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#561 SEE Awards Post Atrocity II

Posted by axelmutt100 on 20 February 2019 - 11:05 AM

Kinda liked this .. hope it sticks around. Thank you !!
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#537 SEE Awards Post Atrocity II

Posted by Liv stark on 11 February 2019 - 06:45 PM

The Cameras opened up to the office of Liv Stark, The current COO of SEE. She was looking at the tape of Atrocity II  making some mental notes  She then began to speak.


Liv Stark

Good Evening Ladies and Gents. I am here tonight to start my own show with show rewards picked by me. So without further of due let's get started.


I am excited to announce one that was a tough one there were a few upsets that I thought would have ever happened  so  The Upset of The Night here are the nominees.


Rookie Lana Enigma and Heather Haze def Mk127 in a Ladder Match to become new cartel champions.


Brian Blades hands Aiden Dempsey his first loss and became the new SEE Bloodlust Champion.


Loki Synn from CWF invades SEE and defeats both Summer Rae and Sarah Bryant.


And the winner is...….


And upset of Atrocity II.... is Brian Blades



The Next Nominee's are for rookie of the night.


The Nominees are BroCode


Lana Enigma


Gabriel Tuck


And the Winner is: Bro Code Paul Blair,Israel Steele and Jimmy Blast.


Next we have the feud of the night.


The Nominees are.


Vero Vs. Aria Quinn


Lindsey Vs. Necra


Mk127 vs Pantheon


Or Brian Blades vs Aiden Dempsey.



And three winners are tied with Vero Vs. Aria Quinn and Blades Vs Dempsey and Pantheon Vs. Mk127



Next Award is to our  Temptress of Atrocity.


The Nominees are




Lana Enigma


Heather Haze


Lindsey Calaway.


And the winner is.... Aria Quinn!!!!



We have the next award to the male wrestler of the week.  The winner of the male superstar of the week  and the nominees are.


Brian Blades


Robert Saints


Mike Phoenix


Jimmy Blast.



There is a tie  for this one co winners are Brian Blades and  Jimmy Blast congrats.



Now we are going to step away from the wrestling portion of the awards  I will announce the staffer of the week. The Staffer of the week has bene instrumental and taking SEE first over everything else. This weeks winner goes above and beyond  the line of duty and wrote three matches for Atrocity II. The winner of Staffer of The Week is...



Steve Duarte or better known as SEE's GM Joey Morelli.



And last but certainly not least we will have the handler of the week this awards goes to outstanding service as a member of see and a handler that wasn't even on staff wrote two matches for Atrocity II the winner of Handler of Atrocity II is  AL McFly aka Heather Haze!!! not only did he write two matches but roleplayed for his match and also comes along with ideas for feuds. He is a role model handler.



That will conclude this weeks awards thank you and have a good night everyone.


The cameras then fade to black. 

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#503 SEE Atrocity II

Posted by TheHardk0reIk0n on 29 January 2019 - 05:24 PM



Live from Transylvania Romania @ Bran Castle.


The SEE Logo flashes over the screen as Shrouded Enigma Entertainment’s Opening Credits flash across the screen showing the many superstars and temptresses across the screen.  The Cameras then pan around The Bran Castle and all the fans in anticipation for Shrouded Enigma Entertainment’s biggest pay per view event of the year. The cameras then show screaming fans and then pyros off and the fans scream even louder. The Cameras then point to the announce team Matt and Val Valour.


Val Valour

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and Welcome to  The Biggest PPV Event of The Year Atrocity II. I am Val Valour and beside is my brother in Crime Matt Valour.


Matt Valour

Thanks for the kind introductions  Val. Tonight we have a lot of returns and much more surprises  here tonight.


Val Valour

This marks the return of Necra Octavien Kane. She will face Lindsey Calaway for an opportunity at The Atrocity Heavyweight Championship. All Titles will be on the line.


Matt Valour

Now Let’s go Down to Ringside for tonight's first action.





["Blair Vision 2k19" by SEEmusic rocks the castle as out walks "The Ruler" Paul Blair lead by his valet Holli Madison. Blair is wearing a black t-shirt that says, "#BlairWrestling" on the front and "#BroCode" in red writing on back. Blair twirls Holli around as she gives him a sexy smirk and a wink. Holli is dressed to the nines wearing a tight fitting red dress and black high heel shoes. The dress clings to every sensual curve of her gorgeous body. Blair smiles at her then whispers in her ear and Holli slowly waves to the crowd then kisses him on the cheek before exiting stage left. Blair continues his way down to the ring and grabs a mic from an agent sitting at ringside. The crowd pops loud as Blair slides into the ring and begins to speak for the first time on a Shrouded Enigma Entertainment pay-per-view.]


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: So this is what all the hoopla is about, huh?


Fans: Welcome Paulie...welcome Paulie.


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Wow..(pauses to let the crowd pop) Man...the Ruler Rooters run deep right here in Dracula's castle, don't they? I don't even think I'll need my cardboard cut outs for dramatic effect this segment!


[The fans fill the castle with a sea of laughter.]


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: I'll have to save those for a night where the biggest thing isn't...well me-


Fans: We want #BroCode!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: You all beat me to it, didn't you? You are right..I should say the biggest thing is us!


Fans: We want Calum!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Who? (He smirks)


Fans: We want Calum!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Never heard of him!


Fans: Boooooooo!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: There we go..there's my target audience...I knew my Boobirds would follow their Ruler.


Fans: (Louder than before) BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Thanks...you guys are too much. All this fuss over little ol' me?


Fans: We want Calum!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Damn..I did it again, didn't I? I mean "us"...


[The fans nearly blow the roof all Enigma's castle chanting #BroCode.]


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: How does the old saying go? Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it?! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and ruler rooters of all ages..The Ruler of Shrouded Enigma Entertainment proudly presents to you..the former SWAT tag team Champions of the World-

Fans: #BroCode!!


[Just then familiar music hits the airwaves.."Bad Boy", by Skeptra shakes the building louder than a thunder storm and the crowd goes crazy.]





[The fans all stand in anticipation but no "Britain's #1 Bad Boy" Calum Morgan..they boo as Blair just smirks and soaks in all the boos directed towards him.]


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: My bad. I love that bit though. You should SEE all of the looks on your faces..Hahaha..Marks!


Fans: You're an asshole!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Well at least you all got that part right. I could say something childish like "it takes one to know one" but I won't. It's not your fault you aren't as brilliant as Paul Blair is..is it? No..of course not. So let me try this again..Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and ruler rooters of all ages.."The Man..the Myth..the Legend" proudly presents...#BroCode!!


[The fans pop but only for a split second until they hear music that is not that of Calum Morgan.]



["Tom Sawyer" by Rush blares over the PA system and out walks Israel Steele to a chorus of boos as the words "Man of Steele" flash on and off the EngimaTron. Steele stands nearly seven feet tall and has curly blondish hair. He is wearing a black and red t-shirt that says, "Man of Steele" and the #BroCode fist pound logo on the front and "#BroCode" in red lettering on the back. Conspicuous by her absence is his Valet Ms. Kelly. Steele fist pounds a few of the fans who put out their fist as he walks to the ring with a cocky smirk the whole way. He goes to the ring and Blair puts out his right fist. Steele fist pounds Blair before he is handed the mic.]




Israel Steele: The more things change around here the more they stay the same! I'm sorry you people don't like this incarnation of #BroCode, but you'll get use to how we run things and rise to the top on an ELITE level. It's sorta' what we do. Just look at the promos for this very pay-per-view that I'm sure nobody missed..who was the most active?


[Blair chimes in on Steele's mic.]


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Ummm..let me see here..Hmmmm..Oh I know...DOA for a thousand Alex?


Israel Steele: Survey says!?


[A huge red "X" is put over all the current and former members of the faces of a image of DOA on the EngimaTron. A loud airhorn sound is heard ala The Family Feud.]


Israel Steele: Sorry, Paul. Wrong answer. The correct answer is #BroCode!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: That's a first!


Israel Steele: What us dominating the promo portion of Shrouded Enigma Entertainment Television?


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Nah...me being wrong.


Israel Steele: (Laughs) Well let me tell you something else you did right..dropping that dumb British asshole Calum Morgan and jumping on the shoulders of Stud City.


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: To be fair his brother did die and we never technically lost our SWAT Tag Titles. I just gave mine back because it clashed with my every day attire.


Israel Steele: What's that..your birthday suit? (They both laugh) I mean you and I go way back. We have history so you calling me to replace that British bum only made sense...and this industry is a "what have you done lately" environment. What was Paul suppose to do? Sit around and wait for his partner to get off his ass and come back to work?


Fans: We want Calum!


Israel Steele: You can want him all you want. He can probably hear you while licking his wounds..Waah..my brother died..Waah. (Him and Paul laugh) What a load of crap. Our brother in arms Pledge Allegiance just passed away and here we are back to work.


[Blair now has his own mic.]


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Because that's the way Phil would want it!


