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The Nomads vs. Ken Noquiera and Rodrigo Texeira

tag team match

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 01:46 PM

Tag Team Match

The Nomads vs. Ken Noquiera and Rodrigo Texeira

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Posted 16 January 2019 - 01:58 AM



*** Camera focuses in***

Eddie is sitting on a wooden chair outside in the back garden. The evening sun has finally started to set. Drifting off into his thoughts.


“People have asked us, why now, why this promotion. They ask us like we choose this promotion to be our `new home`. Sounds like a common mistake, we did not pick this promotion to be our home. We picked this promotion for what are looking for. This promotion is part of the WCWA Network, even though there is only a handful under this umbrella.

Their is only two that fits the requirements, what we require from the promotion, Now that the three of us, are working together now. Many have asked why `Nomads`, why are we going by this name. You see most people pick a promotion and call it home, they will fight for their home promotion. Hold there promotion banner in to matches. Just like Lucas and Cade did for the When Worlds Collide show. What changed?

The promotion was unwilling to back the pair of them, they put them forward to a match in an attempt to win the WCWA Tag titles, however within in the promotion. They had little faith in the team to become tag champions. They soon came to realise that in  order to taken serious as future tag champions, they had to make changes by themselves. They left the promotion seeking other routes to the WCWA Tag Team titles. They also decided that alone this routes they would forge a future,a legacy within the tag team ranks over promotions.

Just to make things interesting and mix things up. They both decided that they needed to bring in another member, a third member to maximize their efforts in building the legacy. A few teams or groups have invaded a promotion in an attempt to take over. Unlike like these people and their narrow minded views, we have decide to cast a big net.

The goal is not to take over the whole promotion, no the goal is more simple. To focus on the tag divisions of these promotions So now me and Lucas find ourselves starting our part of the plan here in SEE. Its all started after a meeting between myself, Lucas and Cade, so many months ago.”


“Wow, this seems almost strange” said Lucas as he walked upto the backdoor. “Everything about this is fucking strange! The fact that we are both here again in this house. Or the fact that we are not at each other's throats!” added Eddie. “Spent so long over the recent years fighting each other, now that we are sort of on the same page..” said Lucas.


“Wow, we just have the same goals at this point in time. Since we have destroyed arenas fighting against each other. It really doesn't bow well for anyone that stands in our way” added Eddie. “Anyway where is Cade?” asked Lucas. Looking a bit confused due to change of conversation. “I was under the impression that he as going to meet us at Seth's gym.” stated Eddie. **to be continued**

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Posted 16 January 2019 - 02:13 AM

Rp 2


**later that day**


As the camera focuses in the far corner. “I thought we was meant to be meeting you at the gym?” asked Lucas. Cade just smiled as he sits back in his chair. “So are you two ready for what needs to be done?” asked Cade. Lucas shrugged his shoulders in response.


“Time will tell, for now we have a mission to work towards” said Lucas. Eddie leans back on his seat. “Everything that went down is in the past. They was a different mission for me then, to be the best single star as I can and to stand out from his shadow. Mission was accomplished” said Eddie. Lucas smirks i response,


“Just the same as what I did myself earlier in my career. Now we are working towards a common goal.” said Lucas. “True, nothing works better than brothers working towards a common goal.” said Eddie Cade turns around and looks towards the bar and motions towards the waitress.


“Three bottles of Budweiser.” The waitress stops and heads back towards the bar. “So as of now, I have an upcoming match in the other promotion.” said Cade. The waitress walks up to the table and places a tray with the three bottles of beer on to the table. “This works well, as me and Eddie have a upcoming match. This will allow us the time to train and work better as a team.” Eddie nodded in agreement as he grabs the bottle nearest to himself.


“So it looks like we will be facing another debuting team.” added Lucas. “True, unfortunately they isnt alot known about the pair of them. Rumour has it that they are meant to be some big time players” said Eddie.


“Almost makes one, wonder what over promotions they have been part of, what was the talent of the roster like. Either way Ken Noquiera & Rodrigo Texeira will need to bring their best to the match. The have the privilege of being the first opponents of the Nomads. The question is, will they try to stop us in our tracks or will they just become the first victims of the future of the tag team wrestling.” said Lucas “The so called Future Brigade will be remembered only as the past victims of the Nomads.”  added Cade. The trio enjoy they cold beers for a moment. “I have managed to talk some local guys to spare against you two tomorrow” said Cade.


