is in it. I will get the biggest victory in my career  and I will stop at nothing til I achieve my greatest victory in the world and prove that I am not just some enhancement talent. I am tired of losing and victory will be short and sweet.


Cletus chugs a sip or water and then speaks.


I am going to wipe the floor with these new comers. And  old comers. I am going to win no matter what happens. Hell I will stop drinking for the evening if I must. to concentrate better. Or maybe not. I am a true champion in the ring not like these fakers .  That try and pander to ya. I am going to win. I am going to win. That is the only thing that is going to happen. See you in the ring punks.


With that said Delilah calls Cletus over for his  coffee and the cameras fade out.



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Posted 21 January 2019 - 01:20 PM

The Los Americanos Saves The Atrocity Battle Royal


The scene opens backstage at a local house show in Transylvania Romania Where Lukas and Eduardo are Seen getting ready to speak. Eduardo begins to speak.


Eduardo Liger

Atrocity II marks and opportunity of a life time for my brother and I. We get in the ring to win a battle royal elimination match.  And we plan on winning the match. Let us  begin by saying that none of our opponents stand a chance . Isn't that right Lukas?


Lukas smiles and then speaks.


Lukas Liger

Yes I will go to win  the match with my brother there is nothing that will stop us.


Eduardo Liger

So Brace yourselves for Los Americanos to run wild on everyone in the battle royal elimination match at Atrocity !!



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