Israel Steele: Damn right. And this is how we honor him by putting aside our egos and banning together for the greater good! That's how Phil would have wanted it. That is what the core of the #BroCode is all about. All for one and one for all!


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Don't forget our tag lines..


Israel Steele: Bro's before ho's?


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: That and help a brother out!


Israel Steele: Funny you should mention help out. Because I went beyond the call of duty and got a man on board that you have history with. A man you have fought with but also a man you have fought against. This man is a true Blast from the past!


Fans: We want Calum!


[Blair starts to look nervous.]


Israel Steele: That's right! Here comes the Bad Boy!!


[Blair's eyes get big. He swallows a lump in his throat and the fans begin to cheer!]



[Once again "Bad Boy", by Skeptra rocks the castle and once again the fans cheer but no Calum.]


Israel Steele: HAHAHA.


[Blair laughs as he wipes off the look of concern.]


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: These idiots fall for it every time. This is classic..you Ruler Rooters are the best marks in the business.


[Steele speaks in a mocking tune.]


Israel Steele: If I can be serious for just a minute...I really did get us some back up..Shrouded Engima Entertainment..I give you the third member of #BroCode...JIMMY BLAST!!



["Crazy Train", by Ozzie Osbourne blasts through the PA system speakers and out struts "The Legendary" Jimmy Blast wearing a red and black #BroCode t-shirt and blue jeans. Blast heads to the ring with a mic in his hand. He enters the ring and fist pounds Steele while Blair makes the "we aren't worthy" notion, fanning Blast and bowing down.]




Jimmy Blast: Well look what the cat drug in, eh boys? The Blaster himself. The former leader of The Horsemen and the essential back bone of the Classic Wrestling Federation-


"The Ruler" Paul Blair: Not to be confused with the other CWF!


Jimmy Blast: Nah, those so called "Championship" wannabes can take a back seat at the end of the line just like your ex partner Calum Morgan! Britain's #1 Bad Boy my ass! The measuring stick just got nearly seven foot, three hundred and twenty five pounds larger with our boy Steele here in the mix. You marks will see later tonight after he wins his match and trust me...he will win his match. Logan Burgess? What a joke you are. What'd he string together a big bad sixty-five word promo. Hahaha. Not good enough to beat #BroCodes Man of Steele. And me? What does Jimmy Blast bring to the table? I guess we'll have to find out in that little Battle Royal we got going on later now won't we? They don't call me "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" for nothing. Looks like I'll have to win the whole F'N thing. And finally..my brother from another mother..Paul Blair. The man who single handedly took #BroCode on his back and is making it a name of excellence once again. Not bad for two old guys and a young stud, eh? Not bad at all. Is there any doubt Paul is going to Rule over Greenhorn on this very card?


Israel Steele: Survey says!?


[A image of Paul Blair's opponent later, Blackthorne appears with a huge red "X" over it on the EngimaTron. The Family Feud airhorn sounds again.]


Jimmy Blast: The answer is no doubt marks and marketts! #BroCode is here to dominate the way Phil would have wanted us too. And just so you know how serious we take this new avenue we are coasting down.


[All three put their hands over their heart.]


All Three in Unison: We Pledge Allegiance to the #Brocode!


[All three put out their fists and do a three way fist pound with their other hand.]




[#BroCode exits to "Crazy Train", by Ozzy Osbourne. Once they clear to the back, the lights flicker on and off. The castle goes dark for a few seconds when a spotlight turns on to a dark figure sitting in the rafters. At glimpse you can see the figure with a black and white painted face. The crowd goes wild chanting "We want Calum." The lights flicker on and off again then pitch dark again. The lights turn on and the figure in the rafters is no longer there.]

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#1455 #1 Contenders to Cartel Tag Team Championships

Posted by Jennifer Enigma on 01 May 2020 - 08:11 PM

#1 Contenders to Cartel Tag Team Championships

Ronnie Mcneil and Frostbite


Horsemen 2020 (Mike Miaddox and Jimmy Blast)

1 RP Per Character Per Team

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#1436 #BarCode vs. Killer Klown Posse

Posted by TheHardk0reIk0n on 25 April 2020 - 04:43 PM

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#1581 Corruption 2020

Posted by Frostbite on 24 July 2020 - 12:19 AM

Ladies and gentlemen a great show. Want to say thank you for the high honor.
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#1541 Transylvanian Fatal Four Way Ladder Match.

Posted by Jimmy Blast on 07 July 2020 - 09:13 PM

( The scene opens with a new BMW 5 Series Convertable pulling up to the S.E.E. Headquarters building. Out of the driver's seat steps none other than wrestling sensation Jimmy Blast. In true "Horsemen" fashion Blast is dressed to the nines. He is sporting a light gray Armani Suit, six hundred dollar leather shoes, Rolex watch, topped off with his signature Oakley shades. This man is dressed for success. It is clear by the attire that this is a business meeting. Blast exits the car and tosses the keys to the valet. He swaggers into the building with that cocky strut that he has used for the past twenty plus years to enter arena's all over the world. Blast then waltz's up to the new receptionist and introduces himself. This lady has only been with S.E.E. since Vero was canned. )
Jimmy Blast: Good afternoon. My name is Jimmy Blast. I am here to see Mr. Morelli. I believe he is expecting me. 
Receptionist: I know who you are Mr. Blast. I am a huge fan. When I was a child my father used to take me to C.W.F. matches whenever you guys came to town.I was there the night you beat Paul Blair for the World Title. It's an honor to finally meet you.  I can't wait to tell my Dad! Mr. Morelli is waiting for you in his office. 
Jimmy Blast: Thank you young lady. You have been very kind. 
( Blast signs a couple of pictures for the awestruck fan. Then he walks into Joey Morelli's corner office. As he enters the room he stops to admire some of the S.E.E. memorabilia on the wall. He can't help but admire some of the pictures of himself that is on the office wall. It appears that while the bookers in S.E.E. may not appreciate his talents, Joey Morelli is a fan of his work. )
Joey Morelli: Jimmy my man, come on in. Have a seat man. We don't get to talk near enough while we are out on the road. 
Jimmy Blast: Mr. Morelli , how are you this afternoon?
Joey Morelli: Please Jimmy, call me Joey. We friends here. No need to be so formal.
Jimmy Blast: Ok Joey it is. I am afraid after this meeting it may go back to Mr. Morrelli.  This isn't exactly a friendly visit brother!!
Joey Morelli: What's on your mind Jimmy?  I have picked up on shit lately. I knew something was up. 
Jimmy Blast: Hell Joey where do I start? I guess the first issue is the way I am being booked. The last several cards have had me working Tag matches. Working on the under cards at that. Come on brother, you know that's bullshit. I am Jimmy Blast. I have won titles in feds all over the world. I was brought out of retirement to put asses in the seats here in S.E.E. I have worked damn near every fucking show S.E.E. has had. Nobody in that locker room performs like I do Joey. 
Joey Morelli: There is no doubt you are one of the top workers in S.E.E. Even at your age you can get it done in the ring.
Jimmy Blast: At my age? What the hell is that supposed to mean? 
Joey Morelli: Easy Jimmy. I didn't mean anything by it. I was simply saying that some of the front office here thinks your past your prime. That it's time for some of the new blood to carry the straps. Not me of course, but some of the other decision makers. Jimmy Blast: Are these the same fucking morons that keep hiring douche bags like Eric Herrara and Rich Anderson back? Guy's that come here for 12 hours, get their Antifa loving feelings hurt, and then storm back down to their mom's basement and hide? Those guys? 
Joey Morelli : Well Jimmy, without mentioning any names, I believe we are talking about the same suits. They are pushing guy's that couldn't hold your jock. I just don't understand some of the shit that goes on around here.
Jimmy Blast: I know it's not you Joey. I know your an old school guy. You know the business inside and out, You know these new guys couldn't polish my boots. I just came here today to let someone in S.E.E. know that I am sick of the disrespect. I don't need the money. I am here because I love the business. Keep in mind that I am not under contract. There has been other offers. I don't have to put up with this shit. I can walk or retire at any time. This shit has to change Joey, or I am done. 
Joey Morelli: I understand Jimmy. Give me some time. Let me see what I can do. Don't make any drastic decisions right now. 
Jimmy Blast: I will give you some time to work your magic Joey. Your a man I respect, and that goes along way with me brother.
( The two men stand up and shake hands. The men then separate as Blast exits the room.  You then see the Superstar walk down the hall and turn into one of the studios that are located in the building. He sits down in front of a camera and begins to address the S.E.E. universe about his upcoming Fatal Four WAt Ladder match for the Transylvania Title. Let's listen in as the "Dirtiest Player in the Game" begins to speak.)
Jimmy Blast: So once again it looks like the Blaster has a chance for championship gold here in S.E.E. A Fatal Four Way ladder match. One of the most dangerous matches in all of wrestling. Add in the likes of Jordan Post, Eddie Havoc, and MJ Fennix. It doesn't get much tougher than that.  Especially when you have never been in the ring together. I really have no ideal what these guy's are capable of. 
However they are also at a disadvantage. They don't quite understand what Jimmy Blast is willing to do either. I will be the first to admit that they are all fine grapplers in their own right. I am not selling them short by any means. I have been in these business for far too lang to look past anyone. I know I have my work cut out for me. No doubt.
There is one thing that these gentlemen need to understand. At this point in my career it's not really about wining a title. Hell boy's it's more about proving to the world that I still got it. Proving to myself that I am still the man that won the M.W.W.F. World Championship so many years ago. Am I worthy of running with the young lions? The front office of S.E.E. has there doubts. The new guy's in the locker room have their doubts. I see the way they look at me when I walk by. They say to themselves " I think I can take that guy". I see the look, but I also see the doubt in their eyes.
At Corruption I step into the squared circle with three of the hottest wrestlers in the world. These guy's are the future of our business, but today isn't the future. This old dog isn't ready to sit on the porch. This dog still has a little bite left in him. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well guess what Jack, this dog don't need any new tricks. You young pups don't know all of the old ones yet. 
Now would be the time where I rip my opponents apart. I could go on and on about there weaknesses. Talk shit about each one. Maybe make fun of Havoc's accent.   Talk about about how MJ changes  girlfriends like most guy's change underwear. Of course it's more often than Jordan Post changes his draws. Somebody really ought to talk to that guy.
That's really all I have to say about Corruption. This match is more about me than my opponents, I am at a cross road in my career. I am entering the match looking to find out if I should continue down the road. I know I am nearing the end of a great journey. The ride is almost over boys. Hell I know that. That's what makes me dangerous my friends. I don't have a whole lot to lose. When it's all said and done I will be able to look back on winning World Titles in MWWF, CWF, SAW, and the EWA. This sorry old Transvestite Tile won't mean shit. It is simply a measuring stick. How does it feel Post? What are you thinking MJ? Are you really feeling odd Eddie Havoc. This ladder match, that Title, and the three of you don't mean shit. This is about Jimmy "Fucking" Blast. It's about a "Legacy" that you three couldn't imagine how to comprehend. I will see you ass clown in Cape Town. 
(The scene fades with Blast laughing at the camera. The veteran is ready to accept his fate. Good or Bad. The outcome doesn't really matter. If we have learned anything over the twenty plus year career of Jimmy Blast. He always has a plan. Unfortunately this time nobody, not even Blast knows what it is.)