The brothers look at each other and nod in approval. “can't hurt I guess” said Lucas.


**Camera feed fades out**

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Posted 17 January 2019 - 06:22 PM

Scene 1
At The Nogueira Mansion

We see a nice black Ferrari driving up the long driveway of the Nogueira Mansion. The car then parks in front of the doors, as the car door opens and out steps Rodrigo Texeira. The weather is hot, yet that hasn’t stopped him from being dressed in a nice black suit. He looks around the yard before he closes his door, he then locks the car and goes up the steps to knock on the door. The door is opened not by Ken’s Butler but by his cousin, Alexia Carreira. She’s nicely dressed herself, sporting a red summer dress, with matching red heels. The two hug as she then stands aside to let Rodrigo in.

Hey Alexia, long time no see! Ken told me you’d be here at the meeting but he didn’t mention that you got even more gorgeous since the last time I saw you!

Alexia smiles, playfully punching Rodrigo on the arm, blushing while she does so. Unbeknownst to them Ken is watching this interaction. He clears his throat startling Alexia, while Rodrigo just smirks at Ken. The two men shake hands as Ken leads them off to the meeting room. The last thing we see is the door being closed behind them.

Scene 2
The Promo

The camera fades in as we see the three of them coming out of the meeting room. Ken leading the way then heads downstairs into what looks to be his own personal training facility. The camera pans around the room taking in the banner on the back wall “Prestige Championship Wrestling Academy” the camera then pans back to the group. Alexia and Rodrigo can be seen looking around the room fondly, after all this was where their careers started. It’s thanks to Ken that these two have a career in the wrestling industry after all. Ken and Rodrigo go to the change room to switch into their gear. When the two get back into the ring they go over some holds and moves, as it’s been awhile for both of them. Alexia motions to the camera to come closer, out of the corner of their eyes both Ken & Rodrigo notice the camera come closer as they break it off to speak.

Well it looks like the time has come for the Future Brigade to finally make their debuts! Neither of us have ever been in a more interesting match! Usually when you go into a match you have at least some idea of what you’re getting into! Who you’re facing, what they bring to the table. But in this match, both teams are going in blind!

Rodrigo nods his head in agreement. Ken looks sideways at Rodrigo as if gesturing him to go on.

You see Nomads. We’re kind of like you in that we’ve gone from federation to federation, country to country to hone our craft. However you better not be expecting an easy win. Because we’re anything but greenhorns! Both Ken and I have…the Midas Touch if you will! Everywhere we’ve been we’ve won gold! It became the norm for us so we stepped away from wrestling for awhile, for differing reasons of course. Ken here had a possible career ending accident. Luckily for him he was able to come back from the injury! I on the other hand went back to my first love. MMA. In my time away from the octagon the quality of fighters has greatly improved! So I was keen to do a comeback and test myself, to see if I could still go at that Elite level. Just as I expected I was still able to go! I choked out a few of my opponents, much like I’m planning to do to you boys to get the win!

Ken steps in, putting a hand on Rodrigo. He knows just how dangerous the Portuguese temper is, having it inside himself as well. But for Rodrigo it seems to be worse than most.

You’re exactly right Rodrigo! We both gave ourselves time to explore other business ventures, but like practically every other wrestler. The call of the ring was too much to overcome! We were very picky in where to sign, being some of the most sought after free agents after all. However we decided to call SEE home for the time being…because of the quality of competition here! Neither of us could think of any better way to usher in a new era in this business, than to take whatever this company can throw at us…and emerge on top! Nomads. When we step foot into that ring, we will show you, and these SEE fans that we are exactly what we say we are! That our run towards yet another championship begins…at your expense!

Ken smirks his patented cocky smirk, Rodrigo steps forward now to speak.

But we’ve said enough! The time for words is over! The time to fight. It’s almost here, and when that time comes we just want you to remember two things.

Ken holds up a finger.

It’s not personal…it’s just business. And two

Ken holds up another finger.

We really don’t care whether you like us, or you hate us. Because you WILL learn to respect us! The Future of SEE begins. Now!

Ken whispers something into Rodrigo’s ear as he smiles. He then roundhouse kicks the camera as it fades to black.
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