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#1540 Temptress Championship Justice V. Haze

Posted by Justice on 05 July 2020 - 11:25 PM

As she sat at the kitchen table in her dads house that night Justice would watch as he was telling her son Ian some of his old wrestling stories. Shaking her head and laughing to herself a bit she reached for her glass of Malibu Rum and took a sip before placing it down. After their conversation was over Justice told Ian to go get changed into his pajamas then go to bed and as he walked off she turned back to her dad.


Bob: I heard you have an important match this week for SEE.


Justice: Yeah. I'm facing Heather Haze for the Temptress title. It is a chamber of horrors match.


Bob: Are you sure you want this match?


Justice: Pop...ever since I was sixteen years old I have had to fight to get what I want in the business. I know I might not be as good as my brother but I' pretty sure that I deserve title shots after seventeen years. I don't know anything about Heather though so I am kind of going into this match blindly.


Bob: Blindly? You mean you aren't going to do your homework on her?


Justice: No I'm tired of spending countless hours trying to research my opponents when I don't know who they are or what they can do in the ring. Most of the time they flake out during the matches anyway. Why spend time and effort when it is as though you are the only one who cares to give the fans what they want you know? And besides pops its like you always told me...give the fans what they want because ultimately they are the ones who sign our paychecks not to mention they are the reason we have a job.


Bob: Speaking about jobs I was wondering what the thoughts are going through your mind about this match?


Justice: No different than what went through my mind for the table match that I was put in. If I take a bump I will take it. If I get a weapon used on me then I get one used on me.


Bob: Do you think you will win?


Justice: What kind of question is that pop? Of course I am going to win. I mean if you think about all the blood I have poured in the past not to mention sweat, and tears then you should know that I will. You see pop I have gone by one motto my entire career which is if your not first and don't have the spotlight then your obviously in second.


Bob: How many times do I have to tell you? It's “if you don't have the spotlight and are not in first then your obviously second."  But what if you don't win this match?


Justice: First of all not winning this match is not an option for me at this point. Secondly if Heather Haze thinks this is going to be a walk in the park for her then I suggest she try me because I always have the spotlight and I want that title. And you know what they say pop?


Bob: What's that?


Justice: What Justice wants Justice gets.


The scene would close with them continuing their conversation for a few more seconds then they both get up from the table. Justice went to the bathroom washing her face and brushing her teeth before heading towards that guest bedroom she would sleep in.


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#1482 Fatal Four Way Bloodlust Rules(Hardcore Rules NO DQ) Showcase Match

Posted by Caleb on 21 May 2020 - 03:49 PM


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#1470 Morgan Vs. Valentine

Posted by Victoria Valentine on 18 May 2020 - 07:03 AM

sorry not my best but enjoy. click the link




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#1469 Fatal Four Way Bloodlust Rules(Hardcore Rules NO DQ) Showcase Match

Posted by Jordan Post on 12 May 2020 - 02:39 PM

“Hello”, the word echoes through a still night. Stars are on the east end as the sky is becoming lighter as minutes are passing. There was no response, but comfort is felt in the atmosphere. Nothing but the peace of mind. The click of the phone ending a call trebles through. A man is seen sitting on the jagged rocky shore of a lake, just gazing up at the stars slowly fading out. Wearing a sweater for the brisk cold night, looking contempt in life with little to prove. He’s also wearing some worn out jeans that he pulls out a lighter from the right pocket. He tests it out knowing he’s getting light on fuel, the flame flickers up as quickly as it dies out. The guy reaches into the pocket of his sweater and pulls out a Julieta no.2 cigar that was in a sandwich bag. Opening up the bag, the strong aroma of the cigar pleases the senses, as he reaches in and pulls the cigar out and perches it between the lips. A couple flicks of lighter reignites the flame, and lit up the cigar. A couple puffs later the cigar is fully lit.


Jordan: Once, a wise man once said Kites rises highest against the wind, not with it.


He takes a puff of the high end cigar, and let the smoke roll around in the mouth before letting exhaling it.


Jordan: That wise man was the great late Winston Churchill, he led the allies after being bombarded constantly by the fleet of German bombers. He lead his country with pride, despite some turmoil in the streets he turned the leaf over and started the comeback. Sure he got senile and lost his mind but he was a rock when his back was against the wall. I’ve been put in that position as well


A little chuckle crackles through, the wind picks up slightly. The water starts to ripple, the sky is getting lighter as the stars dim some more.


Jordan: You see, I was once an accomplished wrestler few years back, was contempt with retiring at an earlier age. I was content, happy with my achievements, almost like Winston was. He came back after leading the Brits to a victory but has lost the edge of his blade. He wasn’t sharp as he once was, and that was the end of his career, but that’s not the same for myself. After a few years just being contempt, I yearned for more. My blade got dull, but I decided to get it sharpened and test the waters once again.


He takes another puff of smoke and gazes up to the sky


Jordan: I know, times have change and I may not be as good as I once was, but that will change pretty damn fast. Call it scraping of the rust, soon I’ll be back in to the mix of things. I’ll be back to the star I once was, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I got to focus on the little pictures first. I got to concentrate on my debut match for Shrouded Enigma Entertainment, the first stepping stone. The corner stone of my reignited career. Almost like a born again virgin, a brand new day.


Jordan reaches down to a bottle of water next to him, cracks the top off and takes a swig of the cold water. Then takes another puff of the cigar Churchill made famous.


Jordan: You see when I joined this company, I was ready for almost anything they tossed my way. I was preparing for any talent, for a singles match. I was caught off guard with being thrusted into a fatal four way bloodlust rules for showcasing us, and the whip cream on top a bloodlust title shot. It is like getting tossed in the mix with a bunch of ravaging wolves while wearing a meatsuit.


Jordan couldn’t help but chuckle at that


Jordan: But instead of wolves I face three competitors that have no idea who I am, while they have had history in this federation. Some apparently with bad blood with each other, but that still doesn’t give the edge right? Lets start of with Joe, the guy who pointed out that he obviously hasn’t heard of me. The guy that got blind sided by Caleb on the past show, found it humorous to be honest. Someone who does not think I truly matter because I’m new here. Time will truly tell how fast you think I matter when you are too distracted trying to get revenge on Caleb and I take you out. You see I’m not someone you should overlook, sure my history means shit but it’ll be shown that I’m every much capable of putting the same misery. I’ve been yearning to get back into the mix of things, now that I know a possible chance to get a title shot in my debut makes my fire burn even more. The moment you turn your back on to focus on Caleb is the opportunity to strike. You can say you won’t do that, but I know for a fact, that you’re a simple-minded guy you will make that slip up. That goes for Caleb as well, for the unknown that I have not seen from him other then stoking the fire.


As dawn gets closer to arriving Jordan takes another sip of the water and continues to work on his cigar. The cigar is over halfway burnt. Jordan flicks the ashes


Jordan: Now to the last competitor, the one who needed the help of the general manager to get a victory, what says you. You going to call on that happening again to have you claim this victory? Though I don’t know you as well, that truly doesn’t come on as a strong competitor. I’m not lowering my head to you due to that fact, because in a fatal four way, anything can happen, witnessed that for myself. Anything goes, so when the bell rings, I’ll be weary of you, maybe even keep an eye out on Jennifer possibly coming down and rigging the fight in your favour. All jokes aside, I’ll keep an eye on everything, and when the bell rings to end the match, I’ll make damn sure that my arm gets raised in victory. After the match I will be a contender to take down Frostbite for the bloodlust championship, but that’s only the start of things. You see when I get through with you guys, you will be looking like you guys just seen a ghost, like you won’t believe it. Well believe me when I say that you will be seeing a ghost. The resurrection of Jordan Post. The past may live in history, but when I bring it back to the ring, and the crowd chants my name like they have in back in the day, you will know my capabilities and that even with the other guys in the ring. I will be too much too handle. You’ll be seeing stars for days, and you know what, I am shooting for them. Just be ready, that’s all I can say for now. See you all soon.


A confident smile crawls across Jordan’s face as the sun peaks into the horizon in front of him. The new day has started.

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#1467 Fatal Four Way Bloodlust Rules(Hardcore Rules NO DQ) Showcase Match

Posted by Vastrix on 07 May 2020 - 04:58 PM

At a hotel bar and grill, “Iron Bear” Joe Ghaven and his manager, Ethan Mills, sit at the bar. Ethan drinks at his whiskey while Joe has a root beer float. They look like an odd pairing with Joe being as massive as he is and Ethan being maybe 5’5”. Ethan takes a sip of whiskey with a satisfied sigh and sets the glass down.

Mills: You’re going to be able to get your hands on that cowardly Caleb Koresh who attacked you and helped Havok win his match for some reason. You’ll also get to fight that OPW owner, Johnny Stylez, and some other dude.

Joe nods, sipping at his own drink with a smile.

Ghaven: Caleb’s a pretty big guy himself. This isn’t going to be just a walk in the park, you know.

Mills:I know, right? But I think that I can make it easier for you. If I take a steel chair to that sweet little girl that he brings down to the ring, he won’t be focused enough to fight very well. Heck, he might even consider leaving the ring to check on his cousin. Is she his cousin or niece? Hell, I don’t think it even matters. She won’t even know the difference after I crack her in the head with a steel chair. She’ll be ripe for their inbreeding program.

Joe, who had picked up his drink so that he can take another sip, stops with the drink mid-air and his mouth agape. He sets the drink down and sighs.

Ghaven: Summer? You aren’t going to hurt that sweet little girl just to get under Caleb’s skin. You know that you would bring Nocturnal and then rest of the clan down upon you if you did that shit. Not me, they would have no beef with me. I would surrender your toothpicked ass in a heartbeat.

Ethan tosses the rest of his drink back with a laugh and orders another drink. Once it arrives, he takes out a small vial of white powder and sprinkles some into the drink before stirring it with his finger. He suckles the finger with a mmmm.

Mills: Why not? She knows the risks that she’s taking by coming down to the ring with Caleb as his valet. She knows that someone could target her as the main weakness of Caleb Koresh. Maybe I’ll hold a knife to her throat and make Caleb do as I command. Make him take out Johnny and the other guy before laying down for the pinfall for you. He wouldn’t want that pretty little throat to get carved up. Now would he?

Joe watches as Ethan takes a drink of his mixture of drugs and whiskey while shaking his head.

Ghaven: You are more of a monster than I am.

Mills: Oh, you’re a teddy bear on the inside. You only look like a monster on the outside!

Ghaven: But you. You are a monster through and through. You carry cruelty beyond your size. More than I appear. I tell you this now. If you hold a knife to that sweet girl’s throat, I will knock you out and hand your body over to the Koreshes for their little games upon you when you wake up.

Ethan shudders involuntarily, quickly finishing his drink, and ordering yet another.

Mills: Their little games? They’d have me skinned alive and my balls as part of Caleb’s necklace! Then, I’d be running through the Texas wild to try to escape their tender mercies! You couldn’t be so cruel!

Ghaven: Then leave Summer the heck alone. Please!

Ethan pours a little of the white powder on the back of his hand and snorts it. The bartender gives him the side eye as he pours a little more into his drink.

Mills: Shit. I didn’t know that it mean so much to ya. I can certainly leave her alone, Joe. I won’t lay a hand-

Ghaven: Or knife!

Mills: Or knife...upon her. I’ll just cheer you on during the match like I normally do. I think that I’m going to use the restroom real quick. Watch my drink...and don’t drink it!

Ghaven: Wouldn’t think of it.

Ethan Mills heads to the restroom, making sure to take his phone from the bar. The bartender walks up to stand in front of Joe.

Bartender: When he gets back, you tell him that he can’t be using cocaine out in the public so much. He’s going to get busted.

Ghaven: I’ll let him know. Thanks.

At the restroom, Ethan Mills sits on the toilet. He has not pulled his pants down so it appears that he has had zero intention on actually using the restroom for its intended purpose. He dials a number on his smart phone and listens.

Mills: Hey, Frank. You and your buddies still got front row seats for the upcoming SEE show? Good. I need you three to hop the fencing, dodge security, and nab Summer. Hold a knife to her throat to keep both security and Caleb at bay. I’ll handle the rest. I promised Joe that I wouldn’t lay a hand upon her. That’s why you three will do it for me. I’ll comp double the price of the tickets as your pay for the job. Got it? Good.

Ethan hangs up the phone and heads back to the bar where Joe is watching him get into his seat. Ethan looks at Joe curiously.

Mills: What? Do I got toilet paper on my foot?

Ghaven: The bartender says to knock off the coke in public.

Mills: Shit. He noticed that? I thought I was being a sneaky little bit and everything. Alright. So we agree that you’ll be kicking the asses of Caleb Koresh, Johnny Stylez, and that other guy?

Ghaven: Who is that other guy?

Mills: How the fuck should I know? Go read the car or some shit.

Ethan takes a sip of his whiskey with a grin.

Mills: That other dude must not matter since I don’t know what his name is.

Ghaven: I suppose.

Ethan and Joe go back to drinking in silence as the scene fades too black.
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#1466 Morgan Vs. Valentine

Posted by COO Joseph L. Morelli on 05 May 2020 - 10:39 AM

Singles Match

Calum Morgan


"The Princess" Victoria Valentine

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#1447 #BarCode vs. Killer Klown Posse

Posted by COO Joseph L. Morelli on 27 April 2020 - 10:50 PM


Date Night

🤡-No clowns were hurt during the filming of this Calum Morgan promo.-🤡

🇬🇧-It had been awhile since our boy Calum Morgan went out on a date. Working as a pro wrestler consumes a lot of his time. He has to workout countless number of hours to stay in shape. No promoter wants a guy that doesn't look like pro wrestler. Unless you are a fat fuck like  Paul Soutter and you book yourself to win every match in your own played out company. Then you have to travel and when you are working for Shrouded Enigma Entertainment you punch those  frequent flyer miles hard. Eating right is a priority..so you basically have to scout spots you want to eat before you get to your destination. Sometimes dating has to take a back seat..Calum has finally met a woman in the business who understands what it's like to be a Sports Entertainer, because the lovely Diamond Rose is one herself.

So to say he has butterflies in his stomach would be a understatement. More like the 4th of July with all the fireworks popping off. Time to put his game face on..he can't hide behind the Enigma face paint like he does when he's nervous before a big match.

Calum is in the back seat of a white limo on his way to pick up his new main steady. He is dressed to the nines, wearing a Calvin Klein fit he scored at one of his modeling gigs. The shirt is beige color with a collar and matching pants neatly pressed. He is also wearing beige color Sperry shoes, which would normally cost a mint, but were given to him by a the owner of Fight Club shoe store located 812 Boardway, New York, 10003. The limo driver rolls down the tinted window separating him and Calum in the back seat. "I Need Love", by LL Cool J is blaring over the limo stereo system.-🇬🇧

Charlie the Limo Driver: How are you doing this evening, Mr. Morgan?

Calum Morgan: Legend, Mate. I love date nights with my main steady.

Charlie the Limo Driver: I hear ya'. Me and the wifey haven't been able to do a date night in a long time. With all the kids we have my day is usually full of Barney and stinky diapers.

Calum Morgan: I have a daughter myself, but she's all grown up.

Charlie the Limo Driver: I can't wait for mine to grow up. Then I'll have time to write matches take my wife out and don't have to use my kids as an excuse to my friends when they want to hang out. 

Calum Morgan: I bet your mates understand. Kids are a huge responsibility. 

Charlie the Limo Driver: They sure are. At least the older kids love wrestling-

Calum Morgan: Do they watch Shrouded Enigma Entertainment?

Charlie the Limo Driver: Of course they do! Who doesn't watch SEE?

"Half the guys and gals on our roster never know what storylines are being worked, because they never watch the results or bother watching all the promos each show.", Calum thinks to himself.

Calum Morgan: Who's their favorite wrestler?

Charlie the Limo Driver: They love those three guys who dress up as Bozo the Clown..I forget their name-

"Go figure. They would love those fuckin' clowns.", Calum thinks to himself.

Calum Morgan: The Killer Klownz Posse?

Charlie the Limo Driver: Yeah! That's them.

Calum Morgan: I guess you don't have to take the kids to the circus with them around.

Charlie the Limo Driver: My oldest one loves Jensen Kidd. She loves video games and wants to be just like Jensen when she grows up!

"Good luck with that shit. Nobody wants to be that nerdy bitch once they get "clowned" on in school.", Calum thinks.

Calum Morgan: That's wicked. Jensen is a good role model.

Charlie the Limo Driver: We don't let them watch your promos-

Calum Morgan: That's okay. Like I always say..my promos aren't for everybody. I don't cater to the masses. If you don't like my shit..move on.

Charlie the Limo Driver: Who are you wrestling next?

Calum Morgan: My next match I team with Michael Maddox vs. The Killer Klownz Posse at Tuesday Night Temptation 26, from Stark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia. Winner punches their ticket to Lethal Lottery.

Charlie the Limo Driver: What's Lethal Lottery?

Calum Morgan: Those of us that qualify will be chosen randomly to compete in a tag team match with every team winning moving on to a Battle Royal at the end of the night. The final two get to decide whether they want to team up and go for the SEE Cartel Titles or fight one on one in a match with the winner getting to pick his or her own teammate for a chance at going up against the Cartel Champions the next TNT following Lethal Lottery.

Charlie the Limo Driver: That sounds awesome! Oh, hey boss, we are here.

💎-The limo pulls up to Lotte New York Palace located at 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022. Standing outside waiting to be picked up by the limo is Diamond Rose. Rose is wearing a stunning black Burberry sleeveless silk dress she bought at Saks Fifth Avenue. She is wearing black Christian Louboutin high heels she picked up at Neiman Marcus. Her  makeup is done perfectly and is Estee Lauder brand instead of the Enigma makeup she wears in the ring. Diamond's eyes light up when Calum gets out of the limo and hands her two dozen mixed color roses.-💎

Calum Morgan: You look absolutely amazing!

Diamond Rose: Thanks, babe. You clean up nicely yourself!

🇬🇧-Calum blushes as he holds the door open for his main steady. Diamond gets in and puts the roses in a vase attached to the limo back seat. She smiles and gives Calum a passionate kiss. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", by Poison blares thru the limo stereo speakers as the limo takes off headed for its destination.-🇬🇧

Calum Morgan: Nice hotel you are staying at, Beaut. Must have cost you a fortune!

Diamond Rose: It's a pretty fancy suite. Lana, Heather and I are sharing it until we go to Belgrade, Serbia for TNT 26.

Calum Morgan: I SEE Morelli and Jen finally gave you a match.

Diamond Rose: They didn't do me any favors. A Four Way Elimination Table Match isn't actually what I call giving me a tune up match.

Calum Morgan: Who's your opponents?

Diamond Rose: Lance Williams, Justice Orton Cross and Marty Scurill.

Calum Morgan: A bunch of blokes.

💎-Diamond smiles and kisses Calum on the cheek.-💎

Diamond Rose: I knew you were going to say that. You always have a way of making feel better about things. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.

"Lucky thing she didn't see me getting ready for this date. Nervous was a restrained statement.", Calum thinks.

Calum Morgan: You'll do fine. I never get nervous.

Diamond Rose: That's why you are MY man. 

Calum Morgan: To be fair, having a monster like Michael Maddox as a partner makes things a lot easier. Plus my Horsemen 2020 brothers always have my back.

Diamond Rose: Poor Dutch Desire and "The Lord" James Blackthorne never saw you guys coming.

Calum Morgan: That was the beauty of the whole thing. We swerved Jacob and that pink wearing sissy Dutch Desire good..didn't we?

"Swerve", by Sage the Gemini begins to play inside  the limo.

Diamond Rose: It's James, babe, and I feel a little bad for them. 

Calum Morgan: I don't. They are lucky to still be in one piece after what we did at Atrocity 3. Nobody gets up from the #BarCode Code Breaker! 

Charlie the Limo Driver rolls down the back tinted window.

Charlie the Limo Driver: We're here, boss.

🇬🇧-The limo pulls up to The Monster Night Club, located 80 Grove st., New York, NY, 10014. Charlie the limo driver opens the door and helps Diamond Rose out. Calum gets out and holds Diamond's hand as they make their way to the night club door.-🇬🇧

Diamond Rose: Ah, babe have you ever been to this night club?

Calum Morgan: No. A couple of the boys told me this place is always swinging!

💎-"I bet they did. This is going to be fun.", she laughs to herself.-💎

🇬🇧-Calum walks up to the door man who is dressed in all leather. Calum takes a twenty dollar bill out of his pocket and hands it to the door man. Calum struts in thru the door like he owns the place. Diamond Rose is by his side trying not to laugh. Once inside the club a hostess greets them dressed in drag. He speaks with a lisp.-🇬🇧

"Y.M.C.A." , by The Village People is rocking the club as people are dancing everywhere.

Martini the Hostess: Hey, there big boy. What can I do for you?

Calum Morgan: Your best table. Me and my main steady are here for a good time!

Martin the Hostess: Follow me stud!

Calum Morgan: Legend!

🍸Martini the Hostess seats Calum and Diamond at Club Monster's best table. As they walk by mostly men dancing with other men, Diamond laughs to herself. Calum doesn't notice anything as he just keeps staring at Diamond with a huge smile on his face.-🍸

Diamond Rose: Thank you.

Martini the Hostess: No problem. (He looks Calum up and down obviously checking him out) And if you need anything and I mean anything at all come over and see Martini.

Calum Morgan: We'll do ma'am.

Martini the Hostess; Ma'am? (He blushes) Oh, bless your little heart. You two have a nice night.

Calum Morgan: Ok, thank you, Beaut.

🍸-Martini fans himself off and winks at Calum before he leaves.-🍸

Diamond Rose: I think she was hitting on you.

Calum Morgan: Nah..I think she was just being nice. Have you ever been here before, Doll?

Diamond Rose: Heather, Lana and I have been here a few times.

Calum Morgan: Speaking of Heather..is she ready for her big match against Black Orchird Deliha for the Temptress Title at TNT 26?

Diamond Rose: Oh yeah..she's ready. She's been asking for this for a long time.

Calum Morgan: That's good. Blast is too. I can't wait until he retires that waste of space, Veronica Rodriguez.

Diamond Rose: Babe..can you go get us some drinks?

Calum Morgan: Of course. You want your usual?

Diamond Rose: Yeah..and make sure they make mine strong.

🇬🇧-Calum struts over to the bar. The bartender is shirtless and wearing tight fitting black jeans and a black bow tie.--🇬🇧

Calum Morgan: Can I order a couple of drinks, Mate?

Rich the Bartender: That's what I'm here for. I love your accent. I'm Rich but you can call me Dick!

Calum Morgan: Nice to meet you, Dick.

Rich the Bartender: What drinks can I make for you?

Calum Morgan: Sex on the Beach for my main steady and a dirty martini for me.

Rich the Bartender: You like it dirty huh? My kind of man! (He winks and snaps his fingers.)

Calum Morgan: Ahhh..yeah, mate.

Rich the Bartender: I'll have a waitress bring them over to you.

Calum Morgan: Cheers, mate.

🇬🇧-As Calum heads back to his table he collids with another customer dressed in drag who has drinks in his hands. The customer spills his drinks all over Calum.-🇬🇧

Dimter the Customer: Oh my God! Clumsy me.

Calum Morgan: Watch where you are going, mate. Look what you did to my fit.

Dimter the Customer: I'm so sorry..here let me help you with that.

🇬🇧-Dimter the Customer grabs a napkin and dips it into tonic water. He begins to wipe off Calum's fit. When he gets to the front of Calum's pants he begins to pat slowly. His eyes roll into the back of his head and he nearly faints.-🇬🇧

Calum Morgan: How much have you been drinking. No worries. I'll have my main steady take care of that.

Dimter the Customer: Suit yourself.

🇬🇧-Calum walks back to his table and sits next to Diamond.-🇬🇧

Calum Morgan: If I didn't know any better I would think that cat was feeling me up.

Before Diamond can answer a waitress brings them their drinks. The waitress is short but well built. He has his face covered in clown make up. He is wearing a long blonde wig.

The Waitress: Here you go sexy.

🤡-Before Calum can respond music starts playing and the waitress starts dancing. Diamond can barely hold in her laughter-🤡

"It's Raining Men", by The Weather Girls blares over the club stereo. The waitress is still dancing as she begins to lip sync.

The Waitress: 
It's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men, amen
I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet
It's raining men, hallelujah
It's raining men, every specimen
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean.

🇬🇧-Calum gets up and starts dancing showing off for Diamond.-🇬🇧

💎-Diamond laughs.-💎

Calum Morgan: DJ...hit my music!

 "Saturday Night Fever", by The Bee Gees rocks the surround system. A disco ball falls from the sky and Calum first does the cabbage patch then transitions into the sprinkler. He begins to lip sync.

Calum Morgan: Then I get night fever, night fever 
We know how to do it 
Gimme that night fever, night fever 
We know how to show it…

A crowd begins to circle around the dance off. Calum is in full John Travolta mode. The waitress does the splits then points at Calum. Calum starts to breakdance as "Jam on It", by Jam on Revenge begins to play. The crowd is hooting and hollering cheering Calum on. Calum busts out a windmill and follows that with a 10 second head spin. Calum kicks up and then pulls off a jack hammer as the crowd chants "Go white boy..go!". Calum breaks out a hand hop and dances around the waitress. He finishes with a baby spin as he points at The Waitress.

Calum gets up and The Waitress begins to dance free style around him. She starts out with the robot getting the crowd to cheer loudly. Then she does her best Madonna impersonation and pulls off the Vogue. Calum quickly jumps in and does the Moonwalk. Diamond is laughing hysterically and clapping her ass off. The Waitress counters with The Dougie. Calum no sells it and begins to do the Twist as "The Twist", by Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys plays in the background. The waitress becomes irate at the no sell and starts dancing hard. She does The Single Girls ala Beyonce. Calum waits for her to stop and pulls off The Carlton made famous by Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The waitress quickly starts dancing The Floss and Calum joins in dancing right next to her. "The Hustle", by Van McCoy and The Soul City Symphony loudly plays and Calum starts dancing The Hustle as The Waitress stops and waits for Calum to finish. Calum finishes then points at the waitress who immediately starts dancing The Funky Chicken. Diamond is laughing so hard she almost pees her pants. The waitress points at Calum who starts dancing The Bus Stop. After a minute or so "Y.M.C.A.", by The Village People plays over the house PA once again. Diamond Rose jumps up from the table as her, the waitress and Calum begin to dance the Y.M.C.A. Calum starts doing the Lawnmower. Diamond joins in then the waitress. Suddenly "Stayin' Alive", by the Bee Gees plays and Calum finishes his dancing off with the Disco Finger. Diamond goes back to their table to drink some water. The music stops and everybody claps and cheers as Calum has his disco finger held high. The waitress does the splits! Her blonde wig falls off and to Calum's amazement it is none other than Dutch Desire. Calum's eyes get big as he begins to chase him around the club Desire is squealing a high pitch scream running for his life.

The bouncer tries getting in the way but Calum blast him with a European Uppercut sending the bouncer onto a open table. Desire is still running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Another bouncer gets in front of Calum. Calum drills him with a low blow then sends him flying courtesy of a Super Man punch. Desire runs out the front door and begins to scream again. Calum stops and looks around. He sees nothing but a bunch of angry gay men. The light bulb goes on and Calum realizes the boys and Diamond pulled a rib on him. He laughs then realizes he's public enemy #1. Diamond rushes over to him.

Diamond Rose: Let's go before they lynch you!

Calum Morgan: No...really? (He says sarcastically) Let's get the fuck out of here!

Calum and Diamond run out the door and dive into the limo just in the nick of time.

We are now inside the limo as it's speeding away from the club.

Diamond Rose: Wow..Babe, I never knew you could dance.

💎-She flashes him one of her seductive smiles.-💎

Calum Morgan: That's the first thing you say after all the shit that just went down?

🇬🇧-Calum glares into her eyes piercing her pupils with a razor sharp stare.-🇬🇧

💎-She stares back with her hypnotizing eyes.-💎

🇬🇧💎-They both bust out in laughter.-💎🇬🇧

Calum Morgan: What a rib.. whoever came up with it! Cheers!

Diamond Rose: It was hard to keep a straight face.

Calum Morgan: Fancy that..my main steady taking me to a sissy bar.

Diamond Rose: Hey, you picked the place remember?

Calum Morgan: Yeah..yeah..yeah. Watch what kind of rib I give to some of those boys in the back. Fuckin' wankers..

💎-Diamond puts her head on Calum's lap. Calum rubs her neck then slowly keeps running his hands through her hair with a delicate touch.-💎

Diamond Rose: I had such a good time tonight, Babe.

Calum Morgan: I fancied it too. Any time I get to spend time with you is a treat.

🇬🇧-Calum notices Diamond drifting off to sleep on his lap. He softly covers her up with his Calvin Klein jacket he brought in case it got cold. He kisses her on the forehead and begins to speak into the camera.-🇬🇧


Calum Morgan : Barnum and Bailey have nothing on what we have going on here at Shrouded Enigma Entertainment. Circus freaks? We have a roster full of them. We have a couple of half assed vampires, a "iron" bear..whatever the fuck that is, all kinds of distorted and disturbed monsters including their mum, and of course most kid's favorite..clowns. 

I've never really liked clowns but then again I don't like a lot of things. I always wonder how thirty of those mother fuckers can fit into a tiny little car. Then again Mexicans like Eric Herrera do it all the time. They take carpooling to another level. Imagine trying to go through the Taco Bell drive-thru with that bunch. 

I told you last promo we would own Atrocity 3 and that's exactly what we did. Nobody made a bigger impact than The Horsemen 2020. Jimmy Blast, Michael Maddox and myself fooled all you bozos. Jimmy and I were never at odds..we've been playing the SEE audience like a fiddle for months. We sold the shit out of this storyline and you all got invested into it. I'm sure we broke a few hearts but who gives a fuck? It was fun fooling the world.

Fooling? Who is that idiot Joseph J. Morelli..and the J is for jackass by the way..and Jennifer Engima trying to fool pitting the most dominant tag team in this industry against a bunch of ICP rip offs clowns? If this is some kind of joke Calum Morgan is not amused. If people want to see clowns go to the fuckin' circus..It's that simple. 

So now I get to share the ring and put my livelihood into the hands of Krusty the Clown and his mates? Bullocks. There's no room for ass clowns in MY business.

Oh..don't worry. It will be business as usual come TNT 26. The Horsemen will once again ride into the glory of victory and our opponents will feel the agony of defeat. 

Maddox and I..collectively known as #BarCode will get our spot in that Lethal Lottery. I fancy in pretty quick fashion too. We aren't going to drop the ball like their last opponents. We will actually show the fuck up and take care of business..Horsemen style! 

What do you do if you’re ever attacked by a gang of clowns? Go for the fuckin'  juggler! See what I did there? Good there's more. One time a clown held a door open for me, I thought it was a nice jester..Why is the klown so sad? The little fucker broke his funny bone. What did the egg say to the klown? You crack me up. I have a mate who manufactures klown shoes..it was no small feat. What happened when the Iron Bear ate the clown? He felt funny.

Now, if I can be serious for a minute...all jokes aside. No more klowning around. Once again #BarCode will play the role of spoiler come Tuesday Night Temptation. Killer Klownz Posse as no chance of picking up a second win and moving up in the rankings that Charlie was crying about and getting a spot in Lethal Lottery. That's just not in the cards for you clowns. See ya' in Belgrade boys. And remember..It's never personal..It's just good business!

These is my opinions and those are my views..if I said something that offended you..


Suck it up buttercup!

-🇬🇧Scene fades black.-🇬🇧


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#1446 Justin Justice vs. Raven Storm

Posted by Excellence Personified on 27 April 2020 - 05:47 PM

Sorry it was such shit...just couldn't get going
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#1444 Daughters of Darkness vs. Ronnie McNeil and Frostbite

Posted by Frostbite on 27 April 2020 - 01:11 PM

Strong winds are blowing here in the middle of nowhere and we really mean that. it is a clear day but those strong winds would cut the legs from out under you, it would knock somebody over or maybe it could do what it did for Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz and take here away but you certainly get the idea. As those winds continue to pick up even more, so much so that we see an elderly gray haired lady sitting on a green bench as she is trying her very best to hold onto her blue bonnet but she can not as the wind is so strong that it blows right off of her head and the wind takes off as it goes flying to who knows where. As we follow the flight of this bonnet as the elderly lady is quite upset as her short gray hair is blown every which way because of the heavy winds. The elderly  lady stands up as he sees her bonnet going off in the distance as you can see she is highly upset. As we follow this bonnet. we see a long headed young lady wearing a long black dress as she is pushing a baby carriage as she is having a hard time holding onto it. She continues to push but the wind becomes too much that she loses her grip as the carriage goes down the street as the young lady tries to catch it as she is fighting through the wind to try and catch it. the carriage rolls off the curb and right into the street as fear is in her green eyes as she sees a gray Oldsmobile turns the corner as they are very close to hitting the carriage. Whoever is in the car quickly sees this as the slam on the brakes but in the process the car turns a little to the left as the car slams into a nearby light pole as they put a rather large dent in the front of the car. The young lady races into the middle of the street and grabs the carriage as gets across the street as she quickly tries to race wherever she needs to go. The driver of the car gets out as it is a young short black haired gentleman wearing a tan tee shirt with faded black jeans as he quickly moves around to the front of the car as he has a pissed off look in his brown eyes and then turns his head to the young lady. 


The blue bonnet as landed on the carriage as the young lady is about to grab it, but the wind quickly picks it up and takes it off to who knows where. As we continue to follow this bonnet as it takes out of the city limits, and we are in the middle of nowhere nothing is around for several miles. Nothing but high grass, no buildings no nothing. The wind continues to whip as hard as it can so much so that is cuts right through the tall grass. As it continues to rip right through this tall grass it appears that we are possible on a farm from what we can see it just might be a cornfield. The corn is hitting the ground because of the strong winds, so are actually making a popping noise as if someone is making popcorn. In the middle of all of this we see what is left of a scarecrow as the straw is on the ground and the birds are picking at it, but as they looking at what is left of the scarecrow as it is on the ground and the birds are standing on it as if they are mocking it. Something catches there attention. we can hear footsteps surprising through this strong wind we can hear the breaking of sticks as those footsteps quickly approach the birds we see a pair of black boots. The birds see these pair of shoes as they fly off. Whoever this is bends over to pick up the straw as they allow the straw to run through there fingers. Whoever they are is wearing a black hoodie with black jeans. They look at the fallen scarecrow as they walk over to it and just stomp on it as it chases whatever birds were left there fly away. 


Voice.. Fly away you pest. 


Whoever this is kicks the fallen scarecrow around as the wind sweeps up the straw and takes it to different parts of the field. The wind catches the black hoodie as it blows off the head of whoever this is. The intensity in their blue eyes tells us all we need to know. 


Frostbite... I guess you could say this scarecrow could not the job done. You hate that we people can not do there jobs. I am sure many of you out there might know what that feels like. You have a job where you have to do the majority of your work but others get the credit. does that suck. That is probably why I could never stand being a part of a tag team for years because I feel I would have to do the majority of the work. but it appears that I have been stuck in a situation that I can not get out of. It seems that this company has decided to throw me into such a situation where I must team up with someone. I do not really have any clue as to why such. It is some type of tag tournament where maybe there is so grand prize at the end of it all. I do not really now, but my partner this company has thrown in my direction is the man I just defeated here recently, Ronnie McNeil. 


Frostbite stands where the scarecrow once stood as he looks around at the corn that is on the ground. 


Frostbite.. Ronnie and I have done this before and yes we were successful the first time around. but after our last encounter do I really believe that we can get the job done this time around with who knows what is at stake in this tournament. Ronnie and myself just had a outstanding match where I took his championship and yes it is a sore point to him, and who knows maybe he might decide to leave me hanging out there and allow the Daughter of Darkness to best my ass. Maybe he does not care about this tournament since it appears he is on a path to maybe getting himself a shot at the top prize around here. maybe this is beneath him. 


Frostbite reaches down to pick up some corn as he peels back stalk as he examines it. 


Frostbite... Ronnie, if you try and cross me. I will feel back the flesh on your soul. You see you nothing to fear from me turning my back on you, after we win this match I have no problem of us going at it once again as long as get the job done first. I think we have an understanding do we not. 


Frostbite laughs out loud so much so that he scares off a few more birds.


Frostbite.. Daughters of Darkness, ladies I got to ask you this? Do you really know what the darkness is all about because I certainly do. I have seen the darkness many times and ladies, I do not believe you know what it holds for you. I sold my soul to the darkness years ago all to get ahead in this sport and I never looked back. People believe the darkness is a bad thing, but that is a lie. Are there some draw backs? I guess you could say so, but the rewards are what you wat them to be. Ladies in a couple of days, the darkness will consume you in a form of yours truly. I will bring you totally darkness. 


Frostbite tosses the ear of corn to the ground. 


Frostbite.. You ladies have no idea what the darkness is really like? I will show you, I promise you that. 


He turns his back on the fallen scarecrow. 


Frostbite.. Ladies I really hope you are ready for what lies ahead, because whatever master you might answer to, they are nothing like me. I have been in the darkness for long time. I know how to handle it. I know what it is all about, but do you really know? You do not, but you will know soon enough.


The wind picks up even more. 


Frostbite.. Ladies, you will not be prepared. The cold hearted bastard will consume your worthless souls. Ronnie, we will win and whatever lies ahead we will handle that as well. sometimes unlikely allies could be the best thing. 


Frostbite laughs..


Frostbite.. The real darkness is coming ladies.


Frostbite walks into the cornfield as he disappears into thin air as the bonnet drops to the ground as the scene fades out. 

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#1443 Justin Justice vs. Raven Storm

Posted by Raven Storm on 27 April 2020 - 08:17 AM

click the link and enjoy 





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#1442 Eric Paisano vs. Leon Dread

Posted by Leon Dread on 26 April 2020 - 11:54 PM


Dread Promo  Above Hope you Enjoy!!

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#1441 Vero vs. Jimmy Blast

Posted by Jimmy Blast on 26 April 2020 - 05:50 PM

(The long black stretch limo pulls up to a luxurious palace sitting on a hilltop overlooking Manama, Bahrain. It is here in the capitol city where Mohamed Shirazi lives. The car stops at the gate, and briefly talks to the armed guards. After going through a brief security check, they proceed up the drive to the huge palace. Once at the end of the driveway, none other than Jimmy Blast steps out of the vehicle. He is dressed like we haven’t seen in years.  He is dressed to the nines, wearing a charcoal grey Armani suit, alligator shoes, Rolex watch, and his customary pair of Oakley sunglasses. Seeing Blast dressed like this takes us back to the days of the “Horsemen”. A true tell sign that indeed the boy’s have been reformed. It’s time for S.E.E. to realize that there is a new sheriff in town. Maddox, Morgan, Blast and???. “Horsemen 2020”. Times they are a changing.)

Getting back to our storyline for a moment. As Blast looks into the window to adjust his tie, he is met quickly by the palace staff. They are very excited with the arrival of the wrestling legend and are anxious to tend to his every need. When suddenly a very important looking, classy dark complexion man appears at the front door, top of the steps and begins to speak.  Blast quickly runs up the stairs and the two old friends embrace.

Mo Shirazi: Jimmy….Welcome to my home. It is so wonderful to see you after all these years my friend. Come inside Jimmy. We have much to talk about.

Jimmy Blast: Mo Shirazi. It has been way to long. I hope you are doing well. It looks like life is pretty good brother.  Nice place you got here.

Mo Shirazi: Come Jimmy. Come inside.

(Blast follows Shirazi into the palace. They walk down a beautiful hallway through the living room out to the swimming pool area. There the two-sit poolside as a servant brings out a couple drinks. The conversation among the two old friends starts.)

Jimmy Blast: Mo, I can’t even begin to tell you how nice this fucking place is. I had heard stories from some of the old guy’s, but holy shit. You have a nice pad brother.

Mo Shirazi: I have been very blessed. The business world has been good to me and my family. Oil has allowed us to make a lot of money.  That is what allowed me to turn the M.W.W.F. into the success that it was. The oil business is what allowed me to sign you to a contract. Life is good Jimmy. I can’t complain that’s for sure.

Jimmy Blast: I love it. Maybe I need to buy an Oil well or too.

Mo Shirazi: Would you like a couple Jimmy? I will give them to you if you would like. Nothing would be too good for you old friend. You tell me what you need.

Jimmy Blast: You’re just going to give me a couple of oil wells. You got to be kidding. That is crazy Mo. Just like that?

Mo Shirazi: Consider it done. You are now in the oil business Now maybe you can stop wrestling Jimmy. You are not a young man anymore. I fear for you when I think about you in the ring.

Jimmy Blast: Not you too Mo? I hear this shit all the time. Everyone always wants to talk about my age.

Mo Shirazi: Jimmy I am not talking about your ability. Your still one of the best out there. You still put asses in the seats. I am just meaning that you don’t heal like you used too. Your body can’t take the beatings like you did back in the day. There is going to come a day when you can’t do this shit anymore.

Jimmy Blast: Your right. That day is coming. Just not today. Not tomorrow, or anytime soon. I am on one hell of a run in S.E.E. They pay pretty damn well. I am having fun. Enjoying the roar of the crowd. Those people are coming to see Jimmy Blast, and the rest of “Horsemen 2020”.

Mo Shirazi: “Horsemen 2020”, I know the new members of the “Horsemen”. You are in fine company there. The big man Mike Maddox is a freak Jimmy. I would have loved to have him back in the MWWF. I love him.

Calum Morgan.. That guy is crazy like a fox. I can’t think of anybody better to go to war with. Maybe the meanest guy I have ever seen in the ring.

The last gentlemen you guys have is probably my favorite of the group. Once you guys announce him. Vero won’t be the only one leaving SEE.  Let me just say that SEE isn’t ready for that crazy bastard. One thing is for sure…”Horsemen2020’ will be an opinionated stable no doubt. I feel sorry for the rest of SEE. They won’t stand a chance.

Jimmy Blast: You had to bring up Vero didn’t you Mo? I hate that little slut. If there has ever been a no talent hack that got under my damn skin it is that ass-clown. I can’t wait to hang that “Out of Order” sign around its neck.

Mo Shirazi: Jimmy you have been in this business long enough to know that there is a Vero in every fed. There is always one asshole that thinks they are way better than they actually are. They know they are shit on the ring. So, they wiggle their way into the front office thinking they can gain a little stroke. Then they try to use that leverage in the ring. I have seen it many times myself. They tell everybody they are the V.P. However, when it comes right down to it they are just taking up office space. They spend the day getting coffee, making copies, and answering the damn phone. Collecting a check without doing shit.

Jimmy Blast: Your 100% right on that Mo. Vero didn’t have shit going for her in the ring. So, she ran to that Office job. She could have just stayed up there and played gopher for the suites, but she couldn’t keep her fucking mouth shut. She had to spout of at me. Call me out. Hell, Mo to be honest I don’t even think Vero is a female.

Mo Shirazi: What? What do you mean Jimmy? Do you think Vero is a dude?

Jimmy Blast: It’s hard to tell brother. It’s obviously feminine. However, there are a few guys in SEE whop are guys that seem to get off dressing, and wrestling as girls. Kind of like cross dressing. It’s some sick shit if you ask me. They even have a Transvestite Title for god’s sake. I even had a private eye look into Vero. The name on her Birth Certificate reads “Oscar Romero Jose Conseco Veronica Rodriquez George Lopez III”. So you can’t tell shit from that. I really think the SEE medical staff needs to do a “Checkforadictamy” on that little bitch.

Mo Shirazi: That’s crazy Jimmy!

Well after Tuesday it will be retired from SEE for good.  No more ass kissing from Vero.

Jimmy Blast: Damn Mo! I hate to leave good company, but I have a plane to catch brother. It was great catching up with you. Let’s keep in touch brother. How about a stop back bye on my way home from Serbia? We can talk more about the oil business.

(The scene starts to fade as Blast exits the beautiful palace in Bahrain. He is headed off to Serbia for Tuesday Temptation. The matchup with Vero is only two days away. The time for talking is over. It’s time for Vero to either put up or shut up. Wrestling rings or Taco Stands. One of them are in Vero’s future. I am thinking extra sour cream myself. You have run you mouth long enough ass-clown. Bring your “A” game on Tuesday Vero. As far as your future earnings from SEE are concerned… You have sent your last peso home to Mexico. I hope your “Familia” has saved that money Amigo. Your done here in SEE. Adios Mu Chachos !!)


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#1440 Necra Octavian Kane vs Summer Rae

Posted by NecraOctavianKane on 26 April 2020 - 12:23 PM

Act 1: Lessons



There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.

Malcolm X



The scene opens the beautiful countryside of Georgia. The sun was high in the sky, and a breeze moved through the tall magnolia trees that lined the woods near the long stretch of road that wound itself through the countryside. The sound of birds singing from the trees seemed to echo through the quietness and stillness of the long stretch of road, as a doe and her fawn stepped out into one of the fields with no fear of being harmed. The camera moves over the vast fields and soon comes to a stop on a modest ranch house with a large barn sitting to the left of it. The wrap around porch seemed warm and inviting to anyone that came to visit, and was all hand crafted and a porch swing gently swayed in a light breeze that moved along the property. An old hound dog laid on the front porch as the sound of the front door opened. There stood Necra Octavian Kane dressed in a pair of black leggings that seemed to cling to her body in all of the right places, a black shirt with golden patterns winding down the front of it. Her long raven colored hair draped down her back. Her golden sandals adorned her feet, as she stood there, looking out over the vast land that stretched out before her. The hound dog gets up and stretches with his tail wagging. Necra bends down and pets him on the head before he walks back to his spot and lays down letting the world pass by. She walks off of the porch and moves across the yard heading toward one of the smaller buildings where the sound of a saw being run. She walks into the barn as Johnny and Ex working on something. She smiles softly as she watches them. Ex looks over at her wiping away sweat from under the skull he wore on his head.


Ex: Hey babe!


Johnny: What brings you out here Spooky?


Necra: Well I've been thinking that we've been here for a while and we should really find our own place or look into flying back to Vegas at least.


Johnny: Don't be silly. It's been great having you two here... Besides they're about to open Georgia soon.


Necra: I know but the strange thing is I kind of like it here.


Ex: Are you saying what I think you are?


Necra nods.


Necra: Yeah... I kind of want to find a place here...


Johnny smiles as he walks toward the door with Ex following behind.


Johnny: Well shoot there's an old plantation about a mile down the road. It's old and needs a lot of work. I would have bought it myself but I didn't have the time or the money at the time. It would someone that had both to take it off of the real estate agents hands.


Necra: Well I'm lucky then... I have both. Lets go and take a look at this place if nothing else.


Johnny: If I'm not mistaken it has servant quarters too.


Necra: That's good to know.


The three of them walk off leaving the building as the scene fades to black.





"A change is good as a rest. And sometimes finding a new home is even better."



The scene opens on a long stretch of an old road. It was over grown with tall weeds, and the trees seemed almost knotted together in places along the old road. The sound of a large truck with a heavy motor is soon heard coming along the old road. A rabbit that hopped across the road is seen before moving out of the way of a monster truck as it slowly moved along the road.


Ex: Are you sure it's still out here?


Johnny: Yeah, like I said its a bit run down, but it's still standing.







They drive a bit further and soon they saw it. An old antebellum home that somehow managed to survive the civil war and the hands of time. The high peaks loomed over the grounds before it, and the covered porch still remained with heavy vines hanging over it. The color had long since faded from the siding, revealing the wooden planks underneath. A few pieces of red orange roofing still remained while the rest had either fallen or faded away. Ex stops the truck a few feet away from the house and the main grounds. Johnny hops down and so does Ex. Ex helps Necra to the ground, as she looks up at the house.


Johnny: Well here it is!


Necra: How old is it?


Johnny: Don't know. But its been here as long as I can remember. I heard the real estate agent say it was from the time of the civil war. And it's rumored that some weird stuff goes on around here too, but I'm sure you would be use to that.


Necra looks around, seeing movement around one of the older buildings on the property. She sighs knowing what had to be done.


Necra: Ex, Johnny why don't you two go and see if it's worth buying. I'm going to look around.


Ex: Are you sure?


Necra: Yeah something caught my eye and I want to see if the rumors are true or not.


Necra walks off leaving Ex and Johnny alone.


Johnny: Is she alright?


Ex: I think she's going to go and kick some ghost ass!


Johnny: Right...


Necra walks along the old broken stone path toward the old slave and servant quarters. She could feel eyes watching her from everywhere, even out in the vast fields that once held some sort of crop. They were not pleased. Some coward from her while others looked at her with rage. She knew they were trapped. She smiles to herself knowing the power that this place now held. It had been a place of sadness, of fear, of mistrust, and misdeeds. But most of all... Darkness. It seemed to bleed from ever corner of the property.


Necra: It's strange what one can find when one asks. I thought the Oasis was full of darkness, but this place... This place has it seeping up from the ground. The owners were not kind people. They were evil as they come, and by the Gods... The power seeping from the grounds is enough to keep my power at full for a very long time.


Her eyes flash red before going back to their normal color.


Necra: Summer Rae... What lesson did I not beat into you the first time around? I mean are you a gluten for punishment or are you just insane? Or does management seem to have something against you? That's what it seems like to me at least. I mean I destroyed you in our last match and I know full well there can't be that much of you left is there?


Necra laughs as she moves toward the old servants quarters. The smell of magnolia and lavender hit her nose as she draws closer seeing a rather heavy set older lady. She smiles at Necra before turning around and walking off almost fading before Necra's eyes.


Necra: A friendly spirit... Must have had good memories of this place. I didn't get the same kind of feeling off of her like I do with the others... A guardian? Maybe... But I'm losing my track of thought... Summer I'm not sure what you think you're going to be able to do to me in this match. Your tactics didn't work last time what makes you think they are going to work this time around? Did you suddenly gain some sort of insight to what could work or did you go off and train enough to finally try to take me down? I don't really know what to expect from you and that could... Worrisome...


She passes by  large barn but stops and turns going inside. It wasn't a barn at all. It was an old carriage house. In the middle of the floor sat a pure black carriage sitting in front of her. She runs her hand along the dust covered carriage and smiles.


Necra: Truly a thing of beauty. It's like they just left everything the way it was... Summer Rae... I'm not sure if there is really anything that I can say to you that I haven't said before or you haven't heard before. I mean we both know that I'm going to win this match no matter what I have to do to put you down. I know you'll come at me with everything that you have but its not going to be enough to stop me. I am the Goddess of the Dead, The Queen of Death, The Lady in Black, The Reaper of Souls, The Angel of Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end! See you soon and good luck... You're going to need it.


She laughs as she walks of back toward the main house as Ex and Johnny appear from a back door as the scene fades to black.

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